Advantages of MAC Over PC

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Advantages of MAC Over PC

Should you consider buying a MAC rather than a PC? What are the advantages of MAC over PC? Let’s find out!

Well, now that you have decided that you can no longer put off buying a computer for your home, it’s time for you to decide on MAC vs PC which is the best for you? Well, both have their share of pros and cons – it all depends upon whether the pros manage to outweigh the cons in your individual case, based upon your unique computing requirements, or not! Enlisted here are various MAC vs PC pros and cons followed by advantages of MAC over PC to help you decide among the two! Read along carefully to understand what suits your needs and budget the best with regards to the benefits of MAC vs PC!

Pros and Cons of Preferring MAC Over PC

The following pointers throw a generalized light on the cases for and against preferring a MAC over a PC to better evaluate the benefits of MAC vs PC. Read along to get a clearer idea!

Cases For MAC Over PC

  • Uncompromised performance quality even at the risk of capturing lesser market share is what makes MAC a clear winner over PC when it comes to computing quality and performance. You see, Apple Computers target only the elite and the premium users who know computers well and value quality above everything else!
  • The best factor among all benefits of MAC vs PC is that MAC is more resilient to invasions by computer viruses and hackers. Apple Inc. incorporates various state-of-the art security software in their products which equip MACs to put up their guard against viruses and malware.
  • Apple is known for providing excellent software support to its customers and users and the Apple guarantee is one to be reckoned with! Besides, if you own other Apple gadgets like iPhone or iPod, MAC makes it easier to sync these devices with your computer!

Cases Against MAC Over PC

  • The first and foremost disadvantage of buying a MAC compared to buying a PC is the cost of MAC vs PC! PCs come in an array of price ranges and there are quite a lot of economy yet advanced models that meet complicated computing requirements at a pocket-friendly price! There are also some PC brands and models which come at a higher price than a latest MAC too but the bottom line is PCs come with a wider variety, be it price, quality or features!
  • Another advantage of PC over MacBook is the fact that PCs offer more flexibility to users in terms of customization, choice of operating system, speed, computer memory, graphics acceleration and other hardware paraphernalia.
  • Most PCs have backward compatibility, a feature denied to MAC users. This is one of the most prominent advantages of PC vs Macintosh!
  • In terms of accessory compatibility, PCs offer more variety and flexibility which is what makes them great gaming platforms and multimedia options.

Advantages of Using MAC Over PC

The two foremost considerations that outweigh all other factors when it comes to getting a computer for oneself are security and performance quality! It is in these two considerations where the real advantages of MAC over PC reside! Is MAC worth buying over a PC? The following advantages would certainly incline your decision towards the affirmative!

Reliable Security

The advanced security software and superior Apple guarantee act as bitter pills for most computer viruses and malware, which can be seen in the rarity of infections and invasions suffered by MACs as compared to regular PCS!

Smooth Sync

The unparalleled compatibility between MAC hardware and software translate into better and more efficient computing performance and experience! Also, with the ubiquity of other Apple products like iPod and iPhone, MAC emerges as the computer of choice that syncs with these devices as smoothly as a hot knife melts its way through butter!

OS Flexibility

While you can easily install Linux or Windows on a MAC in the event that you need to, you cannot install OS X (MAC OS) on a normal Windows PC!

Low on Downtime

Owing to robust programming, MAC suffers from lesser downtime involved in repair, reformatting, etc., than regular PCs!

If Looks Could Kill…

…MAC definitely would! There are a lot of PCs that are attractively designed while there are also some that look bulky and dowdy! However, MACs come in their signature streamlined shapes and smart, cutting edge designs that spell nothing but class! No annoying sticker or promotional tags to mar the view!

After reading the above advantages of MAC over PC, what do you think? My votes are with MAC. Consider this, if you’re going to get yourself a computer for purely browsing and gaming purpose, you may consider a PC. However, if your considerations rest upon more complex functionalities and processes, it would do you good to go for a MAC. After all, it is quality that lasts – everything else just thrills for a short while!

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