Is Buying a Refurbished Cell Phone a Good Idea?

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Is Buying a Refurbished Cell Phone a Good Idea?

One way of landing up with high-end smartphones at lower prices is to opt for refurbished ones. For those who are perplexed with the question of whether buying a refurbished cell phone would be a good idea, this information will be a helpful for them.

Thinking about buying a cell phone these days can be nothing short of overwhelming, with the range of brands and models to choose from. Among all the factors that need to be considered while buying one, the most important consideration is the price tag on it.

If you are looking for something like the Apple iPhone or any of the top Android phones, remember, they don’t come cheap. One way of landing up with these expensive smartphones at lower prices, is to opt for refurbished models.

About Refurbished Phones

This is generally a phone used for a short period of time by a user, which is returned to the manufacturer due to a design defect. Subsequently, the cell phone manufacturer fixes the defect and puts the phone back for resale, as a refurbished phone. So they can be classified as used cell phones, but they are not used for that long.

Since refurbished phones are resale products, they are obviously offered at highly discounted prices which may be up to or more than 30% of the original price. Most manufacturers sell them with a warranty, which is same as that offered for the brand new ones.

There are also some third-party vendors who buy used cell phones, get them repaired, and put them back on sale. These are also known as refurbished cell phones, though, they do not come with a warranty. There is a huge untapped market of refurbished electronic goods that you can take advantage of.

Is Buying One a Good Idea?

The first benefit of buying them is the price, which is substantially lesser, compared to brand new products. You can get a 20% to 50% discount on refurbished phones. If you get a warranty on it, it’s an even better deal. Warranty is given only when the refurbished products are directly sold by the manufacturers.

One may experience the downside of buying refurbished smartphones, when they are bought from third-party distributors, who don’t offer a warranty and replace the defective parts with non-original parts (non-OEM) parts, which may be of substandard quality.

If you go for such refurbished equipment, chances are that they will have a very limited service life and your money will go down the drain. So if you must, go for refurbished smartphone deals from manufacturers only, for they come with a warranty.

If you are getting the refurbished phone deal, right from the manufacturer and it is backed by warranty, then buying it is certainly a good idea. Avoid going for deals provided by third-party vendors, as they usually do not use original parts.

Unless you are looking for a high-end phone like the Apple iPhone, it is always better to go for a brand new piece. If you covet a high-end smart phone, which is beyond your budget, going for a refurbished one from the manufacturer, is definitely a good option, because of the big discount that you can land up with.

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