How to Get Untraceable Cell Phones in the Mafia Wars Game

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How to Get Untraceable Cell Phones in the Mafia Wars Game

Untraceable cell phone in the Mafia Wars game are very important as they help in completion of certain jobs you may take up. The following article will help you learn how to get them.

While playing Mafia Wars, have you ever got the following message: ‘You don’t have the necessary items to perform this job. Untraceable Cell Phone (x 1) You have: 0.’ Frustrating isn’t it? Well, many players do get this message when trying to win an untraceable cell phone in this game. Many are under the impression that robbing an electronics shop will help them get such a cell phone. But this is not the only way to acquire one. You can try many simple ways that will help you get these phones.

Mafia Wars Untraceable Cell Phone: What Does It Do?

Before we move on to how to get untraceable cell phone, let us see what does it do. These phones are needed to perform jobs at higher levels. You will require at least 234 of these to master Capo, Consigliere and Underboss job tier.

  • Capo Tier: You will need 96 cell phones to get to the level 3 Mastery for Flip a Snitch and Dodge an FBI Trail. You get 7% mastery each time you play Flip a Snitch and need 1 phone every time you play. So, in all you will need 45 phones that will help you get to Level 3 Mastery and 15 phones for each level. Dodge an FBI Trail will give you 6% towards mastery and need one 1 phone each time. A player needs a total of 51 phones and 17 for each level to reach Level 3 Mastery.
  • Consigliere Tier: You need 36 phones to get to Level 3 Mastery and complete the job Ransom a Businessman’s Kid. This gives you 9% towards mastery and requires 1 phone each time. There are total of 36 phones needed, 12 for each level to get to Level 3 Mastery.
  • Underboss Tier: Here, you need 102 cell phones to reach the Level 3 Mastery in Order a Hit on a Public Official. You get only 3% mastery each time with Order a Hit on Public Official and 1 phone each time is needed. So, total of 102 phones, 34 for each level will get you to Level 3 Mastery.

Which Job Gives You These Phones?

Getting this cell phone is kind of difficult as there are very few ways to get them. One way to obtain this phone is to Rob an Electronics Store in the Enforcer Tier. This cell phone is one of the three loot items that you can get by doing this job. The other two items are concealable camera and computer set-ups. This brings your chances to about 33%. You can also get these in random loot drops after you win a fight.

Where to Get Mafia Wars Untraceable Cell Phone?

As you move on levels, you will find these cell phones to be a necessity in completion of jobs in this game. You can maximize the daily chance by entering at least 13 tickets a week and using ticket mastery bonus. Several tickets should have one winning number and provide you with consumable loot items. These loot items include a concealable camera, computer set up, blackmail photos, illegal transaction records and yeah, an untraceable cell phone.

Sometimes, a loot drop selection is offered to the player while he is on job. There are three choices offered: weapon loot, collection loot, costs and consumable loot items. You even have the option of sharing your loot and publishing a post on your Facebook wall to let your friends gain from an additional similar item. You can even get one by following a friends activity. Then click to uncover a stash of untraceable cell phones on a job your friend might find.

You can even get gifts from friends and family as players can give away thirty free gifts daily. You even have an option of receiving the same type of gift you gifted someone with no extra expense. You can purchase an untraceable cell phone in the marketplace for about 20 reward points, that is, $4.76 USD. However, if you follow these tricks, you will never need to purchase the phone.

The untraceable cell phone becomes an important object that will prove vital for advancement in levels. I hope this article has helped you learn and understand where to get these cell phones and the uses of this important consumable loot item.

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