Common PS3 Problems and Solutions

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Common PS3 Problems and Solutions

The nature of the gaming console means that there will be a lot of PS3 problems cropping up. Although, it is a very complex and advanced machine, most problems can be fixed at home.

All PS3 lovers have, at one point or the other, noticed some technical glitches in their consoles. Like every other technical device, PS3, too, is susceptible to snags and breakdown. A bug in their cherished gaming console can make some fanatics to skip a beat. There are some known issues which millions of gamers have experienced over the years, something which the manufacturers have tried to rectify with every latest update. However, there are still some issues that keep cropping up time and again, and pester avid gamers.

Common PS3 Problems

Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)

Yellow Light of Death is the most common problem. If the power status light on your console blinks intermittently from green to yellow back to green, there is every possibility that your console is getting overheated. You can roughly gauge the root cause of this issue by turning off your console and restarting it after half an hour. If you hear the fan starting and switching off immediately, there is a likelihood that your motherboard has gone kaput. However, if you don’t hear any fan sound while starting the console, it can be that there is a loose power connection.

Red Light of Death (RLOD)

As the name signifies, Red Light of Death is a PS3 snag in which the power status light blinks to red before the console shuts itself off. It is widely believed that RLOD is also caused due to overheating, but, it can also be a case of an aging hard drive. On an average, your hard drive ought to last for a maximum of five years, however, if it is premature in your case, it is recommended to get an expert to have a look at your console.

Failure to Read Discs

This is one of the most common issues that you will come across. In most likelihood, the cause of this problem is the settlement of dust on your PS3 lens. What you need to do is clean the lens. Now, you can either send the console over to Sony, or you can attempt to do this yourself. Prior to that, unplug all cables and then reconnect them. Also, remove your hard drive and then replace it back inside. If the disc is still not getting read, the lens needs to be cleaned. When you are cleaning the lens yourself, you must ensure that your finger or any other object does not touch the lens. Using a can with a straw is a good idea for this purpose.

No Display

Many users face the issue of a blackout when they connect their consoles to a monitor. There can be a number of reasons for this issue, with the most common being that you haven’t connected all the cables appropriately. Also, sometimes the display settings on your PS3 and the television aren’t in sync with each other, and this can mean bloated or distorted images. The only shot that you can take if you aren’t getting the desired display is to disconnect and reconnect all the cables or do a reset of PS3, so that it is compatible to be used with all television sets.

Error Message

If you see the message, “The hard disks file system is corrupted and will be restored. To start the process, ‘Press the PS button to use the controller. X enter'”. If even after doing so, the same message flashes, you need not worry too much. What you need to do is press the power button and keep it pressed till it turns red. Repeat this twice more, and after the third time, you will hear 2 quick beeps. This indicates that the system is now on safe mode. Option 5 says “PS3 System Restore”. Choose this and your disk will get reformatted and it will restart automatically.

Menu Freezing

Many users have faced the issue of a frozen menu screen. After turning the console on, it works at a snail’s pace before shutting itself down. If you have been putting your PS3 to extensive use, then you might experience the issue of menu freezing. To resolve this problem, you can hold the power button for ten seconds to shut the console off and then restart it. Hopefully, the problem would be resolved, however, if it isn’t, then you need to take it to an engineer.

Some other issues that one might face with the PS3 console are

  • Blu-Ray unable to read discs.
  • Bluetooth Controller unable to sync with the console.
  • Problem in downloading games.
  • Console restarts on its own.

Keep browsing the net regularly to learn more about your system. You can also, visit the official PlayStation website to view the forums and troubleshooting tips and recommendations there. Most problems can be solved with a little bit of pro-activeness and interest. Sometimes, it is just better to open your console and risk losing saved games related data and downloaded material, instead of sending the console across for a $150 repair job, for some PS3 related problems that you could have solved yourself.

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