Why Google Glass can be Annoying

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Google Glass seems to have the whole tech world raving about it. Is it really worth all the hype though? We think not. This Techspirited article takes a look at why, in the wrong hands, Google Glass could be rather annoying.

Bidding for Glass

Ed from Philadelphia, a Google Explorer decided to put his Glass up for auction on eBay. In just over four days, the bidding surpassed a mind-boggling USD 95,300. However, he had to shut the auction down when he realized that the terms and conditions of the product stated that he could not sell, or transfer the device.

Google, like it has done for all its products, has created quite a buzz about its smart glass. Although currently you need to pay a premium price of $1,500 to get your hands on one of these (if you happen to get an invite from one of the 10,000 odd Glass Explorers), these are expected to hit the stores sometime in 2014, at a lower price. But the point here is, do you really need one?

The year 2013 has seen many innovations, and perhaps one of the most talked about amongst them is the Google Glass, which promises to change the way we look at the world. This year has also seen the coining of a new term ‘glassholes’, which has changed the way the world sees glass-trotting geeks! While there is no denying the fact that the new glasses are indeed a futuristic innovation, if not a revolutionary one, one is often left to wonder if this is just another one of those ‘amazing gadgets’, soon to be forgotten, and lost in oblivion.

Don’t get me wrong, I myself am quite the self-confessed geek, who can’t wait to get my hands on one of these glasses, but I’m also one who is aware that we geeks make up for a really tiny portion of the world―one that is often subject to the ridicule of the rest of the ‘ordinary’ world! This is not intended to get a Geeks Vs. the Rest of the World started here, but in fact, is merely an attempt at putting into perspective just what an annoyance Google Glass can be in the hands of an over-zealous geek. Here are five normal-life scenarios which can get rather awkward with the introduction of our glass(ic) hero!

Scenario #1

A bunch of friends hang out, and have a blast, as they enjoy their much-needed vacation. Just like any other tourist, they love to click pics of themselves and the beautiful scenery around. They even use their Google Glass to take a few snaps with the locals.

What I think I’m doing
Using my supercool G glass I love snapping pictures of my surroundings, and all my friends. It is an extremely convenient way of capturing memories on the go. All I have to do is say “ok glass, take a picture”, and it is done, or just tap the button on your glass, like some character right out of Star Trek would, and you can preserve the memory forever.

How the world sees me
A weird guy hanging out with his friends has a funny-looking, broken pair of glasses. He looks like some crazy, Star Trek fan, who seems to be talking to himself, or his imaginary friend, as he stares into blank space, every now and again trying to shoot things down with the power of his mind!

Scenario #2

A man walks up to a girl, flirts with her, and tries to impress her by throwing up random facts about her. He even talks about her interests in order to strike a conversation, all while using his Google Glass.

What I think I’m doing
I see this girl sitting at the bar, and want to say hi. I use my Google Glass to take a picture of her, and look her up on the Internet. Using a third-party app, I find details about her, and even see her status updates on Facebook. I can impress her by talking about her, and her interests. My glasses further add to my cool quotient. I’m not too sure what to make out of her reactions, but I think she’s reaching out to her phone to take my number.

How the world sees me
This guy seems to know a little too much about me. It’s a little creepy how he knows so much about my likes. Hey, wait a minute, I think he is wearing one of those spy camera glasses, what a pervert! I better call 911.

Scenario #3

A man takes a walk down the street with his Google Glass on.

What I think I’m doing
My Google Glass is simply amazing. I can look for directions to any location, get details of any place that I come across, or simply browse my favorite website as I walk along. I don’t know what to make of the expression on people’s faces, but I’m sure they’re just admiring my trendy smart glasses.

How the world sees me
Here comes another one of those geeks with their ‘toy thing’. We better be wary of him, lest he takes pictures of us. Wonder why he keeps talking to himself? With his eyes fixated to the right, it seems like he is high!

Scenario #4

A man goes out on a date with a lovely lady, with his trusted pair of Google Glass by his side.

What I think I’m doing
I want to make this a special evening for her. I will capture every moment of this, and I can even read reviews about the best dishes on the menu here. All this, without missing out on any of the football updates. Life couldn’t be better!

How the world sees me
Here we are on a romantic date, and he can’t seem to part with his glasses. Is he breaking up with me? He better not be recording all this.

Scenario #5

A man goes in for a shower, and takes his Google Glass along

What I think I’m doing
I love my Google Glass; come rain, wind, or storm, I will never part with it. Heck, I’m gonna wear them in the shower as well, and let the whole world know about it.

How the world sees me
Who, in his right mind would wear his glasses to the shower, and tell the whole world about it! (touché to that!)

While these scenarios might seem like an exaggeration, making the world seem full of Google haters, the truth is that people are bound to be suspicious about anyone walking down with a pair of Google Glass on. In fact, a lot of places have already banned the use of Google Glass, even before its large-scale launch. This, however, should change with greater availability and awareness of the product, at prices closer down to Earth. Also, once there are more useful glassware floating about, people should be more receptive of the Glass (although I can’t seem to imagine a world where people would walk around wearing the Glass, and constantly bump into each other). Until that happens, every Glass user ought to brace up to comments like “You look ridiculous with that on”, and have people wearing T-shirts that read ‘Shoot me and I will punch you!’ staring down at you; but whatever the case be, you are definitely gonna have a few heads turning each time you sport your Glass(es) on. At the end of the day, no matter what the haters say, the fact can be best summed up with the clichéd lines – Love it. Hate it. You just can’t ignore it.

Disclaimer: All the scenarios mentioned in this article are hypothetical. Any resemblance to any person online, or offline is purely coincidental.

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