Scratched DVD Repair

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Scratched DVD Repair

DVD is the most common form of external data storage and gets scratched quite easily. Scratched DVD repair can be done using some simple remedies. Wondering how to repair scratched DVD to recover the precious data? Read on.

DVD on tray

Everybody burns DVDs for data storage. A DVD can get scratched due to million reasons – like your pet messing it up with his paws, a friend manhandling your DVD, or not storing your DVD in a cover.

If you have a backup of your data, good! But, for those who have no backup of their data and want to recover their data, try these scratched DVD repair solutions. But before you go ahead and try these remedies, let me warn you – if your DVD is scratched real badly, no remedy might work.

Wiping the DVD

Cleaning Compact Disc

There are commercial wipes available for cleaning discs. Use them to wipe the DVD. Always start from the center of the disc and wipe towards the outer edge of the disc.

Using Software

There are many types of data recovery software available. Almost all the DVD burning software also have the option of data recovery. Put the DVD in the player and click the option of data recovery on the software.

Using Toothpaste

This is a risky polishing method, as there is a possibility that it might further harm the disc. So, use this method as the last alternative. The ingredients in a toothpaste help to remove the outer plastic coat on the discs. Apply a little amount of white normal toothpaste on a lint-free cloth.

Now hold the DVD under bright light and inspect the areas where it has been scratched. Rub the toothpaste on the scratched surface in a circular motion around 10 times. Repeat for all the scratches.

Toothpaste tube

Then wash the disc with warm water and let it dry. Try playing it. If it doesn’t play, try polishing it again for 10 – 12 minutes with the toothpaste and then try playing it.

Using Commercial Kit

There are commercial kits which you can buy to repair the disc. The kit comes with a wax sort of liquid and a non-abrasive cloth. Apply few drops of the liquid and using the cloth provided, rub and wipe off the excess liquid. Let the disc air-dry and then try playing it.

Using Professional Help

Laptop with open DVD tray

If you have important data stored in the DVD, ask a professional to help you with the repair. The professional will refinish your disc using a refinishing machine.

Refinishing a disc restores the optical clarity which is required by the laser to read the disc. Refinishing costs less than 5 bucks per disc. The professional might charge you an even lesser amount for repairing many scratched DVDs.

Using Car Polish and Alcohol

Apply some car polish or metal polish on the scratched area of the disc. Gently rub and wipe off the polish with a lint-free cloth. Finally wash it with alcohol and let it dry.

Cleaning the DVD

Hard Disk Cleaning

Wash the disc with warm water. Dilute a liquid soap and wash the DVD with this solution, if there is any grease on the disc. Let the disc dry under a fan.

Trying Another System

The DVD might not be working on your computer, due to some compatibility problem. So, try playing the DVD on other computer systems. This technique is effective in many cases.

It is possible that you might be facing the problem of scratched DVDs, due to a bad DVD player. To avoid this, you will need to repair the DVD player.

Take precaution to avoid scratches on your disc. Avoid giving people your DVDs, instead give them the data on a USB flash drive. Also, for data storage consider using a hard drive which is portable. Keeping an online backup of your data is also a good idea.

And most important of all, always store your discs in their cases. After all you would not want scratched DVD to become a regular feature in your life.

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