How to Download PSP Themes

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How to Download PSP Themes

There are a variety of PSP themes available for download. Here are some tips on how you can go about doing it.

The flexibility that is offered by PSP is not only limited to the fact that it is a unique hand-held gaming console, that allows for a great gaming experience. It also offers a host of incredible and very impressive themes to customize this gaming console to your preferences. Applying these themes can transform the entire look and feel of your PSP. The themes can either be downloaded, or if you have a creative streak, you can create them to suit your own taste. Here, we tell you the steps involved in downloading PSP themes, that reflect your awesome personality through your gaming console.


1. PSP themes can be downloaded from the online PSN store, where both, free and premium themes are available for users. For this, you can directly visit their website from your PSP. From this website, you will definitely not require any additional software to download the themes. On the other hand, if you are looking for more unique as well as free themes, you could perhaps visit a forum where users exchange custom-made themes.

2. Once you have chosen the theme, confirm whether it is free or premium. If you have to pay for it, you will have to enter your credit card information on your PSP. Another choice is to use a PSN card available at video games stores, that allow you to carry out such transactions.

3. Whether it is a theme from the PSN store, or from any other forum or user group, themes can be downloaded directly on your PSP or from your computer. If you download it to your PSP directly, the theme will automatically get saved into the right place, and all you have to do is access it from the cross media bar.

4. On the other hand, if you are downloading it onto your computer, you can either connect your PSP memory card, or save it on your computer, and then transfer it to the PSP using a USB connector cable. After you have saved the theme, you can connect it to the PSP and save it on it. To make your task easier, create a folder on your computer or memory card titled PSP Themes. Then, while downloading, save the themes to this folder. Your theme should be saved with the file extension, “*.ptf”.

5. Now, put the memory card back into the PSP, and access the folder from your cross media bar. All the themes that you have downloaded and saved will be visible to you. You can choose any one and set it as a default theme for your PSP.

One of the best things about the PSP is that it gives you the ability to personalize it to make it unique. Use an image that you like, and alter it a little in any photo editing software such as Paint or Photoshop. Save it in a JPEG format, and you will be able to use your own masterpiece as a theme. Now, Sony has also created a software that allows you to create your own PSP themes. Why look for downloads when you can unleash your creativity with the Sony PSP theme creator?

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