Is There Any Way to Recover Snapchat Photos?

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Is There Any Way to Recover Snapchat Photos?

Teens adore it. Parents kinda fear it. We’re talking about the hilarious photo messaging application, Snapchat. This magical app erases pictures after they have been viewed by the intended recipient. But what if you want to save or view a photo again? This Techspirited posts gives you tricks to recover Snapchat photos.

Through Snapchat, 400 million photo messages are being sent per day, much more than Facebook’s photo sharing app, Instagram.

Take a weird selfie, put a caption, add some doodles, set the viewing time for up to 10 seconds, and click send! Share some laughs, share some moments. This is what Snapchat intends to do. This fun messaging app is highly popular, especially among teens, for its ephemeral nature of messages. The snaps or videos that you send are displayed on the recipient’s screen for up to 10 seconds, and then they disappear. Snapchat promises you that the messages you send will disappear forever. And if you think, you will take a screenshot of the picture, hold on; Snapchat informs the sender about it as well!

Another thing is that it doesn’t allow you to send pictures from your photo gallery. It’s USP turned glitchy―it’s being tested and questioned a lot of times. Accusations like―these pictures actually don’t vanish; the snaps are UNdeleted, and that the deleted stuff can be easily recovered with little digital know-how―are all over the Internet. Does it hold true? Is it possible to recover Snapchat photos? Yes, it is. This was first brought to notice by Decipher Forensics, a computer forensics company based in Orem, Utah.

Studies have been done regarding the security of this app. Researchers have found that users are well aware of the fact that these snaps are recoverable (approx. 80% of respondents), and out of these, approx. 53% respondents opine that they don’t give a damn about it! Teens use it for fun; besides, they make use of arbitrary timeout feature, depending on the recipient and the content being sent. For those savvy-teens, willing to restore the snaps they received via Snapchat, and curious to know how to do it, we have come to your rescue. Read on.

So you took screenshots of the snaps with all the latest #NoScreenshotAlert apps being installed on your phone, and you thought you’ve cracked it? But Snapchat stages its comeback with a new update, and boom! The users still get notified for the screenshots you take. No worries, we’ve got easy hacks and tricks for you to retrieve Snapchat photos.

Use Third-party Apps

There are various applications developed that let you save/restore photos and videos. For most apps, a general format would work:

› Download any of the below-mentioned apps, depending on your OS. (For the time being, we’ll call it the saving-app.)
› DON’T OPEN the pic you received through your Snapchat app, ’cause if you do, you won’t be able to retrieve it later.
› Log into the saving-app. You’ll no longer be logged-in from your Snapchat.
› You’ll come across a list of snaps. Select the ones you want to reopen. Save them, and watch them when you wish to.

Well, some of the apps won’t even let you feel that you currently aren’t working on Snapchat. And don’t forget to reply to the sender after you’ve saved the snap (winks).

For Android users:
● SnapSeeker
● Snapchat Saver
● SaveMySnaps
● Dumpster
● SaveMySnaps
● SnapSeekerFor

For iOS users:
● Snapkeep
● SnapBox
● SnapCrack

Save Them on Your Computer

Another trick to save pictures is by connecting your phone to the computer. All you have to do is:

› Connect your phone to the computer.
› Have a software like iFunBox installed on your PC.
› Look for ‘temporary’ files on your phone through your PC. Somewhere in the temp folder, look for a folder that contains the temporary snap files.
› Save these files to your PC, and view the pics as many times as you want to!

The only thing that you should be careful about is, not opening the new snap that you received on your phone, else you may not be able to view them on your computer.

Take the Decipher Path

As we mentioned earlier, the Decipher Forensics traced the route to disappearing snaps. They claimed that Snapchat photos are deleted just like any other piece of data we move to the trash bin. Consider your computer’s recycle bin―stores the ‘deleted’ items before completely deleting them, and so does the default system of Snapchat. Use data recovery tools available online for retrieving the (lost) pictures. Well, Forensics also have a solution to this, but you may have to shell out a significant amount for their special software.

Use the Infamous Trick

Don’t you try to hide it from us―we know, you have probably used this trick several times. Use another phone/camera to take a close-up picture of the snap you’ve just received. Move your finger down to the bottom of your screen, while viewing the picture, so that you get a good click. So, the next time you get a Snapchat notification, be prepared with a camera to capture your Snapchat screen.

Author’s Note:

Get things straight―there is no such thing called ‘online eraser’. So everything that’s been uploaded, stays, even if it’s been deleted. Call me a killjoy, but think before you send those half-nude selfies. I know, this entire concept of fleeting messages tempts you to ‘click and send’. Send weird stuff, share laughter, something that you find crazy, and worth sharing with your friends. Set appropriate time according to the picture and your relationship with the recipient. But just pause a moment, think before sending the revealing snaps … unless and until you want them to get circulated over web.

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