Steps to Transfer Songs Between Two iPods

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Steps to Transfer Songs Between Two iPods

This article will tell you all about transferring songs between two iPods, which is a surprisingly easy task. This is something that can be done by anyone, within a matter of minutes.

If you are the proud owner of an Apple iPod, then you may be interested in learning about an easy way to import songs from one iPod to another. All you need to do for this purpose is to download and install a software on your machine, and this will interact with your computer’s root directory and also with the Apple iTunes software installed on your machine, and then complete the task for you. In fact, most of the software applications that you use will not be interacting with iTunes at all, so you would be relieved to know that the songs can indeed be transferred this way.

Programs that Work

First of all, let’s have a look at some of the free software downloads that you can use for this purpose. All these programs will take up very little space on your computer’s hard disk, and they are also extremely easy to install on the machine. Moreover, you can download most of them for free. This is a basic tool that they provide, and the programs that cost money will only be offering some premium tools in addition. The interface of these programs is also very simple, meaning that you do not have to be a tech savvy person to figure out how to use these programs. With that being said, here are some choices for you to choose from.

  • iPod 2 iPod
  • iJoysoft
  • CopyTrans 4
  • iCopybot
  • iPod Rescue

There are many more programs like this, but we highly recommend that you use iPod 2 iPod for this purpose. This is perhaps the best free software that you can make use of. Moreover, this software can be used on Windows based machines as well as on Macs without any bugs.

Steps to Transfer Music

Once you have located and decided on one of the software choices, you need to install it on your laptop computer or desktop computer. This is a very simple and quick process. Now you will need to connect both the iPods to the machine, using the USB connector that comes with the iPods. Remember that both the iPods need to be connected into the machine at the same time, or the transfer will not take place. Now you must open the interface of the machine to get started. First time users can refer to the instruction manual or the Help menu that comes along with the program.

Next you will need to select the songs that you wish to transfer, then drag and drop them in the box for the second iPod. You can also select the songs that need to be transferred, and then click on the Send To option to transfer them to the second iPod. This is something that any computer user can perform with ease.

So there you have it. As you can see, this is as simple as mentioned. There are no hidden charges involved anywhere, and it offers you this great feature of exchanging music.

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