Ideas for Intranet Names

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Ideas for Intranet Names

Having a catchy name for your intranet is important for the members/employees to feel connected with it. The ideas for intranet names given below, should be useful in the naming process.

Earlier intranet was written off as just another technological fad. Today, it is considered as one of the important means of communication and data transfer within an organization.

An intranet is simply defined as a private version of Internet, or a network which is meant for use on a small scale. It is generally used to share information within an organization. An intranet, in most cases acts as an internal website. However, the network can be extensive and host many private websites within the intranet.

List of Intranet Names
The following ideas for intranet names would prove to be useful in naming the internal networks of a company. The name of an intranet should be interesting and relevant to its purpose. One should avoid naming intranets with heavy and boring names. The names shouldn’t be too long; since, they are used as URLs; shorter ones thus, serve the purpose.

Socrates Horizon
Unite Oneplace
Epicurus Matrix
Pitstop Crewspace
iConnect Unify
Central Station iWeb
Knowledge Net The Tube
OpenSpace Gateway
StaffRoom Inside Knowledge
Icon Greenport
Benet OurWeb
Infosource Snowball
Firenet Infoweb
ShareTempo Infoslice
OurWorld Teamwork
Vision TreeofLife
Brainstorm TheWire
InsideScoop Grapevine
Infobazaar Approach
Collabor8 Cyberspace
Thinktank Together
DirectAccess Inspire
BigFamily Ideas Unlimited
OneWorld SmartAccess
Harvest Infobank
Goldmine Freshnet
Gather Knowledge World
Quickinfo Infinity
NewWorld MyNetwork
Knowledge Key Infostream
WeNotice Infopower
Ocean Highway
Hangout Infocorner
Infovein OurPeople
360Degree HawkEye
Knowledge Tree Homeport
Crossroads Knowledge Bahn
Insider InfoHub
Smartnet Outreach
Commune The Hive
Neighborhood Huddle
Guild Fraternity
Infoplex Interlace
Infobahn Infomesh
Knowledge Window Nexus

Clarity is an important factor to consider while naming an intranet. Avoid using weird names. The meaning should be well understood by people. Abbreviations don’t go well with intranet names. Even if the abbreviations are unique, one should avoid them as far as possible. Having a catchy name for the intranet helps in attracting attention.

When a particular intranet is launched, it is important that the employees feel connected with it. A sense of belonging needs to be developed among employees. The ‘techy’ face (name) of the intranet could result in the users losing interest. Even though users of such networks would mostly be engineers and geeks, the name shouldn’t to be complicated. While assigning a particular name to the company’s intranet, its suitability or relevance should also be taken into account. Names such as ‘Lifeline’ and ‘Heartbeat’ would be suitable for intranets of health care organizations, while marketing firms would be interested in names like ‘Grapevine’.

The names used for intranets should not be offensive or racist. One should try to view or evaluate the name from as many viewpoints as possible and then decide whether it is suitable for the intranet.
There is no need to rename an already existing intranet, just for the sake of it. A poor intranet won’t attract attention just by resorting to new intranet names ideas. Names of intranets are just an icing on the cake, provided that the ‘cake’ is a good one. Organizing intranet naming competitions in the company would create a sense of belonging towards the subject and promote its use in the future.

Employee Intranets
Nowadays, employee intranets are a preferred choice over private networks. This is because, an employee intranets cost less than private networks in terms of deployment and maintenance. An employee intranet can be used for various purposes like improved internal communications, HR streamlining, sales team collaboration. Employees of a company scattered geographically could benefit from such intranets. It would allow them to share important documents and news. Using intranets is the best way of converting paper-based forms to an online process. The online forms are easy to share, use, store and also save valuable employee time in the office.
The intranet names ideas provided above would help in naming the company networks appropriately. Taking all the factors into account, one should choose a suitable name for an intranet.

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