Top 10 Apps for iPod touch

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Top 10 Apps for iPod touch

Here is a listing of my personal favorite iPod touch apps, that enhance its utility substantially. Read to know about the latest apps and games.

Every Apple product, including the iPod touch has an inbuilt multitasking capability. Just like the Apple iPhone and iPad, it can be used to run a plethora of applications that enhance its usability.

The iPod touch 3G comes with 32 GB/64 GB of storage capacity and a whopping 256 MB of RAM and voice phone support, along with a significantly faster operating internal hardware. Its multi-touch graphical user interface makes its use as a portable media player and PDA (personal digital assistant) possible.

It is an iPod, a pocket computer, and a handheld gaming console, all bundled into one. Its accessories include a headphone, remote, and a microphone set. Since the device provides wireless access to the iTunes store, as well as access to the Apple’s ‘App Store’, you can download loads of free and paid apps.

Top 10 Apps

Apple promises that you will never have a dull moment using your iPod touch, which can be loaded with hundreds of apps. Here are some of the best apps that I came across.

Pandora Radio

This is your personalized radio station, letting you choose the music you want to hear. It plays songs, according to your chosen artists and genres. Listen to Pandora radio.

Google Earth

Google Earth grants you access to satellite maps and topographical surface features of every place on Earth. Install and use this application for free.


Shazam is a great application that can identify any song played around it. It lets you download music and watch YouTube videos too.


Download and install AccuWeather to know the weather forecast of any city or place on Earth.


Evernote converts your iPod touch into your personal ‘idea and thoughts’ storage device. Record thoughts in the form of notes, videos, and voice memos.

eBay Mobile

With eBay, you can access your account, anytime on the go. Perform all actions on the auction site, using this application.

IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger

This is an all-in-one messenger application, that lets you access most services including Yahoo, Google Talk, and ICQ.


Sportacular provides you with live score, updates, and news of various sports events underway at any point of time.


With periodic updates every 10 minutes, Twitterific is an application devoted to Twitter use.

Wi-Fi Finder

Get information about the closest Wi-Fi hotspots around town, using this ingenious application.


The loads of game applications available in the App Store can convert your iPod into a gaming console. There are games ranging from air flight pursuit, motocross races, strategy games, to virtual sports games like Tennis. Here are the top 10 games apps, that I came across.

Top Gun

Who’s the best? To know if you have it in you and what it takes to win dogfights in the air, download Top Gun. This is one of the best games on offer.

Real Racing

Race to your heart’s content with this application, designed for iPod touch users.

Monster Trucks

Are you game for some bone-crushing truck action? Then download Monster Trucks.

Hero of Sparta

Battle mythological monsters and move around Sparta in this great adventure video game, available in the App Store.

Let’s Golf

Who needs to go to a golf course? Enjoy golf through this application.

TouchSports Tennis

Play Tennis from the comfort of your iPod touch. Tennis followers will love this one.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s creed is a full-blown video game that takes you back in time to the Crusades, in the quest of the Chalice.

Slope Rider

Negotiate the toughest slopes of the Alps, racing down in this adventure game.

Guitar Rock Tour 1

Be a rock star and tap out your most favorite rock songs through this application. It is created for diehard rock addicts.

Pac-Man Lite

The classic game Pac-Man, in its original classic form, is available through this application.

Not only are these apps entertaining, they also enhance the usability of the iPod touch for you. So go ahead and visit the App Store, as soon as possible.

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