How to Convert Audio to Text

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If you want to convert audio to text, you would simply require an appropriate software and some input devices. This article centers on how to convert audio to text, software that is used for this purpose, and services that convert speech to text…

If you have an audiobook or an MP3 CD, and want to convert audio to text, you can either do it yourself or avail the services meant for that purpose.

Converting audio to text was considered a very tough job a few years earlier. However, with the advancements in technology and computers, this has become a very easy task. If you want to convert audio to text, you would either need a microphone with the appropriate audio transcription software, or a service that gets the job done for you. If you convert audio to text, you can get access to the information even without the need of using an MP3 player, CD player, or any other multimedia device. Converting audio to text is generally needed in court proceedings, medical recordings, and also for educational projects.

Audio to Text Conversion Resources

Voice Recognition Software

If you want to convert audio to text, you will have to purchase an voice recognition software that can do the job efficiently. You will also need to have a microphone to provide an audio for the software to transcribe into a text file. There are many audio to text conversion applications available in your nearby PC shops as well as on the Internet. Each one has its own specifications regarding input and output file compatibility. If you want to convert speech to text; you just need to plug-in and set up the microphone, open the audio transcription application, and speak into the microphone so that your speech will get transcribed and converted into a text file. A majority of software use the output format as a DOC or a PDF.


You can also convert audiobooks (i.e. audio file) into text files by using audio transcription software. You need to place a microphone in front of the speakers. Make sure that the microphone is not very close to the speaker. If it is, it may cause feedback. Also see to it that the mic is not too far from the speakers, so as to avoid difficulty in picking up the sound. Play the audiobook, and it will get converted into a text file. However, you might need to make some settings and adjustments to the application to get the anticipated output. The settings, functions, and features differ from software to software. In some software, you may need to insert the punctuation marks manually in the text file.

Online Transcription Websites

Another way of converting audio to text format is to use online transcription resources. Open an account with these websites and play your audio file through speakers on your computer or read your text into the phone number provided by the service of your choice. After you hang up, the website will notify you about the location of your text file. Use the link and download the file.

Online Transcription Services

  • Google Voice
  • RWS
  • speechtotextservice

Browser Extensions

  • SpokenText Chrome Extension (For Chrome)
  • SpokenText Firefox Extension (For Firefox)


  • Dragon Dictation (free for iDevices)
  • e-Speaking’s Software (Shareware, 30 days trial period)
  • Ultra Wave To Text Component 2.0.2011.401 (Free Shareware)
  • Accurate Speech Recognition Software (Free)
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium (paid)
  • Dragon Dictate (paid)
  • Windows Speech Recognition (with Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Wave to Text (WMA (Windows Media audio) file to DOC (Microsoft Works))

Audio Transcription Services

If you do not want to go through the hassles of converting audio files to text yourself, you have the option of availing services provided by audio transcription companies. These companies have a wide expertise in converting any form of audio media to text versions. They even accept outsourcing contracts from big giants from sectors such as business, education, marketing, financial, etc.

You can send them audio or video cassettes, DVDs, and CDs; and other different media files such as AVI, AAC, MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, and many more. The output text format has to be chosen by you, which would be delivered to you within the specified time-frame. Audio transcription companies have personnel known as audio to text converters who type in the audio in a text format accurately. These services may also give discounts to regular clients.

This is some basic information on how to convert audio to text, free software available for that purpose, the general method of getting speech files converted to text, and audio transcription services.

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