What are Online Virtual Pet Games?

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What are Online Virtual Pet Games?

Many of us cannot adopt real pets due to various reasons. Virtual pet games come as a solution to this, allowing players to experience the fun of pet ownership sans the associated restrictions and responsibilities. In this Techspirited article, we shall discuss more on what online virtual pet games are.

If you want to search for virtual pet games, you will find a number of them on the Internet. Most of them are available online freely, and many people play these games in their spare time. Internet access is a must for playing these games, and with some basic knowledge of the Internet and computers, one can enjoy them to the fullest.

Online Virtual Pet Games

Virtual pet games allow you to create/adopt a pet with whom you can play whenever you want and even watch it grow. They have become an amazing source of entertainment, and a fun way of spending time for children as well as adults.

Most of these games comprise a variety of breeds from which you can choose your pet. After choosing the breed, you can customize the look according to your choice and taste. You can change the color of your pet’s hair, change its coat, etc. You can also choose some accessories and clothing for it as well. But before you do all this, you will have to enter relevant details. For that you will have to select a valid username and password. After filling in all the required and relevant details, you can download the virtual pet and play with it.

Each of these games will usually have certain common elements while at the same time also have some unique features. So, before you start playing with your new virtual pet, you should read the instructions mentioned on that website to make the most of it. Some of the common features include feeding the pet whenever it is hungry, allowing it to play with other pets, teaching the pet some new tricks etc.

In many modern games, while you’re taking care of your pet and teaching it different things, over time you can also see it grow up and change. A few sites also provide the feature of letting your pet participate in races or competitions with other fellow virtual pets. You will be required to training your pet to compete to help it become a champion. These games will let you work on your pet to improve its artificial genetics effect, choose other people to train your virtual pet, and even bet on pets you vouch for during a competition.

Some games even allow you to sell or buy a pet to or from other players. They may even feature on-line clubs of similar pets. Some sites also allow you to run your own boarding kennel.

Example of Virtual Pet Games: Puppy Fetch

A good virtual pet game is one called ‘Puppy Fetch’. The following describes the 2-dimensional graphics used, objective and the game challenge of this fun on-line game.

2-Dimensional Graphics

The game moves smoothly and the graphics are pleasing to the eye. The background consists of lush greens, forests, and plains.

Objective of the Game

In this game, a grownup dog throws sticks and you have to help the puppy cross different obstacles and tackle different enemies like cats, and get back the sticks to the grownup dog. This game consists of 10 levels which the puppy has to complete.

For playing this game, you will require to use the direction keys on the keyboard for moving the puppy. For protecting the puppy from rocks, sand castles, logs etc., which will be thrown on it, you will need to use the space bar. After the puppy retrieves and hands over all the sticks to the adult dog successfully, the game moves ahead to the next stage and greater difficulty level.

Game Challenge

The initial levels of Puppy Fetch are easy to conquer with the difficulty level increasing steadily as the game progresses to higher levels. Jumping over the obstacles becomes more and more challenging as the gameplay advances. Thus this game will keep you hooked and allow you to have a lot fun as you overcome the challenges.

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