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How to Fix a Windows XP Shutdown Problem

How to Fix a Windows XP Shutdown Problem

If you are looking for a way to fix the shutdown problem that occurs in Windows XP, this article will be a helpful read. Here you will find some simple guidelines to fix it.
Omkar Phatak
Despite Microsoft rolling out the new Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, there are many people who still prefer using Windows XP. If you are one such user, who still prefers using the good old operating system, you might have to deal with a shutdown problem, at some point of time. I found this problem to be the most discussed on forums world over.

How to Deal With it?

It can be extremely irritating when your computer takes time to shut down, when you are done with your task. There are many reasons why this may happen in case of Windows XP. The most rampant problem is a slow shutdown. The problem may be hardware or software related. If it's the latter, it can be easily dealt with, but if it's the former, the solution may not be that simple.

Here is a case wise discussion of the many reasons that may cause a slowdown or stop a shutdown, which may be followed by a reboot.

Bad Sectors and File System Damage
One reason why your Windows XP based computer may be facing problems is bad sectors on the hard drive or a problem with the file system. To take care of the problem, the recommended solution is to run the 'Chkdsk' or 'Scandisk' function from the recovery CD. It may also be initiated by typing and entering the 'CHKDSK /R' command in command prompt. This will identify bad sectors and recover whatever data it can. This may take care of the problem, quite effectively. It is highly recommend that you run defragmentation and CHKDSK function, once in a while, to take care of the bad sector problems.

Uninstalled Program
It is quite possible that the problem may be caused by an improperly uninstalled program. You may try out installing any of the recently uninstalled programs. After installing, instead of going for a manual deletion of files, go for a proper uninstall through control panel. This may effectively take care of the problem.

BIOS/CMOS Settings Problem
If the BIOS and CMOS settings of your computer have been tampered with, a shutdown problem may result. Take help from a computer repair technician to check these settings. Restoring them to default, might solve the issue.

Device Driver Problem
A problem with the device driver may be another reason. Check all the device drivers. If any one of them is corrupted, chances are that your Windows XP system won't function properly. Download and reinstall all the crucial device drivers to solve the problem.

Systemic Issues
One way of dealing with systemic problems is to load the computer in safe mode or the last known good configuration. Load the recovery disk and run a system repair. This will restore any of the corrupted or deleted files.

If none of the above things work, it is best to go for a fresh reinstallation of Windows XP. Refer to the article explaining the procedure, to know more. For a more detailed discussion, visit Microsoft's user support website.