Computer Brands Comparison

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Computer Brands Comparison

The computer market has been booming ever since these machines were developed for mass production, and there are several great brands in this market. Each brand has its own story to tell and area of expertise, so picking the right one becomes an arduous task.

Buying a new computer is no easy task today, thanks to the large number of computer brands that operate in the market. Different individuals have different needs and different expectations from their computers, so it is not possible to have a single brand that is loved by everyone. The kind of configurations that are provided are pretty similar between various machines, so other parameters like battery life, customer support and designing come into play. Moreover, companies that undertake effective marketing also command a greater market share due to the image that they portray.

In the midst of this, the computer buyer is left utterly confused and clueless about which computer brand to opt for. There are a few brands that are universally considered better than the others, and in this Techspirited article we will be telling you about such brands. Each of these brands has a large line of offerings as well, and these products are delivered in different price ranges.

Comparing the Best Computer Brands

First and foremost, it is important to understand what constitutes a good brand. The specifications and the features that are offered is obviously the prime factor, but this is an area where it is very hard to differentiate amongst the different brands. So in order to compensate for this, a good brand will offer additional benefits like good customer support, good after-sales support, good pricing strategies (from the customers point of view), plenty of free gifts and freebies and good designing and aesthetics.


Apple Inc. is one of the first names that come to mind when we think of computers, and this is because they have spent decades offering the very best products that money can buy. These machines run on the Mac OS which is very stable and offers very little virus threats. Moreover, the machines are very stable and pleasing to look at, thanks to the millions of dollars that Apple spends on designing. When it comes to marketing, no one comes close to Apple either, and Apple desktops and laptops are the machines of choice for people who want the best out of their computers.


Acer’s USP is their low cost and the desirable set of specifications. When it comes to laptops, no other brand can deliver high quality machines at the prices that Acer provides. This is what sets them apart, and also makes Acer a popular choice for students and people who are looking for a secondary laptop that does not cost too much. There are high-end offerings made by Acer as well, and their customer support is also excellent, but their image of being an economical brand is a self-created one.


If you are looking for computers that are economical, then Compaq is the brand for you. Many people claim that the hardware of Compaq machines gives plenty of problems, but this is a matter of perception. Compaq has a pretty good standing in the industry as of now, but it would be fair to say that they are merely making up the numbers. When compared to high quality computers like Apple and Dell, the machines made by Compaq are pale in comparison.


Dell Computers took the world by storm by allowing buyers to assemble their own machines online, and then having it delivered to them. This lowered the cost considerably, and helped Dell realize their vision of providing a laptop for everyone. With Dell computers, you can be assured of the quality and the customer support, and you can receive this at very economical prices. Computers made by Dell work like a charm, and it is definitely one of the most recognized brands all around the world. Dell also recently took over Alienware, the best brand for gaming laptops.


Hewlett Packard have made a name for themselves by supplying machines to offices and corporate clients for many years now. When it comes to personal computers, HP offers average machines, but they save their true power for the corporate sector and bulk buyers. This is a strategy that has helped them because they also offer many other office supplies like printers, but I would not recommend an HP machine for a private home user.


Sony is a multinational electronics giant that has its hand in many different ponds at the same time. This means that their machines are not top of the line, but they are capable and advanced enough to feature in any list of the best machines. The diversity of Sony means that their computers have excellent support and many great features, but their laptops do tend to be on the expensive side of the spectrum. To counter this, the battery life of Sony machines is absolutely tremendous.

Carrying out a complete comparison of the best computer brands is certainly not as easy as it sounds since there are many different factors that need to be taken into consideration. But if you are looking for a good machine for yourself, then it would be very difficult to look beyond the various models that are offered by these aforementioned brands.

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