How to Send Pictures to a Cell Phone

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How to Send Pictures to a Cell Phone

Are you wondering how to send pictures to a cell phone? I have the answers for you right here, so do check them out.

These days, pictures are considered to express more than words. Being writers, we would want to disagree. But, we can’t, it’s true. Social networking sites and blogs, today, allow people to keep track of each others life. More so, one now has the ability to introduce people to one another without the requirement of meeting them in person.

You can simply send your friends the picture of the person whom you wish to introduce. So, you see, it is very important to be able to send pictures to a cell phone. But, if you are not aware of how to go about doing it, we are here to help you out, as always.

Sending Pictures from a Computer to a Cell Phone

You can simply email the picture to your friend’s phone number.

  • Open a new email composer.
  • Attach the picture that you wish to send.
  • Now email the picture to the person’s email account (if they have Internet on the phone)
  • Most email service providers allow file attachment size of upto 25 MB.

One can also send a picture to a cell phone by emailing the picture directly to the recipient’s phone number. The sender is not charged for this, however the recipient will be charged their stipulated amount.

  • Open email composer.
  • Attach the picture that you wish to send.
  • Now email the picture to the following email address: <Recipients Cell Phone Number> This option can be used in case you are not aware of the recipient’s service provider.
  • Unless the recipient has an unlimited service plan, they are likely to be charged for receiving the picture.

Sending Pictures from One Cell Phone to Another

Another fast method of sharing pictures can be to and from cell phones. One can make use of the following methods to share the pictures between cell phones.

One can send a multimedia message from their phone to the recipient’s phone number. There are certain settings that need to be activated on the phone for a person to be able to send and receive multimedia messages from the phone. Make sure that these settings are done. The sender will be charged the fixed multimedia charges as per the service provider.

One can also transfer the picture from one phone to another with the help of infrared. Infrared is a sharing technology. However, both phones should have an infrared service and it should be activated for the transfer to take place. More so, for infrared transfer the sending and receiving phone needs to be kept near each another. The transfer is free for both receiver and sender.

The most popular option to send pictures is via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a technology that helps connect two devices within a certain radius. For this method, both the cell phones should have Bluetooth services and it should be activated. The cell phones need to be within the stipulated radius from each other. The transfer is free for both receiver and sender.

These three methods are quite freely available and most phone manufacturers as well as service providers offer them.

All these methods have made photo sharing and communication much faster and easier. With the improving technology, we will only see things getting faster and better in the future. Hope this article helped solve your doubts and questions. This is where I sign off!

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