Things to Sell on eBay to Make Money

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Are you looking for some good things to sell on eBay to make money online? Then read this article and find out more about the things that you can sell on this online auction site.

Did you know?

The original name of eBay was ‘AuctionWeb’ and it was created by Pierre Omidyar of California in 1995.

The Internet has provided ample earning opportunities and that too within the comforts of your home. In recent times, online auctioning is one such popular money-making avenue. There are many online auction sites, but the most popular among them is eBay.

eBay Inc. is an American company, that manages the online auction site, known as eBay. This website literally provides a broad variety of goods and services to be sold and purchased through the Internet. Though there are many other alternatives, eBay is the preferred option for millions of people across the world.

Things to Sell on eBay to Make Money

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and Accessories

If you have grown or shrunk in size, then the clothes you can no longer use can be some of the best items to sell on eBay. However, just make sure that the clothes still have a lot of life in them, and do not forget to give an honest description about their condition.

There is a huge demand for children’s clothing, plus size clothes, vintage clothing, designer jackets, jeans, leather coats, and even petite clothing – on eBay. Accessories, like designer bags, purses, watches, sunglasses, gloves, shawls, ties, umbrellas, bonnets, hats, belts, scarves, etc., are also in good demand on eBay.

Jewelry and Crafts

Jewelry and Crafts

Jewelry is another item that can fetch a lot of money. You can make your own jewelry at home for sale, or sell the second-hand ones. Old and antique jewelry, as well as fine jewelry can fetch a lot of money for you. Even imitation jewelry can be sold on eBay.

Crafts or handmade products are unique and so, they have a special demand in the market. If you have a knack for making crafts, then eBay can be an excellent place to sell these items. Fashion crafts, decorative crafts, and textile crafts, can all be sold on eBay.

Home Décor and Antique Items

Antique Items

Household furnishings and home décor items are always in demand. The more unique the items, more money they are likely to fetch. Home décor items can include anything from linen, bedding, and towels to decorative vases and mirrors, centerpieces, trout lamps, beautifully crafted lamp shades, and cushions.

Even decorative accents and wall décor items, like tapestries, picture frames, and wall sculptures, can fetch a very good price on eBay. Similarly, you can also sell antique furniture and other household items on eBay.

Books and Magazines

Books and Magazines

You can sell both books and magazines on eBay. You can opt for auctioning fictional as well as non fictional books on sports, science, nautical subjects, history, etc. Textbooks is another section where you can earn a lot, as their high prices often compel people to go for the less expensive second-hand books.

Even comic books can bring in a lot of money for you. You can also sell religious books and old maps on eBay. However, be sure to state the condition of the books honestly so that you do not end up ruining your own reputation.

Electronics and Electrical Appliances

Electronics and Electrical Appliances

Consumer electronics and electrical appliances can be sold at good prices on eBay, provided they are in reasonably good condition. If they have minor defects, repair them properly before auctioning on eBay.

The most common electronic items that can be sold on eBay are dishwashers, televisions, laptops and accessories, video game systems, iPhones, iPad, MP3 players, digital cameras, iPods, and DVD players to name a few.

Automobile and Automotive Spare Parts

Automobile and Automotive Spare Parts

You must be surprised to see this, but it’s true! You can sell your old motorbikes and cars on eBay. You can even get a great deal in selling spare parts of various automobiles. These deals are available on eBay Motors, a section purely dedicated to the automobile section.

But, do not forget to clean your vehicle from both inside and outside, and make it as presentable as possible. The same goes for the spare parts as well. Also, be sure to take photographs of your vehicle from multiple angles so that the buyers can get a better idea about its important features.

Locally Manufactured Goods

Locally Manufactured Goods

Almost every part of the world has something unique and special to offer, which cannot be found or manufactured in other places. Such unique products always fetch good prices in online auctioning.

Locally manufactured goods could be anything, like special indigenous crafts, edibles, fabric, ceramics, a particular type of flora or fauna, handloom items, etc. Such products can be highly valued in regions where they are not easily available.

Used Toys

Used Toys

Well-kept toys, especially vintage toys can get excellent bidding on eBay. You can expect a great deal in selling vintage toys of say 1930s or 1950s which are now not available in the market.

If the toy is in good condition, then you will find people who won’t mind paying a high price to get it. As for example, ‘Tin Distler Mickey Mouse Hurdy Gurdy’, was sold for $6767 on eBay, while a ‘Vintage Tin Toy Rocket’ was sold for $14544 in 2010. You can find many such examples, where battery operated old or vintage cars, robots, animals, and airplanes, got sold for an unexpectedly high price on eBay.

Memorabilia and Collectibles

Memorabilia and Collectibles

This group can include anything, right from old and rare coins and postage stamps, to signed sports collectibles, sports cards, rare autographs of famous personalities, old photographs of famous people, sports memorabilia, military collectibles, valuable works of art, post cards, and vintage music or vinyl records.

In essence, an early version of a product that was manufactured in small quantities, and hence is not available in the market, can fetch excellent price in the market.

A few Other Items

In addition to the aforementioned categories, you can consider some more items to sell on eBay. A few of the common things that are quite popular on online auction sites are:

  • Seasonal Items
  • Christmas items
  • Musical instruments
  • Perfumes
  • Makeup and skin care products
  • Shoes
  • Quality recipes
  • Sports equipment
  • Toasters and microwaves
  • Party and wedding supplies
  • Bridal shoes
  • Birthday cards
  • Paintings
  • Gardening tools
  • Discount coupons

Where to Find Goods for Selling

If you are new to eBay and the concept of online auctioning, then you must be wondering where to find things to sell on eBay. So, here are some places where you can find plenty of goods to get started with online selling.

Look Around Your House

If you are a beginner and don’t know how and where to start, then first look around your house. You would find a lot of things that you no longer need but which are in good condition. You can start your online selling business with these items. This will help you figure out what sells best on eBay, and accordingly, make your marketing strategy.

Friends and Relatives

Once you have finished your in-house inventories, you can approach your friends and relatives, and offer them to sale their unwanted goods on eBay for a fair share in the profit.

Yard sale or Flea Market

You can find a lot of things at quite a cheap rate in local yard sale and flea markets. If the items do not have any major defect, you can repair them if required, and then sell them on eBay for a profit.

Local Thrift Stores

These stores are yet another source of less expensive merchandise, some of which can be in really excellent condition. Many middle to upper income families like to donate their unused and unwanted stuffs to the thrift stores, and hence, there is a good chance of getting quality products in such stores.

Closeout Stores

Closeout stores buy closeout items from other retailers and then sell them at a discounted price. So, you can buy products in bulks from closeout stores and then resell them on eBay to make considerable profit.

Public Auctions

Public auctions are run by government or government agencies. However, not many people know where and when such auctions take place. This is the reason why you can expect to find a lot of goods at a lower price in public auctions. To get more information about the location and timing of these auctions, you can contact your local police or sheriffis’ department.

Wholesale Suppliers

Wholesale suppliers can provide goods in bulks and that too at discounted prices. So, by reselling these products on eBay, you can increase your profit margin.

Selling Tips for Beginners

  • On eBay, how you sell your products matters more than what you are selling.
  • Use of proper keywords and listing matters a lot, if you want your products to be sold.
  • Choice of products and advertising are also of great significance.
  • It is immensely important that you know the product that you are selling.
  • For beginners, targeting a specific group of people may prove more beneficial.
  • To sell a product successfully on eBay, basic knowledge of the most popularly sought-after products on eBay is very important.
  • To find out what sells best on eBay, check the favorite or popular products in each category.

Whatever you sell through the Internet, be sure to provide an honest description of the products so as to maintain your reputation in the market. Never forget to upload the image of the product that you are intending to sell. Lastly, success in selling things on eBay requires a well-planned strategy, which means that you need to spend some time on researching about the various items that sell best as well the items that fetch higher prices on this online auction site.

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