iPad 2 Vs. PlayBook

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iPad 2 Vs. PlayBook

You have no idea how tough has it been to carry out this iPad 2 vs PlayBook comparison. Don’t know who the winner is. Perhaps, technology! For having given us access to the entire world, on the palm. For now, lets figure out the differences between the two phenomenal tablets, the similarities between both, and who outplays whom, in what categories. So, here it goes…

Perhaps, the person who instanced that life was easy when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits, didn’t get to hold either of the tablets in hand. Today, when I come across people who prattle over the cons of technology, I smirk in pride, for I staunchly believed in Apple’s success, the company that had the frickin’ guts to create a mobile phone with no buttons and no video capture, but still managed to turn it into the most desirable phone in the universe. On the other hand, Blackberry took the world by storm with its indisputable range of qwerty smartphones, lusted by global masses. Nope! Doesn’t come as a surprise. Bottom line is, Apple and Blackberry are doing no good by just being fruits. With devices like the Apple iPad and the Blackberry PlayBook, the world is here, on your palm. Just tap and swipe once.

While the world drools over these beautiful tablets, my job becomes tougher with every word. Comparing the two most beautiful tablets in the world. One is an Apple kid, while the other belongs to the Android clan. One is white, while the other is black (that’s too racist of me). Today, lets figure out what wins – experience or innovation? Beauty or performance? Apple or Blackberry? Lets carry out an iPad 2 vs PlayBook comparison, and find out the better tablet. Let the fruit war begin.

iPad 2 Vs. Playbook: A Review

Features? Oh, you name it, and they nail it. Somehow, when it comes to choosing between both (you may want to read the interesting Android tablet vs iPad comparison), a part of the world would always go with the brand that has a major foothold in the market. Apple, as is universally known, created the king-of-the-tablets, the Apple iPad, and swayed away the world with its next-gen technology. In fact, they pretty much delineated that they are half a shoulder ahead of the rest with their innovativeness, their design, and not to forget the operating system. But let’s be honest, everyone is always awaiting the ‘next best thing’, and that’s how the PlayBook from Blackberry takes away all the Brownie Points. This Android tablet is believed to have amplified the Blackberry experience, and has emerged as a breakthrough in the field of tablet PCs. Seems like it was no less than an alarm clock to wake up the dreamy Steve Jobs! So, what to do? Should you wait for the Blackberry PlayBook to release, or should you already clear your tech-shelf to accommodate the recently released Apple iPad 2? Give a read to the following, before you step out to grace your shelf.

Specs Apple iPad 2 Blackberry PlayBook Winner

If the iPad was a really hot model, the iPad 2 is a supermodel. When it comes to looks, there doesn’t exist a tablet PC that can stand a chance. The size of the Apple iPad 2 is 9.5″ by 7.31″, and is 0.34 thick. If you want to watch movies on your tablet, grab the iPad 2.

The Blackberry PlayBook is thicker by 0.06 inches, and is 7.6″ by 5.1″ in dimensions, which means, it’s small. Whether it is gaming, movies, or videos, you can’t enjoy as much as you’d do on an iPad 2.

iPad 2

Tried and tested 9.7-inch screen with LED-backlit display, which is damn good, considering the awesome performance of the iPad first generation. Well, an inclusion of Retina Display would’ve added a feather to Apple’s hat, but who would want to argue with the IPS technology that Apple iPad 2 offers for viewing angles with style? Last but not the least, the iPad 2 is oleophobic!

Well, it’s really not that disappointing. Its 7-inch screen, even though a little run on the mill, is extremely responsive, and doesn’t take time to operate. However, if compared to the iPad 2, it’s a tad difficult to declare the PlayBook a winner.

iPad 2

You really don’t want me to hide my face, do you? It’s disappointing to see Apple iPad 2 losing in optics, for even though it exceeded the first iPad by including dual cameras, they don’t match what the PlayBook has to offer. A rear-facing 0.7 MP camera, and a front-facing VGA camera. Well, it’s enough to bask in the FaceTime feature that iPad 2 offers.

A ‘better’ camera, and definitely a recommended one, the Blackberry PlayBook comes with a cool 5 MP rear-facing camera, along with a 3 MP front facing cam, not to forget the 1080p video capture, which is a lot more than the 720p video capture offered by the iPad 2. This way, the beautiful iPad 2 loses it to the PlayBook, if camera is to be brought into consideration.


Well, the Apple iPad 2’s memory is still a mystery. Although it’s officially launched in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models, the Apple officials have decided to keep RAM a secret. There’s just one aspect that keeps iPad devotees hooked onto the tablet, which is the offering of dual-core 1GHz chips, that triggers the iPad 2’s graphical performance to nine times that of its predecessor.

The Blackberry PlayBook is an open book in front of the iPad 2. The device offers impressive 1GB RAM, and like the iPad 2, even this one is going to be launched in 16GB, 32 GB, as well as 64 GB models. While the RAM of the iPad 2 is still a mystery, and we aren’t sure whether it is equal to PlayBook’s 1GB RAM, we declare the PlayBook as the winner for this round.

Operating System

The iPad 2 boasts upon a newer version of its already famous Apple iOS – iOS 4.3. This comes with the iTunes Home Sharing feature, improvement in Internet browser, and definitely an interesting fluid UI. iOS 4.3 enables Wi-Fi tethering, along with Apple’s newly offered ‘Find My Friends’ service. Not to forget, it enables Google Maps 5.0 with a 3D user interface. One of the most impressive things about the Apple iOS is that it allows the iPad 2 to run hundreds of applications, which are much, much more in number in comparison to other app markets. Well, this confirms that the Apple iPad 2 has everything for everyone.

The new Blackberry Tablet OS is based on RIM’s recently acquired QNX software program. The most impressive thing about the BB OS is that it is an open source system that offers true multi-tasking, level security, and an extremely user-friendly interface. It also allows numerous apps running simultaneously, while the iPad 2 allows just seven at a time. However, despite all these awesome features by Blackberry OS, it’s new, and is yet to prove its mettle. While on the other hand, the Apple OS is already famous. Now, that might be troublesome for BB.

iPad 2

When you buy an Apple Tablet PC, you’re more than sure that you’re going to have an ultimate multimedia experience – thanks to iTunes, which has turned the world topsy-turvy with its killer features and user-friendliness. It’s fun to use, and extremely casual. However, talking of multimedia, the Blackberry PlayBook appears to be no shrinking violet, for it too boasts upon High-Definition display, and is perfect to carry out business presentations, thereby, allowing every user to enjoy everything. However, talking on a personal note, I’d like to conclude this comparison by saying that you might consider the PlayBook the best alternative to the iPad 2, and earnestly wait for its launch. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the battery life, the 1080p video capture, and many more features. But then, believe me on one thing, you’ll end up justifying everyone why didn’t you get an iPad, and that would say it all. iPad 2 or PlayBook? You choose.

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