Satellite TV for PC

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Satellite TV for PC

Even the most innovative technologies land up in controversies, if they leave the customers dissatisfied. Satellite TV for PC is a similar technology that has great advantages, however, not all is so good about it.

If you closely follow science and technology news, you must be aware of satellite TV for PC. It lets you watch your favorite programs on your PC. You needn’t stick to your television at home anymore, as you can watch a soccer game even while traveling in your car. However, you must have a high speed Internet connection on your system. This technology has gained immense popularity in the last few years.


Internet and satellite TV are a reality now. However, is it really possible to use them on our laptops and personal computers, and that too at an affordable price? Many who claim to provide ‘free‘ connection say that the viewers are required to download a software on their system and after that they can watch over 3500 channels!

The software is available for a price range of USD 40 to USD 95 and is a one time investment. They call these software as ‘free’ because you don’t have to pay any price on a monthly basis. It’s just a one time payment for the price of the software. If this form of television watching is really successful, then you must get ready to replace your satellite dishes, antennas, and your monthly broadcast bills. However, detailed PC TV software reviews show us the other side of the coin. As an electronic consumer, you should not blindly trust such software.


Understand that, by installing the software you’ll be able to view television on your computer system. There is absolutely no monthly charge. However, ensure that you have good Internet connectivity else you won’t be able to watch anything. Here are some of its merits:

  • People who’re always with their computers can take full advantage of this facility.
  • With over 1000 channels to choose from, the television watching experience is completely revolutionized.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • There are no legal issues to the digital signals you receive.


Some disadvantages that you must know include:

  • The average Internet speed is not suitable for watching the channels. You need to have a fairly fast connection.
  • Beware of scam sites which try to sell malicious software.
  • Don’t expect to watch premium channels like HBO or Showtime, since they don’t make their content available online, except for uploading trailers for marketing purpose.

There is still a big confusion amongst users about the authenticity of the software. In fact, many people say that it just provides links to web-hosting sites. Others say that it only offers a remote control interface on the monitor and when you click on any channel program, you are directed to their respective website. Hence, they feel it’s a myth and cannot give a real time experience of watching television. Nevertheless, some other users claim to have been benefited from these software.

Though service providers of authentic software do exist, due to its popularity, piracy and fraud have been higher. Hence, ensure that you buy the right software and have a very good Internet connection, as these will surely help you enjoy the amazing experience of watching television on your personal computer.

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