PS3 Vs. PS3 Slim

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PS3 Vs. PS3 Slim

We usually go by the belief that a new video game console is better than its predecessor, but is that really the case in PS3 vs PS3 slim comparison?

The PlayStation series introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) has played a crucial role in revolutionizing the multi-million dollar gaming industry. By far the most popular product introduced by the SCEI, is the PlayStation video game console. In fact, the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 (PS2), and PlayStation 3 (PS3) deserve a special mention when it comes to the best gaming consoles in the world.

The PS3 was launched on November 11, 2006, in Japan, as a successor to the famed PS2. On August 18, 2009, Sony added another feather to its cap by launching the slim version of the PS3. Other than being slimmer, the PS3 slim also has some differences in a few other aspects. This has left the ardent fans of PlayStation series confused, unable to figure out which is the better bet.

The Consoles

PlayStation 3: The PS3 was the seventh-generation video game console launched by Sony as a competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. The console was 3.86 inches in width and weighed 12 lb. It was available in shades of black, gray, silver, and white. In 2009, the production of the original PS3 console was ceased to make way for its slimmer version.

PlayStation 3 Slim: An improvised version of the original PS3, the PS3 slim is 2.5 inches in width and weighs 7 lb, which makes it 5 lb lighter than its ancestor. At present, two versions of the slim console are available: the 120 GB slim and 250 GB slim. While the 120 GB model is priced at $299.99 MSRP, the 250 GB model is priced at $349.99 MSRP. To cut it short, the PS3 slim is an improvised version of the original PS3.

PS3 Vs. PS3 Slim

The most prominent difference between the two is their design. While the PS3 is a bit bulky in appearance, the slim is sleek and compact. As far as size and weight are concerned, the slim console is 32 percent smaller and 36 percent lighter than the original. It’s not just smaller and lighter, but also sports a faster processor as compared to its ancestor. The new cell processor used in it was developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. The PS3 slim also scores in terms of storage capacity with its 120 GB and 250 GB versions. If you thought the original PS3 was ‘quiet’, its successor will totally redefine the word for you. With an ability to cut down on as much as 30 percent of your electricity consumption, the slim again scores brownie points over its ancestor; this time in terms of power consumption.

There are a few areas wherein the original PS3 scores over the slim version, such as the lack of support for PS2 games and absence of infra red port. However, these drawbacks can be ignored owing to so many advantages that the new console has. The word improvised in itself speaks volumes for PS3 slim. It’s unfair to compare an older version with a new one, as the latter is bound to be better, with the manufacturer ensuring that all the loopholes in the previous version are fixed; same has been the case with the PS3 consoles from Sony.

If you compare PS3 with Xbox 360, you will find positive and negative points for each of these consoles, as you are comparing two different products from two different manufacturers. In PS3 and PS3 slim comparison, however, you are bound to come across more positives in the slim console―the improvised version. In the end, PS3 slim is just an upgraded version of the original PS3 console, and the use of new technology has ensured that it is better than its predecessor.

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