Best Satellite TV Providers

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Best Satellite TV Providers

This article enlists the different features of satellite TV providers. The best service is one which fulfills the specific needs and requirements of customers. Reviews of satellite TV for PC that are presented below should also prove to be useful.

The best service is one which fulfills the specific needs and requirements of customers. Reviews of satellite TV for PC that are presented below should also prove to be useful.

The main satellite TV providers in the US are DISH Network and DIRECTV. It is really difficult to judge or comment on which one is the best satellite TV; this is because the plans/programs offered by these service providers are meant for a specific audience. The offers tend to differ as per the needs of customers. Both these providers offer a variety of channels, all-digital programming, digital video recording and other such features. Each of these service providers have their strengths and weaknesses. It is the user who must pick a suitable plan that meets his/her requirements. Now, let us find more on the features and pros & cons of these services.

Leading Satellite TV Providers

The satellite TV service has become popular in no time owing to its advantages over cable TV. You get less number of channels through cable TV. Also, the satellite TV services are competitively priced. So if you are thinking about availing the satellite TV service, it becomes necessary to obtain required information of the best service providers. The details presented below should make you aware of the benefits that can be availed from these services. There are many providers in the market however, DISH Network and DIRECTV are the popular ones and also amongst the best. There are many companies that provide satellite TV service however, DIRECTV and Dish Network hold a major share in the market. Some of the other satellite TV services in the US are Home2US, Glorystar, Spiritcast, Pittsburgh International Telecommunications, GlobeCast World TV, etc. In terms of quality, both the DISH Network and DIRECTV are equally good. The picture and audio quality is superior and also 100% digital. However, DISH Network holds an edge over DIRECTV in terms of number of channels offered. Apart from HDTV, the feature of digital video recording also is provided by these satellite TV services. These companies provide the necessary equipment for installation free of cost.

DISH Network: This company was founded in the year 1996 and is headquartered in Meridian, Colorado. It is the second largest satellite TV provider in USA and serves over 14 million customers. The DISH Network can be referred to as a family package with variety of channels to choose from; moreover, the monthly cost is lower than its competitors. One can watch 315+ channels through this network; services of up to 68 HDTV channels can be availed. DISH Network is planning to expand its services by entering the mobile internet and video streaming market. Details of the different packages along with that of rates and services offered by DISH Network are presented below.

Plan Charges Channels
America’s “Everything” Pak $94.98 per month 315+ channels
America’s Top 250 $54.99 250+ channels
America’s Top 200 $44.99 200+ channels
America’s Top 100 $32.99 100+ channels
Dish Family Pack $19.99 45+ channels

DIRECTV: The DIRECTV service offers over 265 channels spanning different categories like sports, news, drama, etc. The satellite service if DIRECTV was launched in the year 1994; this company was however, founded in 1985 as Hughes Electronics Corporation. DIRECTV reaches more than 19 million customers through its satellite service. The service is provided not just to residential customers, but also the hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Broadcast centers of this satellite TV provider are located in Los Angeles, Colorado and Castle Rock. DIRECTV also provides service to customers in South America where is known by the name ‘DIRECTV Latin America’. The number of HDTV channels offered by this network is more than 90. The total number of XM Satellite Radio channels offered through this service is 68. DIRECTV is considered a good satellite TV service for sports enthusiasts since it has the official broadcasting rights for NFL matches. DIRECTV also has its own channel named ‘Audience Network’. The details of different plans offered by DIRECTV are given below.

Plan Price Channels
PREMIERE $86.99 265+ channels including DVR and movie packages
PLUS HD DVR $54.99 200+ channels including HD and DVR
PLUS DVR $44.99 200+ channels
CHOICE XTRA $39.99 200+ channels
CHOICE $34.99 150+ channels
Family Plan $29.99 45+ channels

Best Satellite TV for PC
The use of Internet for live streaming of hundreds of channels has turned out to be a path-breaking technological advancement. You can access a lot of channels through this service. The review presented below should provide some useful information on the topic.

Satellite Direct: The ‘Satellite Direct’ TV for PC offers more than 3500 channels. It is one of the best satellite TV software available in the market. One doesn’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee to avail this Internet TV service. The picture quality and sound is superior and customers can access channels from around 100 countries; the list also includes radio channels. The picture quality may change, depending on the speed of Internet connection. There is no spyware/adware used in this software. The Satellite Direct doesn’t pose a security threat and is therefore, safe for use. The ‘Free to Air protocol’ is used by ‘Satellite Direct’ for broadcasting. This protocol facilitates mass viewing of national and local channels.

The satellite TV is a better option over the regular cable TV service. Reviews and comparisons provided in the article should help in choosing the best satellite TV. As stated earlier, the different plans and packages offered by these service providers are meant for people with different needs. One should therefore, choose the best service available in the market.

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