DNS Error

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DNS Error

If you encounter the problem of a DNS error on your computer while using the Internet, it signifies a fault in the network settings. This also means that you cannot progress to a particular website you wish to visit, without solving this issue.

What is DNS?
DNS stands for Domain Name Service, and it helps in accessing various websites on the Internet. The purpose of DNS is to simply translate the address that a user types on the web browser from the human language into the computer language. For instance, an address like www.abclimited.com will be translated into an address like ‘’. This translation process makes it possible for the computer to read and understand the address that the user has typed, and then visit that particular website via its server.

What is a DNS Error?
An error regarding the DNS for any particular website usually implies the lack of an active Internet connection. This error can also mean that the machine is unable to access the Internet in order to convert the typed address, and thus the computer will be unable to visit and access that website. This could happen for a number of reasons, and in most cases these errors are relatively easy to fix.

Sometimes a computer shows such an error only for some particular websites. This can happen due to two reasons – either the address that has been typed is incorrect, or there is no entry for this website over the Internet. Either of the reasons restrict the user from accessing that particular website.

Fixing the Error
In most cases, when such an error message arises, it just means that the computer is facing connectivity problems. This could be happening for a variety of reasons, especially if you are connecting to the Internet via a wireless connection. Since DNS transforms the website URL into a numerical IP address, without the DNS functioning properly, the Internet connection will be quite useless. There are a few solutions to this problem though, and none of them are too complicated in nature.

  1. Locate the networking icon on your taskbar (or visit the networking tab from your ‘Start’ menu), and right-click on it. Now select the ‘Repair’ option. This should be able to fix elementary DNS errors.
  2. Go to the ‘Start’ menu and select the ‘Run’ option. Now type ‘ipconfig/release’ and hit ‘OK’. This will release your old IP address. Now you need to type ‘ipconfig/renew’ and hit ‘OK’ in order to renew your current IP address.
  3. You even have the option of entering your own DNS settings. If you are using a local wireless connection, you will be informed about the preferred DNS and the alternate DNS. You can alter this setting by going to the ‘Properties’ of your network connection.
  4. You must also check if all the cables and wires are connected properly. If nothing works, then try using a different machine with the same connection.
  5. You should also check the firewall settings on your machine, as it may be possible that the firewall is blocking the particular URL that you wish to visit.
  6. In certain cases, simply restarting the machine and re-establishing the Internet connection will be sufficient enough to get rid of this error message, and to access all the websites you wish to visit.

PS3 DNS Error
Now that you have got the basic answer to the doubts and questions about such an error, let us see what it means when this specific error arises on a Sony PlayStation 3. This is one of the most advanced gaming consoles available in the market today, and it also lets a gamer connect to the Internet and play games versus other players online. Obviously, an active Internet connection is imperative, so a PS3 DNS error message can sometimes restrict the gamer from accessing his online PS3 account.

The problem on the PS3 is similar to that of a desktop computer. The error simply means that the device cannot connect to the Internet. In order to fix this problem, some basic knowledge about networking will be necessary. Apart from checking all the cable and wire connections, and the network settings, one may even be required to restart the network setup program from the console. Also updating to the latest firmware should solve most DNS problems.

If this is unable to fix your problem, then you might want to call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and look for a solution. They may give you an alternate DNS that will make your machine work. No matter how advanced the PS3 is, it is still prone to certain malfunctions, with this particular problem being one of the most basic errors that it faces.

The Internet is flooded with malware which infects your computer and controls the DNS servers. The malware then directs the users to fraudulent webpages and exposes you to virus attacks, phishing, ID theft, and other malicious malware. With newer and smarter viruses prowling the Internet, anti-viruses can’t seem to handle all these new viruses. To avoid this, you would be well advised to always double-check the URL before going onto a page. Regularly updating your anti-virus software also helps to ensure that you stay protected from such threats on the Internet.

DNS errors usually imply a fault in the settings of the computer (or the console). This must not be mistaken for a hardware issue, and one must not panic when this problem arises. This is a very common occurrence, and it is something that can be fixed quickly and easily.

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