Satellite DirecTV

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Satellite DirecTV

Using satellite DirecTV is the best option if you want access to several hundreds of channels worldwide. This guide will tell you more about this advanced service…

People have always been in search of video entertainment. A majority of the people either use traditional satellite dish network services or simply watch videos on online portals. In these methods, you will find only a limited number of channels to view, with high subscription fees and monthly charges. In addition, you also have to bear the expenses of installing the setup for cable or satellite TV. Satellite DirecTV is a new service that aims to overcome all these limitations.

Satellite DirecTV on PC

This is an advanced video service that allows users to view a wide range of channels, via Internet access. This service only requires a fast Internet connection, with a recommended speed of up to 1 mbps, a computer, the appropriate software, and registration to the service. There is no need for installing complicated cable and dish TV setups, wires, and connections. Unlike in cable TV or satellite TV, this service opens doors to over 3,500 channels from all over the world for complete digital entertainment.

It provides high-definition picture quality with a good sound output. Owing to the number of channels and video and sound quality, people say that this service is a step ahead of Internet television. Moreover, there is just a one time payment that has to be made during the registration, with no need for regular every month charges. You can register for around USD 50 only. If you want to watch these channels on a HDTV, you can use a cable connector and do the setup by referring to the instructions from the service provider.

Satellite DirecTV Software

It is a streaming video application that streams HD videos from more than 3,500 channels all over the globe, which can be viewed on laptop computers, PCs, or even on latest televisions. With the choices in channel selection, the service also offers a very understandable interface. The software gives customers the freedom to surf through a wide variety of channels, ranging from country to country. As it is based on the Internet, the service is available 24 hours of the day and seven days of the week.


Very little can be said in reviews, unless the actual service is not used practically. Many consumers do have a problem with this service, as they claim it of being a scam. Remember that one of the reasons why it may not work for you might be a slow Internet connection, which should be over 1 mbps. Since high quality videos are compressed in MPEG 4 HD format, you will need to have a good Internet speed for smooth and uninterrupted viewing.

Number of Channels from Major Countries

  • USA – 702 Channels
  • UK – 548 Channels
  • Switzerland – 259 Channels
  • Sweden – 286 Channels
  • Spain – 279 Channels
  • South Korea – 219 Channels
  • Russia – 179 Channels
  • Ireland – 297 Channels
  • Israel – 169 Channels
  • Italy – 334 Channels
  • Japan – 389 Channels
  • Mexico – 185 Channels
  • Netherlands – 278 Channels
  • India – 307 Channels
  • Hungary – 182 Channels
  • Germany – 395 Channels
  • Greece – 189 Channels
  • Finland – 218 Channels
  • France – 349 Channels
  • Denmark – 278 Channels
  • China – 233 Channels
  • Canada – 570 Channels
  • Australia – 331 Channels

Satellite DirecTV is a good alternative for those who are always traveling. A very affordable price which is nearly half of every month cable TV charges is also considered as an advantage of using this service. It has certainly revolutionized the way we can watch TV channels from all over the world. Note that the above mentioned list of countries and number of channels is incomplete, and includes only countries which have a substantial number of TV channels supporting this service.

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