Best Time to Sell on eBay

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Best Time to Sell on eBay

eBay is a great outlet for buying and selling items online, and seasoned sellers on the portal know the best time to sell products. Increased viewership will invite more bids, and this will in turn raise the amount of money you will be able to make off a sale.

One of the best sources on the Internet to buy and sell used products is eBay, and this is what is known as an online auction and shopping website. There are various categories on eBay so that anyone can easily find anything that he is looking for with consummate ease, and these items can then be bid for and then bought by the interested party. This is a great place for potential buyers since they can find the right product for a very affordable price, and it is also an excellent avenue for someone who is looking to get rid of certain items.

On eBay you can be assured that there will be someone interested in what you are selling. As long as the product has something unique about it and is in reasonably good condition, you will get a buyer. But like all other buying and selling markets, the primary concern for the seller is to get the best price possible. This is where the auctioning of the product comes into play, and the seller can then sell the product to whoever offers the most money.

If there are a greater number of people interested in buying a certain item, the amount offered by each auctioneer will slowly rise. This will only happen if the product is truly unique. In most cases though, people try to sell off useless junk that they do not use by making it sound extremely attractive. For an item like this, it is important to pick the right time to sell it on eBay, and believe it or not, there is such a thing known as the best time to sell an item on eBay.

When to Sell on eBay

Someone who knows how to sell stuff on eBay will be well aware that this is a process that takes place all year round. There are absolutely no restrictions on the things to sell on eBay to make money, and when you can sell a certain item, but this is where the seller’s presence of mind and discretion come into play. For instance, if you are selling a branded sweater or a cardigan, you obviously cannot sell it in the peak of summer.

There will be someone who will be willing to buy it, but they will only offer a nominal price for it. On the other hand, if you are selling the same cardigan in winter, the demand will be much higher, and people’s bids will be significantly larger as well. Hence the seller must take each item into consideration independently, and then deduce the best time to sell that particular product on eBay.

Apart from the general seasonality of some products, there are also some instances when the seller will need to fix the closing time for the auctioning process. It is generally found that the maximum number of bids for an item arrive just before the closing time approaches. So the seller must pick a closing time that will allow the most number of people to bid for the product.

For instance, if there is a certain item that will appeal to housewives, then this item must be sold in mornings or the afternoons. Selling this item in the evening or the night will be useless since the housewife will be busy catering to the needs of other members of the family at this time. This is just a generalized example, and each product will have its own peak time for demand, and the closing time should be adjusted and set accordingly.

Tips for the Right Time to Sell on eBay

Here are some more pointers and tips about picking the right closing time on eBay. These are not hard and fast rules that need to be followed, but simple guidelines that may differ from product to product.

  • In order for people from the United States to see your product, the best time to put it up for auction is either Sunday night, or Monday night. This is the busiest time on the eBay website, and people from the East Coast and the West Coast will view the product at a suitable time for them.
  • In order for people from Asia to see the product, the best time would be around 8:00 AM on Monday. Their time zone is around 12 hours behind, so by putting up the item for sale at this time, you will ensure that they see it on a Sunday night.
  • If a major holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving is just around the corner, then it is advisable to put up the item a few days before the holiday arrives. Demand will be very high at such times, and you will definitely get a good price.

To conclude, the best time revolves around the seasonality of the item being sold, it depends on when your closing time is (avoid having closing times late at night) and it also depends on when the bidding starts (preferably on a Sunday night or a Monday night). By keeping these tips in mind you are sure to get some pretty high bids for your item, because this can only be done by increasing the number of people who can view the item that is on sale.

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