GPS Comparison Chart

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GPS Comparison Chart

There are so many different GPS models available in the market nowadays that it can be difficult to choose which model is best for your car. The GPS comparison chart in the following article will give you a clear picture about the top rated GPS systems that will help you make your decision.

Car GPS or Global Positioning Systems for navigation are advanced automobile accessories that make traveling even to unfamiliar places easy and comfortable. These systems are powered by satellites and are hence able to guide you anywhere on this planet once you attach them to your car. GPS systems guide you with voice prompts and visual maps while taking wrong turns or directions. These devices can be either fixed units or hand-held GPS machines used for navigation purposes. GPS comes in two different forms, mapping and non-mapping. Mapping GPS is used to plan your routes and is fed into the machine to lead you throughout the journey. Non-mapping GPS helps spot a particular item or landmark finding out your car’s location when you have lost the way.

Choosing a GPS Navigation System

The two most important points that you should consider before buying a GPS navigation system are the purpose of buying the system and your price range. If you are simply looking for some extra guidance on the road, you can opt for basic GPS models, but if you want the device to point out a specific location like a restaurant or a hotel along with guidance, you would do better by opting for high-end GPS models. A basic GPS model without many features can cost you anywhere around USD 100 but with increase in the price range, you can get GPS models which are completely voice commanded, have real-time traffic information, calculate routes that are reliable, and have many other features. Another point that shouldn’t be ignored are model reviews as they can be of a lot of help while comparing devices.

Car GPS Comparison Chart

As soon as you have a general idea of what kind of features you want in the device and which models are available in your price range, you can start comparing different GPS devices. It can be a little tricky comparing different GPS models as the features in each may vary greatly. The following chart that compares the features of some of the top GPS models may make things easier for you.

GPS Device Garmin Nüvi 3790LMT Garmin Nüvi 2350LMT Magellan RoadMate 1700 Magellan Maestro 4350 Tomtom GO LIVE 2535M
Price $399.99 $229.99 $199.99 $169.99 $239.95
Weight 113.4 g 142 g 297 g 204 g 259.96 g
Battery Life maximum 4 hours up to 2.5 hours 30 minutes maximum 4 hours Up to 3 hours autonomous operation
Maps • Includes Lifetime Map updates
• Shows preloaded street maps
• Shows 3-dimensional views of buildings and landmarks
• Includes Lifetime Map updates
• Shows preloaded street maps
• It shows preloaded maps.
• Address and city searches are shortened through SmartCity search making you reach your destination easily.
• It helps you plan a trip for the most efficient route and as a result, you save on money and time.
• 3-D maps are available.
• It shows 3-dimensional views of landmarks.
• It shows preloaded maps.
• Map Share feature allows you to update your own map or download asserted map updates from other drivers.
• You will always drive confidently with the most precise map in hand.
Memory It has Built-in memory, SD card slot is not included. It has Built-in memory, SD card slot is not included. It has expandable memory, SD card slot is included. It has a slot for SD and multimedia cards. It has 4 GB internal flash memory with no
SD card slot.
Bluetooth No No No Yes Yes
Voice Commands • It has voice prompts and talks street names.
• Device operates with spoken commands.
• It leads to the right lane through Lane assist feature.
• myTrends tells you the route beforehand.
• It gives voice prompts and talks street names through internal and mount speaker.
• Device operates with spoken instructions.
• It directs you to the correct lane through Lane assist feature.
• myTrends predicts the route.
• It speaks street names.
• With every voice direction, it will guide you when you should be taking the next turn.
• Street names and directions are announced at each and every turn.
• It has a built-in FM transmitter function and you can get voice directions through your car’s FM stereo.
• Using voice commands, you can tell your destination address, in one step. Changes in the same command are also recognized.
• Street names and turn-by-turn directions are told.
Traffic Updates • Gives you an indication to avoid highways, tolls, etc.
• Free lifetime traffic updates provided
It suggests you to avoid routes like highways, tolls, etc. • SmartDetour aids you in making your way around accidents or traffic jams, selects the shortest way out so that you can arrive at the given address on time.
• It helps you choose the shortcut roads, makes use of freeways to optimize your route through ‘customizable route method’.
• SmartDetour helps you make your way out of traffic jams.
• Live Traffic feature gives real-time distinct reports with alerts on the screen if you should be slowing down, or in case of accidents, road blocks, bad weather, etc.
• Traffic info is made available frequently, almost every 2 minutes, so that you can make your way around, in time.
• In case of traffic jams, or accidents, it alerts you to change your route and take a fast route.
Navigation Features • It helps you walk around in a town.
• It helps you to locate closest landmarks like hospital, police or gas station.
• It shows speed limit for big roads.
• Geotagged photos aid in moving from place to place.
• It has custom point of interests (POIs).
• It helps you as you walk about in town.
• It aids in searching nearest hospitals, police or gas stations.
• It mentions the speed limit for big roads.
• Geotagged photos assist in moving around.
• It has custom point of interests (POIs).
• Highway lane assist feature gives you correct directions so that you don’t miss out on the correct turn.
• It optimizes a journey, if you have multiple stops to make, showing you the most useful routes to be taken, making your journey worth it.
• It helps you trace gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, coffee shops, and much more.
• You can confidently drive on highways using Lane guidance feature.
• Automatic re-route helps you get back on the right track if you have lost your way.
• It helps you make your way out through tough junctions by telling you which lane to take.
• It also alerts you about dangerous lane crossings. Images and a pulsing green signal tell you which way to go.
Number of POIs 6 million 6 million 6 million 6 million 7 million

The GPS comparison chart given in this article gives you concise information about the most popular Global Positioning System models in the market today, so that you don’t need to go through multiple sources of information in order to get a complete picture of how the models match up against each other. By referring to this chart, you can easily make out which models fit your needs best, matching your requirements and your budget.

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