Bejeweled Blitz Cheat

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Bejeweled Blitz Cheat

By knowing the cheat codes of Bejeweled Blitz game, you can earn more points and quickly win the game. In this article we are going to discuss Bejeweled Blitz cheat and tricks.

Cheat Codes
If you are tired of seeing your friends constantly beating your scores on Bejeweled Blitz then you need to know some cheats for Bejeweled Blitz. But be cautioned that if Facebook comes to know about your cheats, your account might be permanently deleted. Now to get to the brass tracks.First you need to install a Firefox add on called the Grease Monkey and then install the bejeweled_blitz_cheatbar.user.js. Once you have installed both these add-ons, you need to restart Firefox for the installation to be complete. Once you have installed this, it will allow you to change the gameboard by increasing the score multiplier and also manipulating the allotted time and turning ordinary gems into Power gems and Hyper gems. To start this game cheat, you need to hold down certain keys in your keyboard while simultaneously clicking on the particular gem you want to change.

  • Ctrl+ Mouse click – Will turn the particular gem you have clicked into a Score Multiplier Gem.
  • Shift+Mouse click – Will turn the particular gem into a Power Gem.
  • Alt+Mouse click – Will turn the gem into a Hyper Gem.
  • 1,2,3…7+Mouse click – Will turn the gem into an adjacent colored gem.

So this was how you cheat on Bejeweled Blitz. If you do not like the idea of using Bejeweled Blitz game cheats, there are also some ethical ways of increasing your score.

About Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is one of the most popular games in Facebook. In this game, there is a collection of different colored and shaped gems on a board. The main objective of the game is to swap one gem with an adjacent gem to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more similar gems. The gems explode when a chain of similar gems are formed and points are earned in this way. You can keep playing the game until your one minute is over and the points are tallied after the minute is over. To get more and more points, you need to be swift, have good eye and hand coordination and also need some luck. It is important that you strike a balance between speed and precision while playing this game so as to score maximum points. But if you feel that you are not making much headway with your score and your friends are outscoring you by a large number, then you can try some cheat codes.

Bejeweled Blitz Tips and Tricks

For all those people who are not into using cheat codes in Bejeweled Blitz to get ahead in their game, here are some smart tricks and tips that allows you to get ahead in the game.

  • Create a Cascade: Start looking at the game board with patience and try to match gems from the bottom of the board. In this way you are more likely to trigger a cascade. A cascade is when more and more gems of the same color are lined up together due to your one single move. A cascade will earn you a lot of points in less time.
  • Match Similar Gems in a Row or Column: Try to match more than three gems in a row or column. This is because although three gems are enough to give you a minimum number of points, matching four or more gems will get you bonus points. A lot of bonus points earned like this, will add to a higher score.
  • Try to Get a Power Gem: When you match four colored gems together, you are able to get a power gem. A power gem takes out 10 to 12 gems that are surrounding it, giving you massive bonus points and is therefore a wonderful way to increase your score.
  • Make Maximum Matches: Try to make as much matches as possible in a short time. If you are able to make three matches in two seconds, then you get a speed bonus which will allow you to score even more points.
  • Try to Create a Hypercube: If you match five gems in a row, you will create a “Hypercube”. A hypercube allows you to swap any neighboring gem whereby all the same colored gems that are on the playing board gets blown up and you can rake points for each of these gems.
  • Try to Create a Multiplier Gem: When you explode 12 gems simultaneously with a single move you get the “Multiplier Gem”. You can explode the multiplier gem by using a power gem and get bonus points.
  • Create a Star Gem: Another good strategy to increase your points is to create a “Star Gem”. A star gem can be created by forming an L shape or T shape by matching same colored gems. Once you have created the star gem, you need to explode it by using either a power gem or by creating a row of three with it.
  • Start Playing from the Word Go: When you start a game of Bejeweled Blitz, begin playing the game as soon as the board is set up. Do not wait for the voice to say “Go”. This will afford you a few seconds of head start. A few seconds of head start will allow you to score some extra points and make some good moves.
  • Use the Hint Button: If during any point in the game, you are not able to find a single combination of gems, then take advantage of the “Hint” button. This will show you a possible combination that you have missed.
  • Don’t Look at the Clock: Lastly, do not keep on glancing at the time left or the score you have made during the game. This makes you lose focus and also slows you down.

By utilizing these tips and tricks, you won’t be needing Bejeweled Blitz cheat codes and you will be able to score more points than ever. Always remember that the game is meant for you to enjoy it, so do that without getting too competitive.

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