Ringtones for iPhone

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Ringtones for iPhone

If you are thinking about how to make ringtones for iPhone; you simply need to have Apple iTunes, an appropriate audio file conversion software or an online ringtone conversion tool that serves the purpose…

The Apple iPhone is a device which has a wide range of entertainment features. Though it has got cool functions regarding audio and video, it does not allow a person to use MP3 files and songs as ringtones. However, you always do have the option of converting audio files to a iPhone-compatible format and then using them as ringtones. The ringtones for iPhone are in the .m4a format. So an MP3 file will have to be converted into .m4a/.m4r file.

Downloading Ringtones

The best way to get ringtones as iPhone downloads is to get them from the Apple iTunes store on the web. You can even download a song from the online store and then create a ringtone out of it using the procedures mentioned below. There are also various websites on the Internet which directly offer .m4a files for free download. However, what if you have a MP3 song that you want to use as a ringtone on your Apple iPhone? For this you will have to convert the MP3 file into an .m4a file.

Custom Ringtones

If you are thinking how to make iPhone ringtones from MP3 files, you have three methods to choose from. First is using an audio file to ringtone converter, second is using Apple iTunes, and the third one is using a website that converts audio to ringtone files.

Using Online Conversion Tools

There are many websites that would allow you to convert an audio file to a file that can be kept as a ringtone on mobile phones. You simply have to upload the audio file, select the starting and ending points of the ringtone you want, and that’s it. You can then use the converted file in your iTunes software for synchronizing it with your iPhone. Audiko.net is a very good website, which can be used for this kind of file conversion purpose.

Using Conversion Software

The ringtone conversion software functions in a manner pretty much similar to that in website ringtone conversion tools. Download such a software from the web, and install it on your computer. After installation, open its interface, locate and open the MP3 file you want to convert into a ringtone, and select the starting and ending points of the file for the ringtone.

Make sure only 30 seconds of the audio file is used as the ringtone, as the iPhone will only play the ringtone for 30 seconds. Make other settings as per your preferences and start the operation. After the ringtone has been generated, you can locate it and add it to the iTunes interface for getting it into your iPhone. ‘Iringer’ is a good ringtone conversion software that you can use.

Using Apple iTunes

You can even create a ringtone from the MP3 file using the iTunes software. Open iTunes, select the song which you want to get the ringtone from, and decide on and note down the starting and ending points of the ringtone. Right click the song, select the first option ‘Get Info’, click on ‘Options’, enter the starting and ending points that you noted down, and click ‘OK’. After doing so, again right click on the file and select the fourth option ‘Create AAC Version’. Let the process finish after which you will see a duplicate file of the same name in the list.

Note that these duplicate files are the .m4a files which, after renaming, can be used as ringtones. Right click on the duplicate ringtone file, click on ‘Delete’, click on ‘Remove’, then finally select the ‘Keep File’ option. Doing so will delete the file from the iTunes library but will store it in the iTunes folder on the hard drive. You can locate the file via the link: Music>iTunes>iTunes Music>artists name. You will then need to rename the .m4a extension of the file to .m4r. This can be used as a ringtone.

These are the standard procedures for creating ringtones for the iPhone. Though the methods are a bit different, the main purpose is the same of converting audio files into .m4a files.

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