Spyware Remover Reviews

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Spyware Remover Reviews

A spyware can be categorized as malicious software. It is installed in the system without the knowledge of a user. This article expounds on various spyware removal softwares that can help you in keeping the system safe.

Imagine a software installed in your system, which passes vital information that you have stored in it to some other person over the Internet. This act can affect you in many ways. It can affect you financially, if information regarding your finances is stolen which may include your banking passwords or usernames. It could also be something which is very personal which you wouldn’t want to share with anyone. There are some tools to protect you from falling prey to such malware. These tools detect such spyware and stop them from infecting your system. Here are some of the tools.

PC Tools Spyware Doctor 6.0

The version 6.0 of this software has been rated by most of the technical experts and magazines working in this field, as the best anti-spyware tool. It is recognized, specially for its capability to detect malware effectively and accurately. It also has a very accurate process for removing the malicious software. However, people with low RAM or slow processor in their system, may find their machines running slow upon installation of this software.

Windows Defender

This is another effective tool that you can use for protecting your system. It helps in blocking pop-ups, along with the detection and removal of malicious software. Many times it happens that some important ‘.exe’ file is deleted by the anti-spyware program during the process. An interesting feature of Windows Defender is that, it can recover such deleted files.

Spy Sweeper

This software has high quality scan performance. It is considered most effective in live scanning as compared to other softwares. It can also track cookies and keyloggers very effectively and remove them from your system. The support system and the documentation provided along with Spy Sweeper is often considered to be much better than that provided with other tools.


This is another effective tool that you can use for protecting your system. It is rated among the top anti-spyware tools, because of its performance in detection effectiveness. One major drawback of STOPzilla is that, it does not provide security against data mining.

Super Anti-spyware Professional

The features provided by this software are almost similar to those provided by other tools. Its most important feature is that, it has a very convenient and easy set-up. It also does not lower the performance of the system to a great extent.

These anti-spyware tools also provide other services, e.g., stopping phishing and supporting the database. You should ensure that the tool that you choose is compatible with your operating system. The tools that have been mentioned in this article are not compatible with Linux or Unix operating systems. However, they work very effectively with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems.

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