Best iPad 2 Competitors

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Best iPad 2 Competitors

I wonder, in what circumstances would you pick a tablet other than the iPad 2. But now, when you have decided that the iPad isn’t your thing, here is a review of those competitors to the iPad 2 ruling over the tablet market…

I held the drop dead –gasp– gorgeous iPad 2 in my hands, and succumbed. It was so, so beautifully designed that, for a moment, performance became a secondary aspect to mull over. So, first things first, it just doesn’t occur to me why are you even hunting all over hell for a switch? Wait, wait. Let me guess. May be you abhor the iOS? May be you’re simply over iTunes? Or may be, you have an unexplained animosity towards the Apple guys?

This makes me sad, for personally, I love the iPad and its ability to make your world turn topsy-turvy with just a few tabs and swipes. Sorry, can’t understand your apathy for it. Seems to me, you’re scared. To spend over something that has just hit the tech-block. To see if the successor will be able to create similar magic. To figure out if there can really be a ‘next best thing’. Smart decision, must say.

You know, I don’t blame you. For the iPad 2, there already exists a slew of tablets that have sworn to kill the iPad, and beat it to death. When there’s a matter of shelling out dollars, you better assess, analyze, review, and then buy. As of today, there are a number of competitions for the king-of-tablets, with the best being instanced here. Buckle up for a trip to review those devices that make the iPad hit the skids, if not today, then definitely in the future sometime.

Best Competitors to the iPad: A Review

Even if it’s beautiful, the iPad 2 sure has some teeny-weeny shortcomings that make it lock horns with other tablets. For example, the closed eco-system, camera quality, and a RAM that is a big, big secret to the tech-world. Well, the others did take advantage of these mars in the iPad 2, and basked in merriment seeing people readily accept them. Following are the latest fads among tablet lovers:

Blackberry Playbook

MRP: $799
Having recently released in the US, for Apple iPad 2, it could be a nightmare, considering its 1 GB RAM, superb dual cameras, and a 7-inch screen. Plus, it’s a beautiful piece of tablet! It’s also better in terms of video capture, offering 1080p that is much more than what iPad has to offer. Check out the interesting 
iPad 2 vs Playbook comparison, and you’ll understand why is it considered as the biggest nightmare for the iPad 2. Blackberry has always proved its mettle in terms of rich-class technology, and the Playbook will just make it better.

Motorola Xoom

MRP: $799
Too hard to call it quits with your laptop? Xoom can be a replacement, and trust me, a better one this time. A killer 1 GB RAM, expandable memory of up to 32 GB, the latest Android 3.0 operating system, and a 
big10-inch screen. If there is an iPad killer, this is it. While the second generation iPad has disappointing cameras (what was on Mr. Jobs’ mind when he gave away a VGA cam?), Xoom boasts upon its twin cameras, a 5 mp one at the back, and a 2 mp one at the front. Moreover, we don’t see the Apple guys devising plans to provide 4G connectivity. However, we will soon be able to upgrade Xoom to 4G, adding to its long list of features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

MRP: $249.99
For those who’re sick of carrying a jumbo-size tablet in their hand, here I give you a reason to celebrate. Grab Samsung Galaxy Tab that has a terrific 7-inch screen, Android 2.2 operating system, 512 MB RAM, and a huge 32 GB internal storage. And I still have to surprise you! Unlike the iPad 2 which comes with only two carriers – AT&T and Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a total of 
five carriers, namely, AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, Sprint, and T-Mobile. 

There’s a Wi-Fi version of SamTab available as well. If you need a tablet which is smaller than a laptop, but bigger than your mobile, Samsung Galaxy Tab is your pick certainly (you may want to read Galaxy tab vs iPad comparison too). But hey, rumors rife that soon Samsung will be launching their 10-inch SamTab that will run the Android 3.0 OS. If you’d like to wait for a while, the next installment of the Galaxy Tab is worth the consideration.

… and there are certainly a few more fads that shoot ahead of the iPad 2 in many aspects. It’s just the above three that have been included here as competitions for the iPad 2, considering the fact that the iPad 2 is yet to prove its mettle among tech-masses, which we’re sure of, it will. Whatever be the results, for now, the following list of tablets just ups the competition ante:

  • ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC ($999)
  • HP TouchPad ($699)
  • HTC Flyer ($729)
  • JG G-Slate ($699)
  • Acer Iconia Tab A100 (TBA)
  • Dell Streak 10 ($499)

Even after giving a thorough read to the review above, if you feel you should go for a tablet other than the iPad 2, I’ll just say, considering the loyal Apple following, the supreme opening of the second installment of the iPad, you’ll end up justifying your friends why you didn’t buy an iPad 2 instead. The state of the tablet competition is fierce, but the Apple guys are relaxed, for they know that the iPad 2, has a place of its own. And if by any chance, you have lent an ear to the iPad 3 rumors flying high, your decisions are going to be affected. All the best, is all I can say.

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