How to Block Text Messages on Android and iOS

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How to Block Text Messages on Android and iOS

Annoyed with the constant messages that you are receiving from an unknown number? Fret not! This Techspirited article will tell you how to block text messages on Android and iOS.

Did You Know?

You can ask your service provider or carrier (like AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to block individual phone numbers. While Verizon offers this service free of cost, AT&T levies a monthly charge.

Technology has truly shrunk the world, resulting in the increased dependence on smartphones for business and pleasure. The world of social media and instant messaging has got your near and dear ones at your fingertips, but it has also allowed undesired intrusion of personal space and time. The issue of unknown or unwanted callers/calls has in some cases become a nuisance value. If you leave your phone unattended for a while, you are likely to be amazed at the number of unknown calls and text messages you will have received.

A solution to this problems is blocking the unwanted number/s so that you don’t receive any messages from it/them, in future. In this Techspirited article, we list out the methods to block messages on your Android and iOS devices.

For blocking text messages on your Android smartphone, you can follow either of the two methods mentioned below.

Block Messages on Android: Method 1

  1. Select the contact you wish to block, and long press on it.

  2. Select the ‘Add to reject list’ option.

Block Messages on Android: Method 2

  1.  Open the message window, and long press on the contact name.
  2.  Select the ‘Add to spam numbers’ option.
  3. Select ‘OK’ in the confirmation window that appears.

It is much easier to block unwanted text messages on your iPhone than on your Android device. We have listed out two methods for your reference.

Block Messages on iOS 7: Method 1

  1. Tap on Settings.

  2. Navigate to Phone option.

  3.  Select Blocked.
  4.  Tap the Add New option.
  5. Search the contact you wish to block.

  6. Upon completion of the above step, the selected contact will be added to the blocked list.

Block Messages on iOS 7: Method 2

  1. Go to Messages.
  2. Select the message of the contact you wish to block.
  3. Select Contact in the conservation window.
  4. Tap the Information option.
  5. Scroll down to the Block this Caller option.

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