How to Use an iPod

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How to Use an iPod

The iPod is one of the most popular electronic gadgets in the world. This article will provide some easy information on how to use it. Read on to learn more…

The Apple iPod is probably considered one of the hottest entertainment and multimedia products in the global market. There are certain models that have got almost every feature essential for personal entertainment, such as an audio player, video player, web browser, motion gaming, camera, and the best Apple applications.

File Management

There are many tasks that are generic to all models of the iPod, one of which is transferring music and charging the battery. You simply need to have the iTunes software or another similar application to transfer songs from the device to the computer and back. Download the latest version of iTunes, install it on your computer, and connect the iPod to it.

During the very first use, you should charge the battery charge for a few hours. The iTunes program should launch itself when it recognizes the player; if it does not open, then you can do it manually. The iPod icon will be displayed in the left hand side of the software. You need to put files in iTunes, and then copy it onto the iPod. For this purpose, you will need to click on ‘File’ and ‘Add Folder to Library’. If you own a model that supports video, you can add and watch the video files in the library, provided that the files are in MP4 format.

If the video is not in the supported format, you can click on ‘Advanced’ from the menu and select the ‘Create iPod or iPhone Version’. After all files and videos are listed in the iTunes Library, you simply have to drag and drop them in the iPod icon. In order to disconnect the iPod, click the eject button on the side of the iPod icon. You can then safely disconnect the device from the computer by ejecting it from taskbar notification.

This procedure is the same for all iPod models. However, some advanced features and functions are only available with the latest models.

Controls and Interface

Those who own an iPod shuffle 4th generation, the controls are easily apparent, with a separate switch to use the VoiceOver function. To use an iPod nano, you will have to use the multi-touch interface. To use an iPod touch, you need to learn to use the multi-touch display. Turn it on by clicking the button on the top left hand side, and slide your finger across when the message ‘Slide to unlock’ is displayed on the screen. Pressing the homescreen button on the iPod will give you the menu of different applications.

The Sleep/Wake button can be used to turn off iPod touch. In an iPod classic, you will mainly have to use the click wheel. When Classic is unlocked, pressing any button can turn it on. Keeping the play/pause pressed for two seconds will turn it off. The center button on the click wheel can be used to access content in the displayed menu, whereas, the ‘MENU’ button can be used to go back to the previous menu.

For specific information regarding the use of the iPod model you own, it is suggested to visit Apple’s website. Note that the file management procedure for all models is the same as mentioned above.

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