How to Set Up and Activate Call Forwarding on Your Phone

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How to Set Up and Activate Call Forwarding on Your Phone

Low on phone battery? How about forwarding incoming calls to another phone of yours, while this one gets charged? Techspirited has listed out the steps for setting up conditional and unconditional call forwarding feature.

Call Forwarding on Landline/1G in the U.S.

Dial *72 for unconditional or *68 for conditional call forwarding, followed by the phone number where the calls will be diverted.

Call forwarding service needs to be activated by contacting the service provider, because it is not an inbuilt feature in most handsets. There are two types of call forwarding techniques―conditional call forwarding and unconditional call forwarding. Conditional call forwarding involves forwarding calls only if the activated phone is busy or if nobody answers the call, after a desired number of rings. On the other hand, in unconditional call forwarding, all calls are forwarded to the intended or target phone. Let us take a look at the steps for activating call forwarding on your iPhone and Android devices.

For iPhone

  1. Go to Settings.

  2.  Navigate to Phone.
  3. Tap on Call Forwarding, and slide it ON.

  4. Enter the phone number to which you wish to forward the calls.

For Android

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Tap on Call Settings.
  3. Select the SIM card you are currently working with. (Skip if you are not using a dual SIM handset)
  4. Tap the Call Forwarding options.
  5. From the list available, select the option that is most suitable to you.
  6. Enter the phone number to which the calls will be forwarded.

For 2G users

If you are using an early 2G smartphone, you will have to follow different steps to activate the call forwarding service. You need to:

  1. Dial *21* to activate unconditional call forwarding.
  2. Dial *004* to activate conditional call forwarding.
  3. Dial *67* to forward calls when the activated phone is busy.
  4. Dial *61* to forward calls on no pickup.
  5. Dial *62* to forward calls when the phone is out of coverage area.

Then dial the phone number to which the calls will be forwarded to, followed by #. Thus, you can activate call forwarding service on your 2G phone.

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