How to Unlock HTC HD2

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How to Unlock HTC HD2

Unlocking of a phone is essential if you are thinking of migrating to a new carrier. In this article, I provide you with guidelines on how to unlock HTC HD2 and switch over to a new carrier.

The cell phone service sector is one the most competitive industrial markets right now. There is cutthroat competition among cell phone manufacturers and service providers to gain more and retain their existing customers. One of the trade tactics employed by many service providers, to retain their existing customer base, is locking of cell phones, by their IMEI numbers. This ensures that no other SIM card, other than theirs, works on the phone.

So when an existing customer decides to switch over to a new network, the new SIM card doesn’t work, until the phone has been unlocked. The HTC HD2, launched in North America, in March 2010, is one of the best Windows mobile OS based phones in the market today.

The phone was first released by T-Mobile and it’s exclusively locked to the carrier. To switch over to any other service provider like AT&T, you will have to get the phone unlocked first. In this Techspirited article, you will find clear guidelines on how to unlock HTC HD2 for any other GSM provider.

How Does Phone Unlocking Work?

Phone locking is a software level restriction put on the mobile’s base software, to exclusively tether the phone for use with only a single service provider. Most service providers, which offer phones at discounted prices under contract based schemes, lock the phone, to ensure that the customer fulfills the contractual obligations and their money invested in the phone model, is entirely recovered.

However, once this contract is over or if the customer completely owns the phone, the service provider must unlock the phone on request. Phone locking uses the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number in an algorithm to create service provider exclusivity. On the insertion of any other SIM card, the phone doesn’t work. Let me explain the procedure for unlocking of HTC HD2 in the following lines.

Procedure for Unlocking HTC HD2

As explained above, your HTC HD2 is locked by default to operate only with T-Mobile using a software based algorithm. To negate the effect of this algorithm that restricts usage to a single provider, an unlock code must be entered. So the first step, to unlock the phone is to get hold of the SIM unlock code, which is usually supplied by the service provider on request; provided there are no contract obligation issues with your subscriber account.

So the first step is to call up T-Mobile and get the unlock code. You may either make a phone call to its customer service for the request or visit the nearest T-mobile service center for the same. There are third party providers who claim to have unlocking codes, which they sell you for a small fee. However, it is highly recommended that you go to the service provider directly, as it won’t charge you for it, if there are no pending contractual obligations on your part.

To get the code, you may have to provide the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number which can be known by entering ‘*#06#’ on the mobile phone. Check it out and note it down for reference. Once the code is provided to you, the unlocking will be accomplished within a few minutes.

Switch off your HTC HD2. Remove the T-Mobile SIM card and insert the new SIM card of the service provider you plan to migrate to. Once you have inserted it and put the battery and cover back on, switch on the mobile. On startup, you will be asked for the unlock code, which you must correctly enter.

On correct input of the code, the phone may reboot and your new SIM card will be accepted. If you see the signal of your new provider on the phone, your phone has been successfully unlocked. You are free to use your HTC HD2 with any SIM card now.

I would suggest that you check out the T-Mobile website for details about the mobile plan wise requirements to get your phone unlocked. You may also request the SIM unlock code on the phone by calling on T-Mobile customer service number, which is 1-800-937-8997. Just make sure that you correctly copy the unlock code and follow the instructions provided.

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