How to Install PS3 Themes

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How to Install PS3 Themes

Using the brilliant PS3 with the same old appearance can get a bit boring after some time. Read on to know how to jazz up the interface by installing some great themes…

The new edition of the revolutionary gaming console, PlayStation, from Sony, is a big hit in the gaming market. This one has countless more features as compared to its predecessor, the PS2. You can play games, watch BluRay movies, view photos, listen to music, and surf the web via your PS3!

Themes of this popular gaming console are based on hit movies, TV shows, etc., and are readily available online. The best part about them is that they are regularly updated, depending on the public demand at the time. Here’s how to install some stunning new themes to make the UI of your PS3 look brilliant and innovative.

Installing Directly to Console

  • Navigate to the website that has the theme you want, from your PS3. For this you will need to connect your PS3 to an active Internet connection.
  • Open the PS3 Internet Browser from the main menu of the PS3, the Xross Media Bar (XMB), by going to ‘Network’ and selecting ‘Internet Browser’.
  • Go to the website and download the theme you have chosen. It is the standard point-and-click browsing and navigation just like in a web browser software on a computer.
  • Once the theme is downloaded, exit the browser. Now, go back to the main menu, and go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Theme Settings’. Select the ‘Theme’ option. Find the theme that you just downloaded, select it, and select ‘Apply’. In a few moments, your new theme will be installed.

Installing Through A Memory Stick

  • Download your preferred theme to your PC. You won’t be able to activate it on the PC, but you will see a file with its name.
  • Connect a memory stick to your computer, and open its contents through the appropriate (depending on your particular OS) folders.
  • Create a new folder in it by the name of ‘PS3’.
  • Now open this folder and create a new folder, as in the 2nd step, and name it ‘THEMES’ (Capitalize the entire word in both the folders).
  • Copy/move the downloaded theme from your desktop to the ‘THEMES’ folder on the memory stick.
  • Safely remove the memory stick from the PC.
  • Insert it into the USB port of the PS3 console.
  • Scroll to the ‘Settings’ tab with the d-pad on the controller. Press down to the ‘Theme Settings’. Push the ‘X’ button.
  • Highlight the ‘Theme’ icon. Press ‘X’. Scroll to the ‘Install’ tab and push ‘X’ again.
  • Select the memory stick by highlighting it. This can be found under the ‘Select a Storage Media’ window. Press the ‘X’ button again.
  • Choose the theme you saved to the memory stick. Scroll through and highlight the correct theme. Push the “X”.
  • Select the newly installed theme in the right window. When you press ‘X’, the background will change according to the new theme!

No more drab, typical UI for you! Your console, your rules!

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