8 Great Daily Deal Sites Like Woot

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A die-hard Woot follower, but finds the discount coupons used up when you need them the most? Can’t blame them; they are mightily popular. Why not check some alternatives that serve the purpose? Here are the need-to-know details of some of the daily deal sites similar to Woot.

This does pass as an alternative, doesn’t it?
If you didn’t get it on Woot, and are looking for something more specific, sure check its spinoffs: Kids.Woot, Shirt.Woot, Wine.Woot, Home.woot, and Deals.Woot.

A lot of things can be done on the Internet, but one thing we all seem to be proficient at is shopping. Online shopping has its set of advantages―one of them being―there’s more of a choice in retail. And with the increasing number of sites, the confusion as to which site to be trusted has also increased. Online shopping can save money, if only you know where to dig for gold. Besides, when there are so many offers available online to get a decent discount over prices, who wouldn’t like to benefit from them? But again, where is the gold-mine?!!!

One such incredible site is Woot. Launched in 2004, this Internet retailer has made its mark in the online world. They are terribly honest with their tagline “One Day, One Deal”, and unlike other sites, they don’t dump you with all sorts of offers to make your life difficult. They have steep discounts with sorted offers and will fetch you almost everything that you need (though they are a little bias towards the electronic world). But owing to its popularity, most of the deals get picked within moments of its release.

To make your life a little easier, we have picked the following sites as alternatives to Woot. They function on similar lines, giving you several deals to steal on a daily basis.

Best Daily Deal Sites Like Woot!

1Sale (formerly 1SaleADay), founded by Ben Federman in 2007, does justice to its name. This site is an independent daily deal site that uploads one new item at midnight with discount offers ranging up to 90% of the retail price. The increased demand for their sales owing to free-shipping enabled them expand their deal posting of single item per day to an item a day in multiple categories. Its spinoffs include―jewelry, watches, electronics, and family. The deals and the overall categories makes it very similar to Woot.

Find deals @ 1Sale


Another Woot clone, Daily Steals, flashes a different bargain deal every day. This site has deals for home essentials, fashion and apparel, and electronics. Owing to the popularity of daily deals, their competitors, and increased online shoppers, they have started featuring more than one item per day that are being sold at relatively cheaper prices. An interesting thing about this website is that the descriptions used for selling products are witty, often funny stories with dialogs, keeping the customers interested, which eventually help increase the sales.

Find deals @ Daily Steals


We can’t call it a clone, but yes, GROUPON does provide daily deals like Woot. Launched in 2008, GROUPON gained popularity very soon. It detects your location, asks you for registration, and then lets you see deals it has for your area. This flourishing coupon site offers discounts from 50 to 90 percent (in anchorage). The deals are triggered when sufficient number of deals have been bought by its members. It offers discount coupons for a range of products. Not just that they have special discount offers for services like spa-massages, hotel stays, etc. Stop by this site, and we bet, you would visit it daily.

Find deals @ GROUPON


This Woot-like website offers deals on a daily basis, promoting that a product is Yours Until Gone. They post a new deal every morning (6 am EST), and with little oftenness, you can snag the bargains. People are often fascinated by the ‘Plugster’s Junk Box’ feature. They promise to offer you the lowest price on the internet on the day the product has been posted. So, why not check for yourself if it holds true?

Find deals @ Yugster


Another alternative to Woot is MidnightBox, or maybe a better alternative because they offer three deals per day. The new deals are posted at-no claps please-midnight! The good thing about this site is that they let you purchase older deals if they are not sold out. Besides, they keep updating new deals for the ones sold out. The site is good for purchasing tech-related stuff, and offers up to 80% discounts on TVs, iPods, etc.

Shell Shocker

Headquartered in the City of Industry, NewEgg deals with computer and other electronic retailing. Newegg has a prominent ‘deal of the day’ feature called the Shell Shocker, which works on the lines of Woot. But unlike Woot, this has a store only for electronic products. If you’re a techie or looking for computer-related deals, then this is the right place to visit.

Find deals @ Shell Shocker


Tanga has a deal for every category they serve, so this makes them six deals a day! Unlike other sites, Tanga has a counter that will tell you about the next update. This Woot-like site has in its store everything from electronics and home items to toys and jewelry. They have special deals with coupons that can give you 40-80% off on retail, and also possibilities of earning cash back! For those who register at Tanga (called ‘Tanganites’) have some hot deals sectioned to ‘Members only’ feature. Reviews say that they are very consumer-oriented, and have incredible service. Maybe, they are not as popular as Woot, but they surely deserve to be.

Find deals @ Tanga

Whiskey Militia

Are you bent towards the outdoorsy side? Looking for recreational equipment and attire? And you sure shop online (duh!)?! Then, Whiskey Militia is the place for you. This store is an affiliate of outdoor gear providers Backcountry, and offers some crazy deals for sports and outdoor gear. This ‘gear deal of the day’ website posts a new discount deal every 15 minutes or so. The best thing is they don’t ask you to register to access the site or make a purchase. We agree, the site design may seem a little tedious to some, but their mobile app and email notifications come to the rescue. Skiers and snowboarders, watch out, for this site has ample bargains and stuff that would drive you crazy.

Find deals @ Whiskey Militia

Well, these were our top picks. But there are still a lot more out there. Do tell us your picks in the comments below. Happy Shopping!

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