How to Fix DNS Error

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How to Fix DNS Error

Is your Internet connection unable to display the desired web page? Here’s all you need to figure out how to fix DNS error the next time "page cannot be displayed" flashes on your screen!

Before we get to the error fixing part, let me give you a brief update on what DNS stands for. DNS is the abbreviated form of Domain Name System and the function of this hierarchical naming system is to assign numerical values in machine-friendly code to alphanumeric values typed in by human users. In other words, a domain name system converts a human-user friendly computer host name into an Internet protocol address (IP address) so as to effectively route the user to the correct network and web page on the Internet.

In other words, name of each website is associated with the address of the computer which is hosting it. The benefit derived for the internet user is that she doesn’t have to remember the numerical address of every computer system she wants to access over the internet. I hope, you will agree that remembering a website name is much more simple and human. Okay, if that still confounds you then let’s better put it behind us and proceed towards figuring out how to fix DNS error.

How to Resolve DNS Error

Let’s decode this particular type of error to begin with. What type of problem does your Internet connection indicate when it flashes a DNS error message on your screen? Well a DNS error or a page cannot be displayed or cannot find server message means that your computer or Internet connection, to be specific, is not able to locate the web page you requested for. There can be several reasons for this.

Either your Internet connection is down or probably you are not connected or it could also be that you mistyped the domain name of the website. Also, if this error is coming in case of a specific web page and you can still access other websites then, chances are that either that website is temporarily down or it has shifted to another IP address. Whatever the case, here’s what you can try to get your Internet connection to work normally and get you to your desired page by setting the DNS error right.

Check for Connectivity Issues

This is the first thing you should do before getting in deeper into the technical stuff. Check if the cables connecting the router, modem and your computer are well-connected and all the relevant indicators on your router are on (lights for LAN, Wi-Fi, etc. are flashing). Sometimes, a loosened cable may be behind all this mischief and all you need to do is reset the connection properly. You can also switch off and disconnect the router and reconnect and switch it on again. This will also reset the connection.

Release and Renew IP Address

Go to Start menu and click on Run. Type in cmd and check out the IP address field. If the IP value starts with 169.254, it means that your machine is not being assigned an IP address. Type in ipconfig /release in the command prompt window where the cursor is flashing and hit ENTER. Wait till all the lines have appeared automatically and the cursor flashes. Type in ipconfig /renew, and hit ENTER and close the window.

Repair from Taskbar

Right click on the network icon on the taskbar. When the menu appears, select repair and wait till the OS restores connectivity.

Set DNS Statically

You can set the DNS for your network adapter by following the path Control PanelNetwork and InternetInternet OptionsConnectionsSettings. The preceding path is as per Windows Vista OS, a different OS may have a somewhat similar path with some differences in terminology. You can also access this by clicking on the Tools menu on your browser’s menu bar and then going to Internet Options. Once there, select the Connections tab and go to Settings therein. Once in Settings, type in the proxy DNS value which should match the one given by your Internet service provider. Exit the tab and then the menu and refresh the web page. It should be working by now.

DNS Error Fixing Software

In case none of the above methods work, you may run the DNS error fixing software application. You can choose from a variety of such software available on the Internet and download and save it on your computer well in advance for such contingencies. Websites like CNET and DOWNLOAD offer a lot of options for such DNS fixing software. You can go for the free downloads or you can buy them after running a trial.

You can also try resetting your firewall. Upgrade the firmware in addition to resetting the modem and reconfiguring Internet settings in case it is a PS3 DNS error issue. If none of the above mentioned tricks worked and you’re still left scratching your head over how to fix DNS error, then the problem is probably with your Internet connection itself at the server level. Call up the customer care helpline number and ask to be connected to the technical help desk. The tech guys will be able to either guide you over the telephone in fixing the issue or will take down your complaint and look into the matter or send down a technician over to your place. In any case, you’ll have your issue resolved in a couple of days.

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