Xbox 360 Cheats for GTA 4

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Xbox 360 Cheats for GTA 4

Having a hard time keeping off the police and gangsta in GTA 4? Get some cool cheat codes for this game. The codes comprise only numbers and no confusion of letters, unlike GTA San Andreas. Cheat on… Err! Read on…

GTA 4 is known to be among the highest-rated games among Xbox 360 games and PlayStation 3 games. Rockstar North has unleashed its magic again, with this sixth game in the Grand Theft Auto Series. In case you had not known, 500 million USD was the figure of the revenue that came flowing in the very first week of the GTA 4 release in the market. Till June 9, 2010, it has been estimated that about 17 million copies of this game have been sold. As you all might be knowing, the game follows the story of Niko Bellic. He is located in a fictional city known as the Liberty City, an analogous city to New York City. Eastern Europe is thought to be the native place of Niko. He is a war veteran, and makes up his mind to step into this city like any other aspirant in search of the American Dream. But as he takes up his journey, he is confronted by the world of crime, gangs, and a hell lot of corruption. An open-world environment to let the player have a free game plan is the main selling point of games like the Grand Theft Auto 4.

Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto 4

There are a few important things to be mentioned before I take you through the cheat codes to be used in this game. What needs to be kept in mind is that executing or activating the cheat codes during the gameplay might prevent the player from earning achievements in certain levels. It may also have unfavorable unforeseen effects on the mission. Now, to activate the cheats, all you have to do is pull out Niko’s phone and dial some numbers as the cheat codes. These cheat codes, their names, and what effect they have on the game is listed in the table below.

Incidentally, these codes are also applicable in the PC and PS versions of the game.

Cheat Codes Meaning Effects
3625550100 Get full health and armor for Niko “Cleaned The Mean Streets”, “Finish Him”, “One Man Army”, and “Walk Free” achievements would be prevented
4825550100 Get full health, armor, and ammunition “Cleaned The Mean Streets” achievement would be prevented
9485550100 Get Niko song information Zero effects
4865550100 Get Niko stuffs such as Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, and RPG Again, “Cleaned The Mean Streets” achievement may be prevented from earning
3595550100 Help Niko to get a cool Annihilator police helicopter “One Man Army” and “Walk Free” achievements may be sabotaged
2675550150 If you wish then you may add one star to Nikos wanted level Zero effect
2675550100 You may change your mind and remove Niko’s wanted level Effect on “One Man Army” and “Walk Free” achievements
4865550150 Use if you wish Niko to use Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG “Cleaned The Mean Streets” achievement cannot be earned.
4685550100 Change the weather if you don’t like the present one Zero effect
2275550168 Want a Turismo Zero effect
2275550168 How about a Super Gt? No effect
6255550150 Take a Sanchez Zero effect
6255550100 This is for spawning a NRG-900 Nil
9385550100 Care to get a Jetmax? No effect
2275550100 This is for FBI Buffalo No effect
2275550175 For Comet No effect
2275550142 Enjoy using a Cognoscenti No effect

Get a copy of this data sheet, keep these cheats handy, and make things easier and work in your favor. Have fun running, jumping, flying, racing, and stealing vehicles! Vroom vroom!

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