Virtual Pet Download Sites

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Virtual Pet Download Sites

Now, with the advent of the internet technology, you are only a click away from any information you seek, any person you wish to establish contact with or even a pet that is wireless!

Yes, funny but true, you can now access a digital or virtual pet and give in to a craving, without having to think twice about aggravated asthma due to the fur, or cleaning up and training of a real animal. The virtual pet download sites or free virtual pet online sites offer you a companion that is 100% artificial and all your own. Free virtual pets are usually adopted with the intent of benefiting from companionship and personal enjoyment. There are a number of virtual pets free downloads that offer enthusiasts a digital or virtual pet in the place of a real pet.

Top Sites for Virtual Pets

  • Powerpets
  • ShowDog
  • ShowCats
  • Subeta
  • Khimeros
  • Build-A-Bear-Ville
  • Marapets
  • FooPets
  • Virtual Fishtank
  • Gunieea Heaven
  • Hamster Academy
  • Horseland
  • A Virtual Horse
  • Neopets
  • Yakety Yak Pets
  • Chickapets
  • Adoptme

What are Virtual Pets?

The virtual pets are distinct creatures, with no absolute concrete physical form. These virtual pets run on specially configured hardware. The human interaction with the virtual pet could be casual or goal-oriented, differing from person to person. The virtual pet download sites enable you to access a pet of your choice and keep it alive for as long as possible. These sites even allow you to aid the adopted pet to grow into a higher form!

The experience is complete, involving keeping the pet alive by feeding it, grooming the animal and maintaining a regular play time. The free virtual pets can be explored for character traits of the digital pet. Virtual pets downloads also back up the feeling of building a relationship with the adopted pet! These sites provide realistic visual effects that result in a pet that replicates the sense of owning a real pet.

Some sites also offer different digital or virtual pets for adoption. Most of them have common features like the pet’s response to the owner’s “touch” and its response to the training being imparted. The free virtual pets do not possess an icon or indicator to display the pet’s health or emotions. Virtual pet owners can gauge the health of the pet by observing its actions and body language. This adds to the realistic feeling, which is also the aim behind the concept, to keep the pet’s behavior as natural as possible.

The virtual pets display a certain level of unpredictability that enables the owner to further interact with the pet and personalize the animal. This, in a way, works towards enhancing the feeling of being responsible for the animal. The interaction or interactivity between a virtual pet owner and the virtual pet could be short-term or long-term. The former involves direct interaction or response to some reaction from the pet. On the other hand, long-term interactivity includes actions that culminate in an effect on the growth and behavior and well-being of the virtual pet.

The virtual pets respond to call, touch, training, the presence of supplies or toys, grooming, competition and even complaints. The dedicated world of the wireless is consistently creating and adding new content to the ‘life’ of the virtual pets. Millions of people all over the world are now giving vent to their desire for a virtual pet, online.

You can now be a part of great clubs and friendships sealed with others like you and with virtual pets and take part in online virtual pet owner’s community events. The online social environment allows each virtual pet owner to customize their team (virtual pet and owner) profile, and explore the virtual world.

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