10 Amazing Things you can do with Google Glass

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Google Glass seems to be drawing a lot of attention from people around the world. This Techspirited article looks at some of the most amazing things that this device can do.

Glass with bones

Google Glass does not use conventional speakers, instead it uses bone-conduction technology. It converts sound into specific vibration, which is then sent to the ear, where it is converted into sound by the eardrums.

If Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, one of the most famous fairy tales ever, were to be rewritten today, I’m pretty sure the magical mirror would be replaced by Google Glass; all the Evil Queen would have to do is, tilt her head up, and say “OK Glass, Who is the fairest of them all?” (I wonder what results it would show though!) Google Glass, even before its public launch, has created such a stir that few other ‘gadgets’ have ever managed to create. With Glass, Google seems to be trying to tread into the realm of science fiction, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality.

Currently priced at $1,500, Glass might be the prized possession of just a few ‘explorers’, but that doesn’t stop the rest of the world from wanting in on the action. Those who are lucky enough to have it can’t seem to stop raving about it, and the many cool things they can do with it. For the less fortunate ones, here’s a look at 10 of the most amazing things that Google Glass can do.

Capture Images

If the SLRs seem large and cumbersome, or you just feel too lazy to take your phone out and take a picture of all the family, Google Glass is just the perfect solution for you. Equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, you can now take pictures on the go, all at the gentle touch of a button, or better yet, just a command. These images can then be saved on the device, which can auto-sync with your Google+ account, if you wish to do so. Of course, do not expect studio quality photographs, but nonetheless the images are of acceptable quality.
The magic words – “ok glass, take a photo.”

Shoot Videos

Google Glass lets you shoot videos at a resolution of 720p. You can choose to shoot quick 10-second videos, or shoot videos till you exhaust the space on your device, or its battery runs out. The best part about it is that you don’t need to see through a separate viewfinder, what you see is what you get!
The magic words – “ok glass, take a video.”

Translate words on-the-go

Over the years, Google has worked real hard at building a good translation engine, which caters to all the major languages; they have done a great job of it, and have now ported it onto their newest baby―Google Glass. All you need to do is ask for a translation of a particular word, and you will have the translation beamed straight onto your eye.
The magic words – “ok glass, how do you say (specify word) in (specify language).”


Google, with its Hangout feature (previously called Google Talk) has redefined the way we chat with our friends. Anyone who has ‘hungout’ here would know just how much fun it can be interacting with your ‘circle’ and having loads of fun while you’re at it. Although, currently, you cannot start a public hangout, having a truly hands-free experience while chatting with the group is a feeling like no other.
The magic words – “ok glass, hangout with …”

Reminders and Notifications

Just like Google Now on your Android phone, Glass has notifications which pop up at the appropriate time; these could be reminders for a dinner reservation, hotel booking, concert, emergency alert, etc. So, if you would like to keep your girlfriend happy, you might want to save your anniversary on your Glass, and it’ll quite literally be in your face, when the date approaches!
The magic words – “ok glass, remind me to …”

Weather Updates

Enjoying a nice and bright day, and then when you step out, you find yourself all drenched because of a sudden shower? Well, life would’ve been so much simpler (and drier!), if only you had your Google Glass on. The live weather update, like the one in Google Now, finds its way onto Glass. You can ask Glass about the weather, or if you check on the weather often, it will automatically add a weather screen, which can be accessed by scrolling to the right of your glass.
The magic words – “ok glass, how is the weather in …”

Screen Share

Through Google Glass, the words ‘seeing the world through someone else’s eyes’, takes on a whole new meaning. Taking the functionality ofGoogle Hangouts a little further, you can now share your screen, i.e., share whatever you see with the people you chat with, using Glass. The entire experience promises to be a smooth one, provided you are hanging out using LTE, or are connected via Wi-Fi.
The magic words – No magic words here. You would need to manually access this feature in Google Hangouts.

Save Notes

The popular Evernote app finds its way onto Glass, and does a fantastic job of what it does best―take notes. The app works like a dream, and is arguably one of the best Glassware in the market today.
The magic words – “ok glass, take a note”

Google Maps

Maps has been one of the most powerful weapons in Google’s arsenal, and is by far, one of the biggest USP’s of Glass, as well. Of course, with the lack on GPS on board, the device relies on the GPS receiver on your Android-powered smartphone, which it links to using the MyGlass app. Once connected, you can know of your exact location, and even get turn-by-turn directions to any location. You also receive voice-aided (which cannot be turned off) navigation, which uses the bone-conducting speakers to read out the directions to you.
The magic words – “ok glass, get directions to …”

Read an email

Your Glass will notify you each time you receive an email, or text message (if Glass is paired with your Android phone over Bluetooth). It will also display the first couple of lines of the message, and you can then read the entire message, if you choose to do so, by gently tapping on the touch pad, and selecting the Read More option from the menu. You can then reply to the message, by dictation. You cannot however, compose a new message. There is also the option, wherein, Glass will read out the message to you, but that involves going deeper into the menu to select the ‘Read aloud’ option.
The magic words – This is a feature that is enabled by default on the device.

The device also has other features, like face recognition, which has been disabled by Google, because of privacy concerns. You can read more about the privacy concerns associated with Google Glass, here. However, if this is used correctly, it can be another fantastic feature of Glass, which would change the way we communicate with one another. Also, the battery life of the device is far from satisfactory, and the platinum frame, although extremely durable, greatly hampers the option to safely keep the Glass away when not in use. You might want to keep in mind though, that Google Glass is more of an early prototype, rather than a finished product―one that shows a lot of promise.

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