Pros and Cons of iPad

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Pros and Cons of iPad

Ever thought that you would be reading an article about the pros and cons of iPad. But like every product it also has some advantages and disadvantages. So let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of the world’s highest selling tablet PC.

Tablet PCs have become very popular in the last few years and with the launch of the latest iPad, people are just amazed to witness the things technology can do. The launch of Apple iPhone and iPods have made the company a household name and the commercial success of these products has helped the company to settle down the debts which were mounting in millions.

The iPad looks impressive no doubt but there is a lot of concern regarding the product in the minds of people. The niche of tablet PCs has just started and since Apple launched the iPad pretty early, there is still a lot of confusion on the purchase of the iPad. Most of us agree that iPad is an eye-catching device and is loved by all gadget lovers, it is loaded with good features but it also has some features which display its shortcomings. iPad has been received in the world of tablet PCs with mixed reactions. So it is my humble advice that before buying it please do have a look at pros and cons of the iPad.

iPad Features Pros and Cons

I am assuming that all those people who have landed on this article know something about the iPad. For those who haven’t, iPad is the most famous tablet PC in the world and is manufactured by Apple Inc. The product has received a mixed response from critics but is commercially very successful. More and more people are buying it but not all of them have adequate knowledge about the product. Perhaps, an outlook on the iPad pros and cons will help them make a better judgment.

iPad Pros

Trust me the iPad is not a shabby tablet. After all it is an Apple product and Apple is known for the quality and design of its products. Even critics agree. So let’s have a look at the pros factor from the pros and cons of iPad.

  • To make your tablet PC more attractive and fun, Apple Inc has provided a range of iPad applications which can be downloaded and purchased from the iTunes Store. These apps are divided into various categories and all of them are perfectly aimed to make the user’s life more comfortable.
  • The best thing about iPad is its size. It is very easy to carry and big enough so that all the work can be done pretty easily. It is great for doing office work, educational work and for entertainment. The product has a 10 inch screen with a scratch resistant glass which makes viewing an extraordinary experience.
  • A very important feature which has put the iPad ahead of all the other tablet PCs is the iBooks. iBooks is an e-book application released by Apple and it has more than 60,000 titles. While most companies are still struggling with their own e-book software, Apple’s iBook has won the heart of millions with its wide range of books and amazing features.
  • The iPad not only allows easy viewing of your favorite Hollywood movies but with the new Netflix app you can actually view any movie on this earth legally. If you already have a Netflix account, then this app comes for free.

iPad Cons

With so many advantages it is really hard to imagine any shortcomings with the iPad, however, there are some shortcomings to this product which people should know. So let’s have a look at some cons from the pros and cons of the iPad.

  • While the battery life is good (10 hours after one charge), the bad part is the battery is not replaceable which creates a lot of problems.
  • Typing on its virtual keyboard is worse than you think. You have to adjust down to set your hands on the keyboard which is awkward for most people. You may face difficulties while writing long emails.
  • I agree that Apple offers you a range of apps but most of them are not useful and Apple has reportedly banned third-party applications. People have this amazing device in their hands but they can’t customize it the way they want. Jailbreaking is legal in the country but it nullifies the warranty agreement the customer shares with Apple Inc.
  • The Apple iPad has no camera or web cam. Although many people had complained about this shortcoming before the launch of the iPad but Apple did nothing to rectify it. If you want to video chat, you have to buy a “Camera Connection Kit” which costs nothing less than $40. However, Apple has installed a front and a rare facing camera in the iPad 2.
  • The iPad doesn’t support one of the most widely used software in the world; Internet Flash, and this inability is considered as a huge drawback.
  • The original iPad runs on the similar platform as the iPhone which is 3.2 not OS X. The user cannot run two applications at the same time, this means zero multitasking, which is a big setback.
  • Don’t get me wrong but I think Apple doesn’t like other hardware products. The iPad is the first tablet PC which doesn’t have a USB port. So they have clearly said that they won’t make their product compatible with anyone. If you want you can spend an extra $30 for the kit.
  • The most common disadvantage of the iPad is the price tag which is very expensive. If you look at the other tablet PCs, you will find the cost of iPad is too high for what it can offer.

So these were some pros and cons of the iPad. Looking at the following points, it is hard to decide whether the iPad is a smart purchase or not. People who are interested in buying this product are advised to have a personal look at the hardware and software features and then make an uniformed decision.

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