An Overview of Kindle for PC

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An Overview of Kindle for PC

People who wish to read ebooks can install Kindle for PC on their systems, and enjoy a wide range of ebooks. Find out the information about this software in this article.

Kindle is a software released by, Inc. that allows users to view and read ebooks on their personal computers. This software handles and renders ebooks and even other forms of digital media on a platform that is convenient and easy to view on any computer, irrespective of the operating system being used. It was released in October 2009, and offers the feature of viewing full color pictures of the ebook apart from its other features.

Ebooks have become extremely popular among the throngs of readers around the world, and this has made it imperative for companies like Amazon to develop platforms to enhance the reading experience. The common consensus and the primary argument against ebooks was that they lacked the color of real books, and they also prevented the user from holding an actual book, and flipping the pages.

The former complaint has been tackled by introducing a Kindle version for the PC, and this has boosted the sales and the popularity of ebooks. The biggest gainer of this change has been Amazon, and now other companies are also realizing its potential. Prior to the release of Kindle software, there were 4 hardware devices that could be used for this purpose, namely the ‘Kindle’, ‘Kindle 2’, ‘Kindle 3’, and ‘Kindle DX’.

The Review

It has to be said that, for people who are fine with reading online books, this is a great development, as their reading experience has been exponentially enhanced. However, there will always be a set of people who will turn their noses up at the thought of reading ebooks. But these numbers are slowly dwindling. The software is now available for people who use Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, BlackBerry OS, iOS (for the Apple iPhone), and the Android OS. As you can see, it is also available to smartphone users who use iOS, Android, or Blackberry OS.

It is to be noted that you need to have an Amazon account to be able to use this software on your laptop or desktop computer, but this is something that is very simple to acquire. From there on, you can read the electronic versions of books that you have already purchased through your Amazon account, or can go ahead and purchase new ones. Its features are sufficient enough to give you a choice of options to view your content, and this has made it very useful for readers.

The primary advantage of this software though is that the user does not need to purchase a kindle device. This means anyone can use it on any platform. There are plenty of issues regarding the DRM (Digital Rights Managed) content in the world today, and this software can be a bold step towards the future. More and more people may switch to ebooks soon, as this is an easier option for people with access to the Internet. However, there will be people who would prefer a hard copy, but with the rate at which the technology is advancing and affecting everything today, it is hard to imagine a future without a structured ebook setup.

The software is about 5.3 MB in size, making it very easy and quick to install. Once it has been downloaded and installed, it is very simple to use. With the help of this program, one can change the font size, the font type, the width and size of the page, and the number of words per line. In addition, one can also navigate easily from page to page, jump to any page in the book, create notes, highlight certain sentences, bookmark a specific page and also resume reading from the page where he left off.

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