AT&T Sim Card Replacement

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AT&T Sim Card Replacement

Lost your AT&T phone? Losing your phone or the sim can be a pain. It leaves you with little or no contact with your social circle, especially if you’re an Internet user on the go. Here is what you can do.

Once you lose your phone or sim, a lot of stuff needs to be done in quick succession. In that ‘to-do’ list, there is purchase a new mobile phone, get all your old contacts back, and get a sim card replacement. And with AT&T being one of the more popular telecommunication service providers in the US, or basically AT&T users being more prone to losing phones or generally very careless perhaps, the question about replacement is one which is of importance.

Getting a New Card

There are two basic reasons why you may be looking for a sim card replacement. Firstly, your phone may be lost or stolen, or it may be mutilated beyond repair along with the sim card. The first condition is more serious, as the thief may use your sim card, the repercussions of which you may have to face, which may include being answerable to calls you may have never made, and furthermore, paying for them.

Pretty much all the deals that AT&T dishes out to its customers come with a contract. So, if the phone you purchased came with an AT&T connection, you will most probably have to buy a new phone, but keep the connection. Hence, you have little choice but to go and ask for a replacement. But not to worry! It is a pretty simple thing to do, and your side of the work is done within a few hours.

All you need to do is go to a registered AT&T kiosk or their corporate office, and register that you have lost your sim card. You might have to fill out a form listing the cell phone number, your name, and other basic details. You may also be asked to furnish proof of identity. Then, all you need to do is submit this application to AT&T. They will then deactivate the lost sim card and give you a new one in its place.

If you go to the AT&T corporate office, this can even be done for free. If not, you may have to pay anywhere between USD 6 to 20, depending on where you are getting your sim card replaced from.

It is essential that you call up their call center and block your sim card as soon as you find out that your phone is lost. This will enable AT&T to block your card with immediate effect. If you fail to do so, and you have a postpaid connection, you might have to face a pretty hefty mobile bill to pay the next month.

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