How to Download PSP Movies

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How to Download PSP Movies

Do you want to learn to download PSP movies, so that you can watch movies on the go? In this article, we give you the lowdown on how you can store and view movies on your PlayStation Portable.

A hand held console that has multimedia capabilities and Internet connectivity, PSP is the perfect on the go device for any gadget freak. Traditionally, watching movies on the PlayStation Portable was a task made easy with the help of the UMD disc format, which is a Universal Media Disc that works on PlayStation Portable as its primary storage medium. However, these UMDs are quite expensive and the movies available in this format are very few, due to low sales and distributors maintaining a distance from releasing movies in this format. In case you want to watch movies on your PSP and do not want to buy UMDs, then you can learn to download PlayStation Portable movies from this article.

Downloading Movies to PSP

One of the first methods that you can use to download movies on PlayStation Portable is to first rip the movies off DVDs and then store it on the memory stick that you have. One thing that you need to remember while you download PSP movies is that the quality of the ripped movies is not that great and the resolution is pretty low. However, since the screen of a PSP is quite small to begin with, these worries are secondary.

Another method that you can use for movie downloads is to download the movies on PlayStation Portable with a USB cable. Let us take a look at the entire process of downloading PSP movies starting from ripping the movie of the DVD. Use DVD decrypter or any other such software to create a backup image of the DVD video. Before you start ripping off the movie, ensure that you have enough space on your hard disk. Always remember to change the format to a file that PlayStation Portable can read. Connect the computer to the PlayStation Portable with the USB cable. Remember to switch off the PlayStation Portable before you connect it to the computer, switching it on, only after the PlayStation Portable and the computer are connected. Go to the settings in the PlayStation Portable and press X, which will allow the PlayStation Portable and the computer to be linked. Your computer will now show the icon for an extra volume. This is the memory card.

Now in the memory card, open the folder named PSP and create a folder inside it and name it MP_ROOT. Inside this folder, you will need to create another folder that should be named 100mnv01. You can now transfer the movies you want to view on your PSP to this folder. Ensure while you download movies that the format is MP4. Also, the naming conventions while saving movies need to be strictly adhered to. So, you will have to download movies with file names like M4V00000.MP4. You can change the numbers though, according to how you want them named. A disadvantage to any of these method is that many new movies that are on DVD cannot be ripped, as they have codes to protect them from piracy.

If both these methods don’t work for you, then a third way to download movies is to join a PSP download website that will allow you unlimited movie downloads directly on to your device, charging you a minimal fee for the same. Hopefully, you will be able to use one of the methods given above to download movies for your PlayStation Portable.

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