PS3 Move Controller

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This article will tell you about the PS3 Move controller. It is important to know how much this controller costs, what it looks like, and what kind of other peripherals can be attached to it.

The PS3 Move controller is an integral part of the PS3 Move bundle, which is a motion gaming platform for the Sony PlayStation 3. This controller is very similar in appearance and functionality to the Wii remote, and it is a cylindrically shaped device that syncs wirelessly with the PlayStation Eye camera and the PS3 Slim console as well.

You can get this controller with the PS3 Move bundle that is sold in retail stores for $99, and you will not be able to play any of the PS3 Move games without this controller. The PS3 Move bundle that can be bought individually (or along with a 320 GB PS3 Slim console for $399) only has one Move controller, so only one player can use it. A maximum of 4 controllers can be attached to a console at one time, but for that you will need to purchase an additional controller which will cost you another $49.

The Appearance

As mentioned, the motion controller is cylindrical in shape, and the Move controller color is black, by default. Some special edition Move bundles will have controllers of different colors as well. The most intriguing aspect of the motion controller is the glowing orb that is located at the top end of the device, and this orb glows due to the presence of LED’s inside it. It is this orb that connects with the camera and allows the camera to record and replay movements and gestures of the player.

At the center of the controller is the primary Move button, and this is positioned so that it is easy to press. Around it are the 4 standard PlayStation control action buttons which everyone must be familiar with (the Triangle, the Circle, the Cross and the Square). Under the Move button is a standard PS button which can be used to reset the controller if there are any PS3 controller problems being experienced by the player. On the left side of the device is the Select button, and the Start button is present on the right hand side. At the bottom is the extension port, the USB port (for USB mini-B connection) and a wrist strap, and at the back of the device is one single analog trigger.

Other Aspects of the Controller

The PlayStation Move motion controller for Sony PlayStation 3 works on Bluetooth 2.0 technology, and it needs to be charged from time to time as well. The motion and the rotation of the controller in real time is tracked with the help of a three-axis linear accelerometer, a three-axis angular rate sensor and also a pair of inertial sensors. This technology also helps the controller work properly, when it is hidden behind the gamers back, and a magnetometer also calibrates the controller against the earths magnetic field. Vibration based haptic feedback can also be experienced on the PS3 Move controller.

Other Accessories

Another important addition is the PlayStation Move Navigation controller. This is an additional sub-controller that needs to be used simultaneously with the aforementioned motion controller. This will cost you $29, and as mentioned before, a maximum of 4 controllers can be attached at the same time. This could be in the form of 4 PS3 Move motion controllers, or 2 motion controllers and 2 navigation controllers. The navigation controller comes with a left analog stick, a D-pad, L1 and L2 triggers, Cross and Circle action buttons and a PS button. For some games, a standard Dualshock 3 controller can also be used instead of a navigation controller. Other accessories include a PlayStation Move shooting attachment (which is a wireless gun into which the motion controller is docked) and a PlayStation Move sharp shooter attachment into which the motion controller and the navigation controller can be attached at the same time.

The PS3 Move controller is an excellent device and it has taken the art of playing video games to a whole new level. The lure of the PS3 video game console has gone up by leaps and bounds thanks to this amazing motion sensing platform that they have developed, and this is a technology, that is here to stay for many years to come.

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