Problems with Windows 7

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Problems with Windows 7

Though there are a few problems with Windows 7 that users may have to deal with occasionally, this still remains a very stable operating system. With the changes that Microsoft has made to this OS, it is the true successor of Windows XP.

Windows 7 is the leading operating system distributed by Microsoft today, and it was released to the world less than 3 years after the release of the terribly slow and memory-heavy Windows Vista. This is not to say that there are no problems with Windows 7 to deal with; every computer operating system has their own issues, but Microsoft has finally come out with a stable system since their legendary Windows XP OS.

Windows 7 started selling worldwide by October 2009, and introduced a whole host of new features to the Windows world. Users of Windows Vista will be well aware of the toll the OS took on the memory of the machine, and how the tasty looking aero-graphics made one’s PC unbearably slow. Windows 7 has none of these issues to deal with, but as with all other computer programs and structures, this OS too has its own share of problems to contend with.

Common Issues with Windows 7

Here are some problems that have been repeatedly reported by Windows 7 users. Some of these problems have very easy solutions, whereas some require a detailed check by a computer repair shop.

Aero-graphics not Running

Some people say that the transparency on their aero-graphics is not enabled properly, and this causes visibility problems. This can be fixed by troubleshooting and repairing the aero-graphics from the Start menu, or by re-installing the drivers for the graphics hardware.

Themes Change Custom Icons

As you may be aware, the themes in your Windows 7 OS will change from time to time. This is one of the many advantages of Windows 7, but it may affect your custom icons on the desktop, as they will then be displayed according to the theme.

iPhone Problems

Many people own an Apple iPhone now, and some people have complained that their phone does not sync with a machine using Windows 7. One way to fix this is by rebooting your machine, if disconnecting and reconnecting the USB does not work.

Taskbar Problems

The new taskbar in Windows 7 is certainly quite impressive to look at, but there are instances where it is difficult to tell if a certain icon is a pinned shortcut, or a running application. This can cause some confusion. The problem can be fixed by changing the taskbar settings.

Internet Problems

There are plenty of Internet problems, and most of these are related to problems with Internet Explorer 8. There are certain compatibility and page rendering issues that the new IE8 throws up, and this can be solved by using a different web browser altogether. Problems with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 are bound to occur from time to time, and there is not much that one can do in order to fix this.

DVD Audio Problems

Users of old computers and notebooks have complaints regarding the sound quality of the DVD drive with Windows 7. They say that the sound is unclear, and in some cases, is not audible at all. This can be solved by going to the Sound box, in the Hardware section of the Control Panel.

XP Mode Problems

There are some programs and applications that can run only on Windows XP, and for this reason you will have to switch to XP mode on your Windows 7 machine. This may not be possible for some people, and will need some changes in the BIOS of the machine to make it work. Visit a computer repair store to solve this problem.

Power Plan Problems

If the settings of your PC have been set to the Power Plan, then you will experience problems regarding video and audio playback. This can be changed by altering the power plan on which you are.

Extension Problems

A very annoying aspect about Microsoft Windows 7 is that the file extensions cannot be seen by default. In order to fix this, follow these instructions.

  • Open windows explorer.
  • Click Tools, then Folder Options, and then View.
  • Click on the ‘Hide extensions for known file types’, to enable you to view file extensions.

Along with these, there are a few more problems with Windows 7, that sometimes cause the machine to crash. These are not serious in nature though, and should not deter you from using this highly useful and resourceful operating system.

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