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Best Kindle 3 Accessories

Best Kindle 3 Accessories
Buying the best Kindle 3 accessories needs no mention when you own this ultimate e-book reading accessory. However, which ones to choose? Here are the best accessories for Kindle 3 which you must checkout.
Mamta Mule
Kindle 3 from Amazon has become a big hit since its release. If you own this ultimate e-book reader then you might want to checkout the best accessories that can be added to this gadget. Well, there are a few accessories that you must own with this piece to protect it and get the most out of it. Apart from Amazon itself, there are a number of brands who have launched accessories for this e-book reader. Have a look at the following options and then choose the best of these to grace your piece of technology.
Must-have Accessories
iGo for Kindle - AC Wall Charger
This is a wall charger that allows you to charge your device at home or office, from any standard wall outlet. Moreover, this charger is best for traveling purposes, as it does not require any voltage converter. What's more, you can use the same charger to charge your mobile phones, digital cameras, portable gaming devices, etc.
Lighted Leather Covers
While you checkout the accessories, you are sure to come across various covers. The lighted covers from Amazon and various other brands are wonderful pieces. These are jacket styled covers which offer protection to your gadget and also light up its screen, making reading e-books much easier in a dark room. Even if you are reading books in a completely dark room, the lighted cover is sure to provide enough of illumination for the screen.
JAVOFlip Style Cases with Stand
Well, if you want to dress up your piece in a stylish way, you must checkout the JAVOFlip Style Cases. They are flip case styled covers for Kindle, which also come with a kickstand. Using the kickstand, you can place your e-book reader on a flat surface and enjoy reading books without holding the device. This case offers a snug fit with proper padding for added protection.
That's not all! You also get pockets to store various accessories and documents. Available in a number of designs and colors, you are sure to find a piece to match your taste. Apart from this, you can look for various other covers that offer a stand to rest your Kindle on the table and enjoy hands free reading.
Portable LED Light Clip
As the name suggests, the Clip-on light can be clipped to the Kindle 3 cover or the device itself. The light is flexible and you can adjust it according to your convenience and enjoy reading e-books in the darkest area. Checkout Verso Clip-On Reading Light and Mighty Bright MiniFlex Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle, which are the best pieces in this category.
Kindle 3 Car Charger
Car charger is amongst the top accessories which you can't miss out. Though the piece has a long-lasting battery, carrying a car charger is just essential while you travel. With the best in car charger for your e-book reader you can read books on the go. So grab the Amazon car charger or have a look at the Duragadget In Car Charger, which are the best pieces in this category.
Apart from the aforementioned accessories, you can also have a look at various other essential accessories to grace your gadget. Screen protector, decals, Kindle 3 sleeves, and waterproof case also top the list of must have Kindle 3 accessories. So browse through all of these and grab the ones you find the best for your ultimate e-book reader.