Virtual Phone Number

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Virtual Phone Number

Opting for a virtual phone number connection can be a major step towards enhancing your business or personal communication. Keep reading to know more…

Virtual phone numbers have been in existence since quite a number of years. For a long time now, they’ve been a popular choice for call center firms, and people residing in foreign countries to interact with their friends and relatives off shore.

In case, you’re constantly on a business move and you don’t want to miss calls of clients and customers, then you can have a virtual phone number that you can direct out to mobile, home or office phones through cell phones, telephones and Voice over IP (VoIP).

Uses of Virtual Phone Number

Your business unit is established in India, but you have a lot of clients in Italy, and it is essential to interact with them on a daily basis. What would you do? Well… the answer to this question is given in the points below. You can give them a virtual phone number, so that it’s possible for them to call at local charges from anywhere in Italy.

You have a marketing business based in China. However, some of your clients are situated in the USA. Through a virtual phone number connection, they’ll be able to call you at your local US number and from there, the call will be forwarded to you in China. The call charges incurred for them would be just the normal local charges.

A virtual phone number is also known as ‘anonymous’ number because it protects your privacy. Nowadays, owing to the fast paced business and communication modes, giving your personal telephone number or mobile number on the internet, online lists, subscriptions, etc., can be a threat to your privacy.

To stop being harassed by unwanted phone calls, you can easily bet on a virtual phone number connection. The fear of being spammed or harassed from unwanted calls, is definitely something that we all wish to avoid. By using virtual connections, the caller will only know your virtual number, even though your real phone number will ring every time you’re being called.

Toll free numbers, like those beginning with “800”, often known as 800 business number, in North America are nothing but virtual phone numbers. It is a widely popular concept in telemarketing and outsourcing firms. A very basic example of it is the toll-free numbers in USA that are actually connected to India, as mostly, the call centers are outsourced in India.


The market for these phone numbers has grown by leaps and bounds, in the recent years. There are various service providers that give you an opportunity to obtain a free virtual phone number (except for call rates) and you can easily stay connected to your clients, customers and near ones, spread throughout the world. Here, I’ll give you the names of some very popular service providers in this field.

  • JetNumbers
  • Vumber
  • Jangl
  • Safer Calls
  • Ring – To Number
  • oncetel
  • Call Safe
  • Stealth Number
  • Tossable Digits
  • MyAdBox
  • RingCentral

These service providers have various value added services, discount schemes and other options, you can choose from like virtual PBX, etc. For registering for a virtual phone number, you’ve got to visit their official website and get detailed information about their plans and procedure. Getting a virtual phone number connection is very simple as now the entire process is carried out online.

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