List of Top 20 PS4 Games Every Gamer Should Have

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The Sony PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles in history, and the games on it are equally legendary and awesome. Here is a list of the best PS4 games that every gamer would be proud to own.

Did You Know?

Like Microsoft’s Xbox, the Sony PS4 features a paid, subscribers-only online multiplayer service called PlayStation Plus.

Sony’s PlayStation range of gaming consoles has always been one of the, if not the top-selling gaming consoles in the market. It had an inventive range of games that drew in countless loyal fans.

While the PS4 was the latest in that line of excellent consoles, it suffered from a lack of exclusive games. However, 2014 is looking like the year when that changes. Here’s a list of top 20 games that gamers would love to have on their console.

The games in this list are the writer’s personal choice; opinions will almost inevitably differ. The games are not ‘ranked’ in any way.

Top 20 PS4 Games

Blacklight: Retribution

One of the free-to-play games with the PS4, Blacklight: Retribution is a first-person shooter (FPS) game that can credibly take on some FPS games that have to be bought separately. Its customizable gameplay and quick shooting action are the USPs. Fans of the shooting genre can also enjoy the slightly predictable but classic elements of the genre in multiplayer games as well.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

One of the rare games that are currently exclusive to PS4, this offering from Guerrilla Games is worth every penny. Apart from the ingenious battle scenarios and set-piece moments, the mind-blowing graphics steal the show. With its brilliantly violent action sequences, stunning graphics, and stellar voice work, this is a game befitting of the new-age gaming consoles such as the PS4. Its multiplayer action scenarios are particularly praiseworthy, with the customizable warzones standing out, but its solo player is criticized for being too easy and lacking in action. For the boring downtime in solo campaigns, though, the amazing graphics will be worth the time spent exploring the region.

Need for Speed: Rivals

The NFS (nobody apart from advertisers actually calls it ‘Need for Speed’) series of racing games has been formative for a whole generation, including yours truly. There are other games that are perhaps more authentic than NFS, but for sheer racing fun there’s no rival, at least until DriveClub is released. Rivals is the latest in the long line, and promises to carry on the tradition of getting children addicted to cars. With the same elements of cops and similar technological upgrades as NFS: Hot Pursuit, it would be fair to say that Rivals is justHot Pursuit in a much, much better-looking world.


Staying off the overworked FPS genre, this stunning soccer game is one of the best products in the EA Sports stable. FIFA 14 runs on the new Ignite engine, which gives even more realistic and intuitive depictions of real actions. The players’ actions are now much more dependent on their skill set than previous editions, which can be blissful if you are playing as a bigwig, but very annoying if you are used to being able to play brilliant football with lower-league clubs. Apart from the enhanced graphics, the game offers much more in-depth control to a manager, improving the ‘Career Mode’ experience by a great degree.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Love it or hate it, you just can’t ignore the stupendously popular Call of Duty series of FPS games by Activision. Ghosts, which is, incredibly, the 10th game in the series, is probably the big-name launch in the console FPS game market, and will probably rule the roost for months to come. While criticized for not being innovative enough with the basic script of FPS games, Ghosts offers scenarios that are a welcome departure from the typical field battle, such as swimming with sharks or being in a zero-gravity environment, and a campaign called ‘Extinction’, featuring hordes of violent aliens. The only other title that could seriously upstage the dominance of this title follows…

Battlefield 4

While the supreme graphics and tactically challenging gameplay is what makes this game popular for the solo user, it is also the most likely to break Call of Duty‘s stranglehold on online multiplayer communities. It can host up to 64 players in multiplayer mode (whoa, I know!) and the new-gen graphics are extremely satisfying on the PS4.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

One of the primary appeals of a game is to enable gamers do things that they couldn’t otherwise. And when a game allows you to become a super-secret assassin who can do just about everything that can be done with a sword and is better at concealment than Batman, it’s no wonder that it has become the gaming revolution that it has. Oh, and he also scales walls and is a parkour expert! This latest Assassin’s Creedfeatures pirates and everything else that comes with it―the only thing the game was lacking. While the gameplay remains the same, the marine environment is a mind-boggling addition, and the ability to board vessels will never get old!

NBA 2K14

Arguably the best NBA game out there right now, the latest game in this series features pedantic (sometimes ridiculous) attention to detail, such as occasional sweating from the players. It is also much more tactically astute than previous versions, allowing you to execute much smarter moves than before. Enjoy the graphics while they are not making you chuckle, and this is one hell of a game.

NBA Live 14

The strongest contender to 2K14‘s crown as the best NBA game in the market, this EA Sports presentation boasts the new Ignite engine that makes FIFA 14 the gaming legend it has become. Like FIFA, its basketball cousin has also benefited from Ignite’s stunning motion capture technology, providing extremely lifelike graphics. Declared closed in 2012, this series has been re-ignited this year by EA, and this time, it looks like it’s here to stay.


As mentioned before, NFS has a serious problem on its hands if the ridiculously over-engineered DriveClub actually manages to stick to its speculated launch date of October 2014 (having been delayed once already). While the graphics themselves may be better than Rivals, it’s the team-based social element that will make DriveClub so special. From what is definitively known, it looks like staunch NFS loyalists should spend the next 6 months coming up with good arguments why NFS is better than DriveClub, because they will probably have to use them quite a lot.

Star Wars Battlefront

Details about this game are still shrouded in mystery, but considering that it is a collaboration of Electronic Arts (parent company of the aforementioned EA Sports) and Lucasfilm, the result probably won’t be forgotten in a rush. Big hopes about this game there are, and excited you should be.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has the rare position of being a standalone game without a history of successful marquees all but ensuring its success. Based around computer hacking, this is an open-world game that forces you to pay attention, due to its inclusion of numerous engrossing puzzle sequences.

Final Fantasy XV

Harkening back to some of the most confusingly named game titles, including Final Fantasy Versus XIII (yes, that was actually the planned name, whatever it is supposed to mean!), this game should come good on the promise shown by its brilliant and famous predecessors. Apart from the fantastic graphics (aided this time by preloaded live-action videos where player action is meaningless), the enhanced battle dynamics hold good promise.


The genre of supposedly horrific games is now so overpopulated that few genuinely manage to scare hardened gamers, even if they are nine years old. Outlast should be a gloriously frightening exception, for nine- and nineteen-year-old gamers alike. The premise of the game is that you’re supposed to investigate a mental asylum once run by the Nazis with the aid of just your night-vision goggles, and investigate just what is going on in the building, while protecting yourself from deranged guards and one particularly scary creature lurking in the shadows. This is definitely one asylum that promises to be scarier than Arkham.

Diablo III

In stark contrast to Watch Dogs, Diablo III typifies the prequel-driven inevitability of the success of the new edition. While the game had several problems in its PC avatar, the console version has a lot to live up to. It should generate a significant amount of hype, and would be worth it if Activision’s technicians have actually been paying attention to the complaints about the PC version.

Madden NFL 25

Madden is to the NFL what FIFA is to, well, FIFA. Like FIFA, the Maddenseries is not one to rest on its laurels even though its yearly editions are bound to get attention. The latest Madden features hugely improved graphics, again thanks to the Ignite engine, to go with the regular yearly fare of one of the most popular sports in the U.S.

DC Universe Online

A free download on PS4, this MMORPG, packed with loads of superheroes and supervillains, has to be experienced once to understand why it is so popular. Of course, it’s another matter that once you do that you will become a part of the ‘popular’ rather than the ‘understanding’. You create your own superhero and start exploring the world, following the usual RPG basis of upgrading various attributes of your persona.

The Witness

The follow-up to Jonathan Blow’s much-acclaimed puzzle-solving game Braid, The Witness promises more riveting stuff from the ingenious Blow. It is a puzzle-solving game based on an imaginary island, where your character explores the region while encountering more, mostly systemic puzzles.

The Witcher 3

The game world’s Game of Thrones is back with more of what made it so gripping, aided by next-gen graphics. An open-world roaming game with a world larger than any of the previous Witcher games and claimed to be the largest open world of all current RPG games, and a lot of what motivates the typical gamer geek, namely primarily violence and often-gratuitous gore, this promises to be highly popular.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The inevitable is finally here, and considering the popularity enjoyed by the Elder Scrolls, it is a surprise that Bethesda took so long to delve into the MMORPG genre, particularly given the game’s much-praised strengths of character development and the open world in the games. A definite bestseller, and possible shoo-in for ‘Game of the Year’ from several reviewers!

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