Beautiful Background Image Ideas You’ll Want to Copy Right Now

Beautiful Background Image Ideas

A background can go a long way in enhancing the overall look of a wall, art, stage, and the like. Check out some of the most beautiful background images here, to get some great ideas for your project.

Choosing a Background

  • Solid or Gradient?
  • Subtle or bold?
  • Serious or catchy?

A background plays a bigger part in an art than we assume. This library packed with background images will give you the best ideas possible.

Abstract Backgrounds

Magic Book Background
Blank paper scroll

Scenic Backgrounds

Corner Designs

Decorative Borders



Abstract background in blue color, Hole in the paper

Now you are spoiled for choice with these background images. Just make sure you take a moment to think what you are actually designing, and then choose a background accordingly.

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Removable Vs. Non-removable Batteries: Which One Should You Choose?

Removable Vs. Non-removable Batteries: Which One Should You Choose?

With the advent of technology every other day, humans have a lot of choices to be made from the never stopping glut of phones in the market. While it’s left for us to decide which phone we want, certain specifications do play an important part in making a decision. One such specification is deciding whether to purchase a phone with a removable or a non-removable battery.

Lock screen

According to studies conducted by various groups, an average person unlocks his or her phone more than 100 times a day.

Pros of a Removable Battery

No Lagging Business

Lagging phone

If a phone with a removable battery freezes, the simplest way to make it function again is by removing the battery and inserting it back, HURRAY! Your phone has started working again.

For the Outdoorsy

Discharged phone

Going on a long trip, trekking, or traveling, removable batteries have an add-on advantage. You can always carry an extra removable battery with you and use it when needed.

Selling Affair

Selling phone

Bored of your phone? Want to sell it? Your removable battery phone can easily be sold in the market, because even if the battery has a problem in the future, the buyer can always buy a new battery when required.

Cons of a Removable Battery

Style Speaks!


If you are a style freak and want your phone to be all cool and stylish, you definitely wouldn’t want your phone to be thick just because of the battery.

Fear of Damaging the Contacts

Contacts of a battery

Removing the battery every time your phone freezes may damage the battery’s contacts and other essential parts of the phone as well.

Pros of a Non-removable Battery


Pile of dust and mobile phone

As there are no open spaces on a non-removable battery phone, there is no chance for dust particles getting accumulated in the insides of the device.


Dust in a phone

Mobile phone got stolen? Not to worry. Thieves cannot take the battery out from your phone and make it untraceable. So, your phone can be traced wherever it is.


Non removable battery phone

Uni-body phones are always slimmer than phones with a removable battery, because the extra space is no longer needed.

Cons of a Non-removable Battery

Heating Issue

Battery burning

If your cell phone battery is getting bloated, you might not know until it’s too late to do anything. In a non-removable battery, the heating and swelling happens inside the device, thus crushing the inner equipment, and sometimes the screen too.

Micro SD Slots

Micro SD card

Many of the non-removable battery phones do not have a micro SD card slot. This can be a big disadvantage for a user as far as storage space is concerned.


Error note on the phone

If a non-removable battery freezes or doesn’t respond for some reason, and holding down the power button also doesn’t help, you have no option but to wait till the charge gets dried up. Or, you’d have to contact a service center and give your phone for repairs, which definitely is a lengthy and costly affair.

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12 Amazing Google Tricks You Should Know About

12 Amazing Google Tricks You Should Know About

If you thought Google consisted of a bunch of nerds developing programs to make the world smarter, you are half-right. They have a bunch of Easter eggs when you search for any queries. Take a peek inside to explore Google from the depths of the ocean in Google Underwater, or hold on to your seat in Google Gravity, as the search terms become too heavy to handle.

Two Places at the Same Time!

You can login into two accounts at the same time using the Incognito mode in Google.

Google, as a search engine, has changed the landscape of Internet search. So much so, that the word ‘Google’ has entered the mainstream as a verb. If you can’t find it, you can google it to know more. The developers at Googleplex always strive to devise software that’s more amazing and more user-friendly than the competition is offering. But Google also has a sense of humor and isn’t just complex codes and algorithms.

Like a teenager, it dabbles in playing pranks. On special occasions, it spreads hoaxes, all the while promoting itself. Since we are still laughing at the hilarious outcome, take a look at these hidden Easter eggs that will give you a chuckle or two, and might surprise even the most frequent web surfer.

Google in 1998

Google in 1998

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

If you ever happen to feel nostalgic while surfing the web, bring back fond memories by searching Google in 1998. It provides you a retro version of your searched web page before the turn of the millennium―it only gives you this feel on the first page, and not for the rest. Good thing the world didn’t end in Y2K, as it was supposed to, and gave Google a chance to better itself.

Atari Breakout

The Google logo

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

If your company forbids you from accessing websites to channel or release your stress, try typing Atari Breakout in Google Images. It gives you a pinball style game that lets you relive the arcade games of the ’80s. You can use it to take a break from work and break some tiles to beat other high scores. You can return to searching for images by clicking the ‘Return to image search’ button on the top.

Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Typing Do a barrel roll  in Google makes the whole page flip 180 degrees once. A very funny trick to show others or those still in awe of Google. You can also type ‘Z or R twice’ to see the same result.


Tilt logo

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Typing tilt or askew in Google tilts the search page to one side.

Google Underwater

Goggle logo

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Type Google Underwater  in the Google search bar and click on the first result. It features an underwater scene with sharks and other fish roaming their territory. Searching anything in it will try to sink the Google bar even further into the sea. Type and search to see how many search queries it takes to sink it to the bottom.

I’m Feeling Lucky

Google home page

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Earlier, clicking on this particular button on the Google page led you to the first relevant result. Since then, Google has upgraded it to feature a variety of options. From I’m Feeling Trendy, which keeps you updated with the current events around the world to I’m Feeling Doodley, which lets you enjoy the number of doodles Google has created over the years commemorating some special occasions. Other than the two mentioned, if you hover your cursor over the I’m Feeling Lucky button, the various options rotate like a slot machine until it rests on a certain option. Each of the options directs you to a website characteristic of its name. It works on major browsers but only on the US-based Google website.

Zerg Rush

Google search

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Typing zerg rush in the Google search bar opens up an arcade game in Google, wherein the O’s try to eat up the search results, and you have to shoot them down to stop that from happening. It’s a tactic used by the Zergs in Starcraft to overwhelm enemies when they swoop down and attack in a group all at once. Try beating the highest score.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Typing Google Gravity, increases the gravity within the page and the whole page falls down. You can even play with the different buttons and fling them across the page. After a while, the whole page is sucked in and vanishes…and is restored after you revert to the main website.

Google Sphere

Google Sphere

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Type Google Sphere in Google for an even better effect. All the buttons in the Google homepage revolve around its axis. But don’t let that stop you from searching.

Google Space

Google Space

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Type Google Space in the search bar and click on the first search result. Watch the Google page experience a feeling of weightlessness and float away slowly.

Epic and Weenie Google

Epic and Weenie Google

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Type Epic Google in the search bar and click on the first search result. This increases the size of the Google home page till it becomes too big to handle. Similarly, typing Weenie Google shrinks the page till it’s too small to search in.


Google logo

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Type ‘elgoog’ in the search bar and click on the first search result. This gives a mirror image of the Google homepage. Searching in it will reverse the words as well as the results.

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29 Really Productive Things You Can Do on the Internet

30 Productive Things You Can do on the Internet

We spend so much time on the Internet, hardly realizing that much of it is actually wasted. There are many good ways to invest time online, so that we are benefited personally or professionally.

“The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organization and participation in a meaningful society.”
-Noam Chomsky

Owing to Internet technology, people from different parts of the world can connect with one another, know what’s happening on the other side of the globe, within seconds, and gain access to information about any and everything in the world. Most of us equate spending time online with playing games, chatting with friends, sharing pictures on social networking websites and downloading songs, games, movies, and what not!

A very few of us make real good use of the Internet. It is a huge information base, with so many good sites hosting informative and educational content. There are so many avenues online that can help us earn money and there are so many websites where we can learn something new. Let’s use the Internet to our advantage, lets use it to discover ideas, gain knowledge, and enrich our lives, by doing something productive online.

Productive Ways To Spend Time On the Internet

man taking academic course online

Take academic courses and enhance your skill set. These online courses are convenient as they don’t require you to go out to attend classes. They can be done from the comfort of your home. So choose courses that interest you and upgrade your skills and knowledge. Online certifications also add to your resume.

downloading ebooks

Download ebooks or audio books from the Internet or read them online. Reading is one of the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet. And not just read; use the Internet to find good books too. Know what’s best for your age and interests and know about the books that have newly entered the market. Know about the most popular as well as budding authors, stay updated about the upcoming publications, and know which books to buy and which not to.

keyboard key with q and a text

Use the Internet to find answers for questions related to daily living. From home decor and repair to fashion and relationships, there are numerous sources that give you good advice.

search online information

The Internet is a good source to find how the world works. Right from how the government works and how economies rise and fall, to how the universe was created and how man plans to explore space, there are many websites that tell you how the world works.

diy information on tablet

If you are a DIY person, you should check for online resources that help you with this stuff. For questions like how to get rid of stains from clothes or how to paint a room, to questions like how to fix a problem with your computer or how to repair a broken car engine, all the answers are available online.

The Internet gives you a good platform to learn a new language. Starting from the basics, you can go to advanced levels by taking online language courses and tutorials.

quiz online

Take online quizzes that test your general knowledge. There are many IQ tests available online. Plus, there are tests to check your typing speed, language skills, general awareness, and even your aptitude and personality type. Take these tests and quizzes; they are a productive way to spend time on the web.

woman using laptop

Use social networking to not just share images and post status messages on what’s going on in your life. Use these websites to connect with like-minded people. Join groups, communities, or forums on subjects of your interest, share your knowledge and ideas on these platforms and know what experts have to say.

blogging concept

Follow blogs or twitter pages of people who inspire you. Follow influential figures on their social pages and know their views on the current political and social issues. Use online sources to become more aware of the world around.

dictionary online

Refer to online dictionaries or websites like Vocabulary and learn a few new words everyday.

There are websites which allow users to exercise their cognitive abilities. Use these sources and exercise your brain.

Seek investment advice from finance experts and know about the best ways to invest money and manage your finances from authentic websites dedicated to finance and investment advice.

recipe app online

Watch cooking videos on websites like YouTube to learn new recipes.

Follow websites on self-help and those which host inspirational content. Read through them to motivate yourself after a bad day at work, during a rough phase in life, or to help you approach life more positively. Acts of courage or kindness of common people, and inspirational stories of famous people in various fields, can give you new hope.

writing blogs

Write a blog and express yourself. Write on what you know and what interests you. Contribute to the knowledge on the web by posting informative content. Or use your blog to entertain readers with fun stuff or anything creative.

online shopping

Shop smart by looking for some good deals and discounts online. Internet shopping saves you the effort of visiting malls or stores and all the shopping can be done sitting at home. Plus, there are many lucrative offers that help you save money.

gps navigation concept

Take a virtual tour to any part of the world by using sources like Google Maps and Google Street View. These sources can help you plan an actual tour too.

Indulge in your hobby online. Find information on what you like to do, find the latest information on things of your interest and engage in fun activities that interest you. The web hosts many good sources that allow you to engage in your hobbies, and even earn out of them.

man using skype

Make a Skype call to a friend you have not spoken to, since a long time. Or use email to write to your dear ones.

social media network

Connecting with new people can help you with your career. Make connections with people whose profiles interest you and who can introduce you to others in the field. Sites like LinkedIn are good to build an online repute by sharing things related to your profession.

exercise on search bar

Websites related to physical exercises can help you stay fit. They give you easy exercises, fitness tips, and nutritional advice.

woman playing sudoku app

Play educational games or those that help you in some way (simulation games for example). Choose games like Sudoku, solve crosswords, play Math games or solve puzzles online.

There are many non-profit organizations that have their presence online. Browse through these, know about their programs and take part in the ones you can. Contribute to a social cause in your own small way by participating in their campaigns.

Spend time with your kids having them learn to draw online, or play an online game together. Take an online course with your partner. Or help your grandparents access websites that might interest them. This way, you will be spending time with your near ones, while online.

cloud computing

Use cloud services or your mail account to back up important data if you need to. The Internet can be used to save space on your hard drive and have your data stored online.

You can sell off old stuff using websites like eBay and others. Look for people who might be interested in buying those things, compare prices, and make a profitable sale.

monitor with ebanking login page

Carry out bank transactions online. Though not a productive activity in itself, it is time-effective and thus leaves you with more time for fruitful things.

man watching movie online

Watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite songs, or listen to speeches by motivational speakers. Songs can help you feel relaxed, movies can give you that much-needed break, and listening to motivational speeches can make you feel good about yourself and optimistic about life.

woman reading news on tablet

With the help of websites like BBC News and Reuters, get to know about the latest happenings across the globe. Know what’s in the news and stay updated about the recent developments in every field.

So, what type of productive thing would you like to do online?

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10 Irritating WhatsApp Replies We Hate to Read

10 Irritating WhatsApp Replies We Hate to Read

It’s truly a huge messaging world! It looks like the smartphones have taken over all humans as that is the only thing we do all the time. We are inseparable from our phones, and WhatsApp is one of the most addictive applications that keeps us glued. While chatting, we often come in contact with some really annoying replies by people. Here, we have compiled some of them just to crack you up!!

An Innocent Mistake
David Cameron, the prime minister of UK, always signed off his message with a LOL. No, don’t misunderstand. Truth is that he didn’t know what LOL meant. He thought that it meant “Lots of Love”. Understand his love for everyone.

WhatsApp has become an addiction nowadays. We all are glued to our phones and chatting away our time! It is a technology boon that has helped us be in contact with people every second, even if the person is half way across the globe. But then, there are also some days when you feel like throwing your phone away. And it happens after reading some of the most irritating replies people send to your messages.

Given below are some irritating Whatsapp replies we hate to read. The list is not meant to offend anyone. We all do it once in a while and getting such replies on our nice, long messages is always annoying. We are sure you will be able to relate to some of these. Read on and have a good laugh.

Annoying WhatsApp Replies

The Epic “K”
I know I’m not the only person who hates such a stupid reply. It’s almost become something that is universally hated. We all can relate to the situation when you send a heartfelt message and all you get is a K! Now, were you so lazy to type just an O with it? This reply is also a sign of someone majorly pissed with you. But then it’s better to tell the reason of being pissed than replying with that one letter. Also, the letter is not enough for some people so they will add a period just to stress on the point that they are pissed.

I really don’t understand what is the logic behind replying “True”. Plus, it’s always to a message that has no relation to your reply. Obviously I know whatever I said is true, you don’t have to reassure that. I can still understand when people say “True that” because maybe it’s something they could relate to. But just “true”? Why?

People have all kinds of variations in this too, from lulz, lololol, lolz, to what not. Firstly, you can’t even capitalize 3 letters and then you use this reply for everything or when you have nothing to say. What is lulz or lolz anyway? It’s like you dozed off while laughing out loud. Plus, I know that you’re not laughing but saying that to cut the conversation down.

Nice was a very nice word until now. But, now it’s become a sign of telling that the person is in a sh**y mood. Please just stop it! I excitedly text you how exhilarating my trip was, and you reply with a “Nice”. I am too embarrassed already so Would you mind if I just come there and throw you out of the window right now? This reply isn’t even qualified to enter in the “good sarcasm” category.

Umm/Mmmm/Hmmm is one thing that you’re tired of reading. It will just buzz in your ears, all the time. What is this even supposed to mean? You’re thinking, out of words, bored, or what? This will just automatically shoo all the people you’re texting, because no one wants a stingy bumble bee around all the time.

Smiley Overdose
What is wrong with the world? Sometimes, I wonder if people really have all the time to search for one smiley from all those, just to express one thought. You could have just written it in words. On the other side, people show that they are just so busy to even use a single word so they reply with a smiley. If you’re excited about meeting someone and you send a message saying,”Yayy! Will see you soon!”, and someone replies with just a smiley with a heart. Just imagine how it feels and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Replying with One Word
One word replies are irritating. That’s because you expect people to be more generous and use more words because your message deserved it.

Replying with Paragraphs
Long sentences or chunks of them are equally annoying. Paragraphs are unnecessary when you don’t need explanations for trivial things. Or what can be said in a few words or an emoticon, doesn’t need long lines of text. It gets boring sometimes.

Irregular Letters and Abbreviations
WhAt Is WrOnG wItH sOmE pEoPlE wHo WrItE lIkE tHiS? Oh god, I feel that it was a huge task to write like this, yet some people to do it very fast and almost all the time. As if that wasn’t enough, they even use some horrible abbreviations which give an impression that they’re talking in some weird foreign language. 4 wat (For what) and TTY L8R (talk to you later) are some of these alien words people use. Guys, please learn to use some good language!

No reply
All the above were some epic fails but then there are people who are the least bothered to even reply. They will come to you later with hundreds of excuses that they were busy or didn’t check your message. But the blue ticks have told you the truth.

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16 Most Controversial and Banned Apps You Really Need to Know About

16 Most Controversial and Banned Apps

With the Apple App store and the Google Play Store’s strict approval process, some apps get approved only to be banned later. Techspirited has drafted a list of such exigent apps that either faced controversy and were kicked off, or those that deserve an immediate ban but are still available.


As of May 2015, there are about 1.5 million apps available for Android users to choose from, and about 1.4 million for iPhone users. – Source: Statista

Be it Google or Apple, app stores are flooded with inappropriate attempts to capitalize on drollness or wittiness. With clear specifications about the content on the app not being obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory, some developers create whacky apps that escape censors and internet regulators. If technology is to be blamed, users are always in the quest of finding apps that ease their lives in some way or the other. And then, these curious heads come across things that need a filter.

From the raunchiest to the straight absurd, we’ve unveiled the apps that may leave you outraged. It’s hard on our part to believe that these apps actually made it through the strict guidelines of the corresponding stores.

Most Controversial iPhone Apps

Girls Around Me

This app has taken creepy to another level. This geo-location app lets you find, or should I say, stalk women in your nearby area, based on public Foursquare check-ins and Facebook posts. It then lets you connect with them through Facebook. The app was immediately taken off from the store for violating API’s policy.

Baby Shaker

This is one of the most despicable iPhone apps released. Created by Sikalosoft, it let users violently shake their iPhone in order to stop the baby’s loud noises wherein, red Xs (crosses) would appear over the baby’s eyes and he would cease to cry. Apple and Sikalsoft later apologized, and the app was removed when they realized their mistake.

Ghetto Tweets

This Twitter-based app, filtered your friends’ tweets in an attempt to make them more ‘urban’, but ended up creating slang sounds that were found to be racist. After being flooded with complaints, the ghetto translator was pulled from the store.

Me So Holy

This controversial app let users take a mugshot and superimpose photographs of faces onto various religious figures including Jesus Christ. The app was soon removed by Apple, declaring it to be objectionable. To which the creator, Benjamin Khale posted on his website: Is religion really to be placed in the same category as these violent apps? Sex, urine, and defecation don’t seem to be off-limits, yet a totally non-violent, religion-based app is.

Door Of Hope

A gay person can be cured in just 60 days by an iPhone app. Can you beat that? If it actually needs to be cured is a controversy too deep to dig in here. But this app claimed to kill the demons that cause same-sex attractions in your body. Apple immediately pulled the app from their app store.

I Am Rich

This is one of the most ostentatious and pointless apps on this list. With a retail price of $999.99, this app does absolutely nothing other than displaying a static image with a red jewel, saying “I Am Rich.” Two of the customers who unintentionally bought this app were paid back. This app led the creator, Armin Heinrich a cool $6,000 in his pocket until it was yanked off by Apple.

Beauty Meter

As the name suggests, this app let you upload photographs and get grades on your beauty; users could rate the face, body, and clothes from 1 to 5 stars. This free app had no restrictions as far as the age or clothing that could be worn was concerned. Things were pretty innocuous until the photo of a nude 15-year-old girl showed up, prompting Apple to ban it.


Apps that are devised to bring disparate people together are always encouraged. And the creator of Swearpost thought he’s adding one to the list. So he created this app that lets you say swears in almost 45 different languages, making you a global swearing master. Well, Apple did not seem convinced; it banned the iOS version for its crude and offensive content.

Most Controversial Android Apps

Secret SMS Replicator

This app is for all those jilted lovers, scorned exes, and desperate stalkers. The little bit of spyware you install on your friend’s or loved one’s smartphone that runs unnoticed in the background. Once the app starts working, it could forward all the incoming text messages to the stalker’s number. At last, it got a boot from the Android market for privacy concerns.

Make Me Asian

Even the best of the best comedians hesitate while including racism in their humor. It can get that tricky! But the developers thought they could deal with this. This face-morphing app lets users to import photographs and add stereotypical Asian facial features to them. The creator Kimbery Deiss took this to another level by launching spin-offs that targeted Indians, African-Americans, and many more. Can it get anymore racist?


Lulu is a sexist app that lets women rate men they know from Facebook on the basis of their romantic, personal, and sexual appeal. It doesn’t end here, it also lets them link their ratings to their Facebook pages with hashtags ranging from #BigFeet to #OneWomanMan. Despite the criticism, Lulu is still available for download, gaining millions to Alexandra Chong.

Is My Son Gay?

So we got an app that will help confused parents to determine the sexual orientation of their children by answering a set of questions! The app was released for promoting a comedic novel by the same name. Google was bombarded with complaints from LGBT advocacy groups, prompting them to pull it off the Android market.

Ass Hunter

This game existed as an online flash game since 2006 but got noticed when it was moved to the Google Play Store. It gives players the control of a hunter, asks them to kill naked gay men. And if they don’t shoot these men, they’d have gay sex with them. The description read, “Play and do not be gay!” Again, a successful Twitter campaign led to the removal of this app from Google Play Store.

Carrot Dating

This app has been addressed as a form of virtual prostitution time and time again. The tagline goes, ‘messaging may get her interested, but bribery will get you a date’. It allows users to offer ‘carrots’ to other people; lets them send incentives like chocolates or dinners and gets them to agree to a first date. The app has been labeled as ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynistic’. The creator says, it’s been developed for less-attractive men to overcome hurdles in the online dating world and believes in bribing women with gifts. And it made its way to the iPhone App store as well.


This controversial app claims to make you feel better about your looks. All it does is take your selfie and edit it, giving you the option to subtract 5, 10, or 15 pounds from your weight. However, users are not very happy with it. It makes scrawny people look starved, and weighty people feel bad about themselves. All this comes at the cost of $0.99.

Bang With Friends

Created by Colin Hedge and Omri Mor, this popular app does exactly what you think it does. It promises to make it easier for people to ask their Facebook friends for casual sex. With intentions made clear, the service notifies both parties if there’s a match. It was taken off the App store for being too vulgar; however, it is still available on the Play Store.

Some Contentious Apps That Need A Mention

  • Weed Farmer
  • SpoofApp
  • Drawings Of My Stupid Brother
  • Annoy-A-Teen
  • Pocket Girlfriend
  • PSX4droid
  • Exodus International
  • Obama Trampoline
  • Tinder
  • Wikileaks
  • Yik Yak
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Magical Objects That May See a Future in Real Life

Magical Objects That May See a Future in Real Life

What would you call a cloak that makes you invisible, or a carpet that flies? Only fiction? Think again! In this Techspirited article, we take a look at these, and other seemingly fictional objects, which are in fact well on their way to becoming a reality in the near future.

Banned Magical Objects!

Recently, eBay banned a number of so-called magical objects from its online store. These included the likes of a healing dream pillow, demon destroyer potion, spells and hexes, and haunted items!

How can you blur the dividing line between fiction and reality? By using science of course! In the following sections, we will look at some magical objects from the world of fantasy and fiction, which, owing to the recent development in science and technology, are all set to cross over to the real world.

Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility

Surely every student who has forgotten to do his math homework must have, at one point or another, wished that he had an invisibility cloak! Well, in the future.

For many years, scientists have been trying to achieve invisibility, with varied degrees of success. In a recent experiment, scientists heated carbon nanotubes using electricity. This gave rise to the effect of photo-thermal deflection, which allowed light to bend around the tubes, thus hiding them from sight.

Another possibility of achieving invisibility is through the use of metamaterials, which can bend electromagnetic radiation, including light, microwaves, radar, etc. It may not be possible to turn these materials into flexible cloaks, but using them to hide rigid objects, such as the bodies of jet planes, tanks, etc., might indeed be possible in the near future.

Aladdin’s Flying Carpet

Back in 2011, Noah Jafferis of Princeton University demonstrated the levitation of a 4-inch sheet of plastic. He was able to achieve this by producing ripples of electrical currents, which drove small air pockets underneath the sheet, allowing it to float in the air.

Imagine being able to roll out a carpet, hop onto it along with your princess, and fly in the skies, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city below you. Amazing, wouldn’t that be? Guess what, this might just be possible in the days to come.

The original design showed propulsion, rather than true lift, and could achieve speeds of only one cm/sec. However, theoretically, by improving the design, it is possible to achieve speeds of over one meter per second.

Iron-Grip’s Sword and the Orb of Aldur in The Belgariad

In The Belgariad by David Eddings, the orb and the sword can be touched and wielded by no one other than the King of Riva. This magical ability, however, has already been duplicated by technology in some of the items that we use today.

For instance, many new generation smartphones include inbuilt fingerprint scanners. They can identify the owner’s print, and will unlock only for him/her. Similar technology can be incorporated in modern-day weapons, such as guns, which would then only allow the owner to operate them.

Dragon Horn in the Song of Ice and Fire

In the Song of Ice and Fire, we are introduced to the Dragon Horn, which is a kind of sorcerous horn that can stop fights and control dragons. While the latter ability is rather unnecessary, since dragons are long extinct, the former could be very valuable in the real world today.

As such, many types of sonic weapons have and continue to be developed, which can disperse rioting crowds, and owing to their long and wide range, also be used to stop pirates in the seas. The most commonly used one.

Flying Ford Anglia from the Harry Potter Series

Flying cars have, for a long time, been a part of fiction, with the latest one being in the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, where a Magical Flying Ford Anglia was depicted. This is a truly captivating concept, especially if you are staring through your windshield at a long snake-like line of cars stuck in a traffic jam! It would be so wonderful if you could simply press a button and fly over them to your destination!

Well, this might indeed be possible in the days to come. A Slovakian manufacturer, AeroMobil s.r.o., has been designing a car that can transform from an automobile into an airplane. The first prototype was flown in 2013, and currently the AeroMobil 3.0 is being tested.

The CEO of AeroMobil expects that this automobile cum aircraft will be available for sale in 2018, and will be initially intended for wealthy super-car buyers and flight enthusiasts. However, we can expect that the prices will come down in the future, and so more of us would be able to enjoy taking off from our garage.

The Shield Bracelet from the Dresden Files

The shield bracelet used by Harry Dresden is like the ultimate defense, as it creates a metaphysical barrier around the wearer, which prevents kinetic attacks such as blows or bullets from penetrating though and reaching the wearer.

Currently, research is ongoing into the development of an electromagnetic force field as a means of shielding tanks against external attacks. One type involves the use of a capacitor-based system. The capacitor has metal plates connected to each one of its two terms.

Faerie Rings in the City of Lost Souls

The set of Faerie Rings in the City of Lost Souls permit the wearers to telepathically communicate with each other.

Currently, the science of sub-vocal recognition is the best bet we have towards achieving telepathic communication. It studies the phenomenon of sub-vocalization, which occurs when, for instance, we talk to ourselves or read a word. Our nervous system sends electrical impulses to our vocal cords even though we don’t actually speak.

Scientists are trying to make use of electrodes placed near the vocal cords to detect these impulses, amplify and process them, subsequently translating them into actual languages

Marauder Map in the Harry Potter Series

The Maraduer Map enables the user to get a real-time location of everyone in Hogwarts. Having it in real life would make the task of keeping track of our loved ones easier, wouldn’t it? Guess what, we already have something today that’s even better than this map.

Google maps and the live traffic that it can display is like using the Marauder Map, except that it’s scope isn’t limited to Hogwarts alone. Similarly, many telecommunication services are offering premium services which allow you to track your family (by tracing their cell phones), and display them on a map, both on your smartphone as well as PC. Now that’s what you can call magical!

Weasley Family Clock from the Harry Potter Series

The Weasley family clock is another interesting magical object from the Harry Potter series, which tells the location and status of the Weasleys. Each family member has a clock hand dedicated to him/her, which points to predefined locations/statuses: home, school, work, traveling, lost, hospital, prison, and mortal peril.

Inspired by this magical clock, a team of students at the University of Munich built a grandfather clock, which does something similar, albeit without the use of magic.

It uses Android and iOS apps on each team member’s cell phone, which collects their location data and sends it to a web server. This data is then accessed by a micro-controller present within the clock, which correspondingly drives servo motors to move the hands of the clock according to the location of each member.

Thus, this clock is similar to the Weasley Family Clock in almost every way, except maybe the fact that its creators still haven’t figured out how to determine if a team member is in mortal peril!

Harp of King Fflewddur Fflam in the Prydain Chronicles

King Fflewddur Fflam’s harp is a self-playing musical instrument that snaps a string whenever the user lies or exaggerates the truth.

While it is true that musical recordings have largely made the public lose interest in self-playing instruments, there are still some applications out there, where you can find the digital versions of musical instruments which can play themselves.

More interesting, however, is King Fflewddur Fflam’s harp’s ability to act as a lie detector. Recent technology makes use of MRI to study how the brain reacts when the person is telling the truth or lying. Though labs have reported that this technology provides an accuracy of 90%, it still hasn’t been used in the courts in the US.

However, as studies continue and these detection instruments are fine-tuned to increase their accuracy, it is quite possible that highly accurate lie detectors will be available for use in the future.

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8 Most Addictive Video Games Ever

8 Most Addictive Video Games Ever

For gaming enthusiasts, there is nothing like an eight-hour gaming marathon with your buddies over the weekend! To some, this might seem a like an addiction, but trust us, video games are highly addictive. Here, we have listed out eight of the most addictive video games of all time.

Tetris Cartoon

Tips to Overcome a Gaming Addiction

  • Time yourself every time you play, moderate your gaming sessions. Some PCs and gaming consoles have a built-in timer to help you do that.
  • Find another hobby that is equally engaging, or go out and meet people.
  • Ask your friend to moderate your gaming session if it becomes difficult you.

A video game has the ability to generate many emotions in a player. Something about racing, role-playing, or going on quests to slay monsters can undoubtedly give you a rush, all in the comforts of your home. It gives you the opportunity to interact with other players and share a common love for the game. I have to admit, there was a time when I was addicted to Candy Crush; I would see myself playing it even in my dreams. Fortunately, I could control my addiction just before it began to affect me adversely. But on a rather serious note, according to a survey by the BBC, around 12% of online gamers show signs of gaming addiction.

With different and engaging themes flooding the market, deciphering which of these were the most addictive was a little difficult. After pondering for a while, we have come up with eight of the most addictive video games of all time!


Simple yet engaging is the best way to describe this game. The aim of this game is to arrange the games pieces of different shapes that keep falling into the matrix such that you create a horizontal line of ten boxes (or units) with no gap in between them. When such a line is created the boxes in that line disappear, and the whole arrangement shifts down. If the stacked boxes reach the top, you lose. The speed at which the game pieces fall increases as you advance to the next level.

Angry Birds

If there’s one game that took the world by storm and captured the attention of the masses―from merchandise to starring in movies―this game has done it all. The basic concept involves shooting some really angry birds into the fortress of pigs. With every level, the difficulty of the game rises and various themes are applied across different versions of the game; right from Halloween to Transformers.

Candy Crush Saga

Set in the colorful Kingdom of Candy, this addiction is the sweetest of them all! This games involves pairing similar types of candies among the plethora that are available. With appetizing words like sweet and delicious being used, refraining from playing this game becomes all the more difficult. Every turn gives you five lives to complete the level; if you don’t, then you have to wait for another thirty minutes before you can resume. And just when you thought you have cracked the game, they add a few more levels back in.


Although it may not have visually appealing graphics, but this game can get you hooked even before you know it. The best feature of this game is that it gives players the opportunity to explore, build, and get in touch with their creative side. It doesn’t have a set of goals that players need to achieve, but rather all they are expected to do is survive. It has a twenty-minute night and day cycle. The player may come across non-violent animals that can be hunted for food and material. Usually during nighttime or in a dark place, the player might come across hostile mobs. All the player needs to do is survive.

World Of Warcraft

A world where you get to don cool avatars with different armors and skills, where you can go on quests and slay monsters―sounds intriguing right?! Well, this pretty much sums it up. This a MMORPG that allows its players to interact with other players and non-playing characters and join guilds or groups of other players. With every quest, players can achieve various skills, experiences, and game money for themselves. The best feature of this game is that each quest is related to the previous quests, thus enhancing the gaming experience.

Super Mario

Good things never need to change, this game definitely epitomizes this. The game is set in the Mushroom Kingdom, the sole objective of this game is simple, rescue Princess Peach overcoming all the obstacles that one may encounter. Once you reach the fortress at the end of the game; you win. This game consists of eight worlds with four sub-levels each. This game has been popular for over thirty years, many different versions from racing to sports have been created just to hold on to the interest of the players. The simplicity and the easy to understand gameplay is one the reasons for the prolonged popularity of this game.

Grand Theft Auto Series

As controversial as it may have been, this game definitely gets your adrenaline pumping. The gameplay usually allows the player freely roam through the game on his/her own accord. The player get to choose his own missions that make up the whole story. With engaging activities like racing, action, stealth, shooting at people, and the occasional role-playing, this game has gained huge popularity. However, the content and nature of the game has received a lot of criticism.

The Sims

Who wouldn’t love a game where you get to play God―this games lets you do just that. What’s appealing about this game is that it doesn’t give its players any specific goal to achieve. The player gets to create people (virtual of course!) called Sims and control their feelings and desires, place them in houses, and create stories for them. The best part about this game is that it leaves everything to the imagination of the players, while the game itself acts as a platform to the player to express himself of herself.

Okay folks, so here some of the most addictive video games that you must enjoy with some caution because once you’re hooked there is no turning back!

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What to Do if Windows Search Feature Does Not Work

What to Do if Windows Search Feature Does Not Work

If the ‘Search’ option on your Windows 7/8/8.1 OS isn’t performing up to your expectations, you have landed on the right page. In this Techspirited article, we present a few troubleshooting options to make the Windows Search on your system functional again.


File indexing can take some time to complete. To speed up the process, it is advised that you close all other programs and windows, and also not browse the Internet till the process is complete.

In the early days of computing, searching for a file used to be a much simpler affair than today. There used to be only so much space on your hard disk, and so you could only store so much data in it. Opening a particular drive partition and scrolling through the limited content in it was all that it took to find a file. Today, however, the story is quite different!

With the storage capacities in even the average systems having graduated from gigabytes to terabytes, it has become possible to stock massive amounts of digital content into our systems. No matter how much data you add, there always seems to be space for a lot more. As such, scrolling through the piles and piles of data in your hard disk to locate a file isn’t just infeasible, it is outright impossible.

To alleviate this inconvenience, Microsoft has equipped its Windows operating systems with the ‘Search’ feature, which allows one to search for any file/content on the system, and in the latest versions of Windows, even on the Internet. It is one of the most useful tools in everyday computing. But what will you do if the Windows Search feature on your machine stops working?

In the following sections, we have provided a few step-by-step troubleshooting procedures that should help you to get the Windows Search on you system working again. But before going through them, let’s understand how the Windows Search actually works.

How Does Windows Search Work?

Simply put, Windows Search works via a process known as indexing. To understand this concept, take the example of a large book having multiple topics and thousands of pages. To search for a particular topic within it, you would require the index which lists the book’s content according to the page numbers.

In a similar manner, Windows makes use of an indexing mechanism, which allows it to search for each file in a faster way. It is also much more efficient, as rather than going through each individual drive, folder, or file stored on the hard disk every time, Windows Search can simply refer to the index and accordingly map its real location.

Windows Search Error

Though it is a highly useful feature, Windows Search isn’t free from errors. At times, you may find that it is unable to locate the file that you are sure still exists on your PC.

These issues may be accompanied with messages such as: the search results are slow, search results might be incomplete, Windows Search Indexer has stopped working, Windows Search service terminated unexpectedly, no items match your search, etc.

For Windows 7

The following are the different procedures that should help you in getting the Windows Search on your Windows 7 PC up and running again.

Windows Troubleshooting

Windows troubleshooting analyzes the search and indexing for problems, and attempts to identify and fix any issues. Follow the steps given here, to allow Windows to troubleshoot the Search feature.

Step 1: Click on Start, and in the search-box type index. From the list items that appear on the top, click on Indexing Options.

Step 2: In the Indexing Options window that opens, look at the bottom left-hand-side corner to locate the Troubleshoot Search and Indexing link, and click on it.

Step 3: The Search and Indexing dialog will open containing a list of the possible problems that might be associated with the Windows Search. Select those problems which you have been facing by checking the check-box next to each item on this list.

Index Rebuilding

Windows Search may not be working properly because of problems in the file indexing. The following is the procedure for rebuilding the Search index.

Step 1: Click on Start, and in the search-box type index. From the list items that appear on the top, click on Indexing Options.

Step 2: In the Indexing Options window that opens, look at the bottom left-hand-side corner to locate the Advanced button, and click on it. You may have to enter an Administrator password if you are prompted to do so.

Step 3: Step 2 will cause the Advanced Options dialog box to open. On it, click on the Index Settings tab.

Step 4: Click on the Rebuild button on the right-hand side, under Troubleshooting.

Enable Windows Search Index

Often, it happens that, we unintentionally disable the Windows Search feature on our system. This may even happen when we install a third-party software program. The following is the procedure for re-enabling Windows Search if it has been disabled.

Step 1: Click on Start, and on the right-side pane click on the Control Panel option.

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, click on the search box on the top right-hand side corner, and type Turn Windows features on or off.

Step 3: In the search result, click on the Turn Windows features on or off link. This will open the Windows Features dialog.

Step 4: Scroll down in this dialog to locate Windows Search, and ensure that it is checked (ticked).

Step 5: Put a check next to Indexing Service to enable indexing service from previous Windows versions.

For Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8/8.1 have a more powerful universal search feature, which can extract results from the Internet, user’s contact list, content applications such as Wikipedia, and also from emails and other online messaging services. However, many users complain that this search is unable to find files which are on their hard disk itself.

The most probable reason for this is that, the default configuration of these operating systems enables them to search for only those files that reside in the user directory, which is ‘C:\Users’, in most cases. To allow Search to find files in Windows 8/8.1, you will have to make additions to the ‘Index’ of these operating systems.

The universal search can only search and display those files which it has indexed. To enhance its capability, you need to add to the index those directories or folders which you want to be searched. Note however, that adding to the index and keeping it up-to-date is a resource-hungry process, which may bog down your system’s performance if you have your entire hard disk indexed. Hence, you are better advised to choose and add only those folders which you need searched.

The following is the procedure for adding to the Index of the Windows 8/8.1 OS.

Step 1: Press Windows + X keys, or search for Control Panel, and open it.

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, locate and click on the Indexing Options icon. If you can’t find this option, click on the View by menu, and select Large icons.

Step 3: In the Indexing Options dialog, on the bottom left-hand side corner, click on the Modify button. This will open the Indexed Locations dialog.

Step 4: In the list, check all those folders and sub-folders that you want to add to the index, and then click on OK.

Step 5: Click on Close to close the dialog box, and wait for a few minutes till the Search feature adds the new locations to its index.

It should now be possible to search for and find all the files that you need to locate using the universal search feature.

To search within a folder or drive which hasn’t been indexed, click on the File Explorer icon on the task bar on your Windows 8/8.1 desktop. In the search box on the top right corner, type the name of the file you want to search for. It will produce a list of all the items that match your search.

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