How to Track a Cell Phone Location

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How to Track a Cell Phone Location

Huge advancements in technology have made it possible to track a cell phone location. If you wish to know the whereabouts of a lost cell phone or pinpoint the exact location of an individual, read the following article for helpful pointers…

The concept is quite easy to grasp. You wish to know where someone is (a family member or a friend), and there is a software that helps make it possible. One of the best ways to locate someone’s location is by using an easy and inexpensive method of GPS (Global Positioning System) or tracking chip.

Today, with a few latest cell phones, which have an inbuilt GPS, you can track them anytime and anywhere. You can easily track the cell phone on a map, see its exact location at all times, and receive real-time updates.

If you want to track someone else’s phone, first you’ll need to be able to access that phone in order to download the app on it. Parents and/or guardians are permitted to access their kids’ phones. However, if the phone doesn’t belong to you (a family member or friend), then it is a punishable offense to download an app onto their phone, without their knowledge, and track them.

Track a Smartphone

For smartphones, there are some apps that help in tracking your lost/stolen cell phone. On the other hand, certain apps can be downloaded for monitoring your child’s, family member’s, or friend’s activities and whereabouts. Now there are a few ways to go about it. One, you can install a GPS tracker on your phone and two, download an app that is supported by your cell phone. Let us see how these methods work.

GPS Tracking Software

  • Most smartphones come with an inbuilt GPS tracker. However, if your phone is older and it doesn’t contain one, you need to purchase one.
  • Follow the instructions provided with the GPS chip for installation.
  • Next, you have to choose an online software program such as AccuTrackingMologogoSpyBubble and many more. These programs will help you track the cell phone.
  • After you select the service provider, go to their website and sign up. Log in to their website and read the instructions on how the software operates.
  • Download the software, if you find it apt, and follow the instructions to connect the cell phone to your laptop. Once the tracking software is uploaded into the cell phone, activate it by going through the phone’s menu.
  • Now, when you wish to track the cell phone, all you need to do is log into the service provider’s website and get the exact reading on a map or receive a text message, depending on the software.

Download an App

There are many free and paid apps available for smartphones (also for tablets, laptops, iPod, and other devices). Of course, everyone has different reasons to track a particular cell phone. Some do it to know where their kids and/or family members are (safety concerns), others do it to make sure that their lost or stolen devices can be located.

Some Popular Apps

  • Footprints (USD 3.99/year) – iPhone
  • avast! Mobile Security (Free) – Android
  • Life360 (Free) – iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Prey (Free) – iPhone and Android
  • Lookout – iPhone and Android
  • SMS Tracker Plus – Android
  • Glympse – iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android
  • Find My iPhone – iPhone
  • Android Lost/ Lost Android – Android
  • SecuraFone – iPhone and Android

It is essential to know how different apps work on your cell phone and whether or not they are free. Also, depending on your usage plan, standard charges may apply. Which is why, understand it thoroughly before downloading it.

Tracking a Cellphone using Google Maps

Previously, until 2013, Google provided a service called Google Latitude which helped its users to track a cellphone. But in 2013, Google discontinued this service and in 2017 it integrated this service in Google maps.

Recently, it added a new feature to Google Maps, in which you can share your location with family and friends. This sharing is person-specific and time-specific. You can choose the person you want to share your location with and for how much a time.

Other Techniques to Track Cellphone Location

Apart from tracking cellphone location using GPS, there are other techniques to do so. 

  • Network-based tracking
  • SIM-based tracking
  • WiFi-based tracking
  • Hybrid positioning system
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Even though these technologies are designed to help us in a positive way, some people tend to misuse it. Invasion of someone’s privacy is a felony and rarely forgiven, if caught. And hence, as a precautionary method, certain software require the individual’s permission before tracking their cell phones. Whether or not you may think your reasons are valid, you cannot invade someone else’s privacy. So keep that in mind and proceed.

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